Women of Vikings nailing it on Instagram

There are so many genres of shows it can be tough to choose just one. Comedies, soap operas, sitcoms – the list could go on and on. However, there is one that has millions of us gripped: historical dramas. These shows take the past and bring them back to life. It requires plenty of clever costume designs, a team of hair and makeup artists, and plenty of research to get these shows up to scratch. If there is one that has been able to pull all this off and more over the years, it’s Vikings.

The series follows the life of Ragnar Lothbrok (portrayed by Travis Fimmel) as he plots to conquer as many distant lands as he can find. However, this Viking warrior needs the help of his family and friends if he ever stands a chance of conquering his dreams.

Although the actresses of the show are usually busy preparing themselves to take a step back in time, it seems as though they are also dominating the modern world, too. That’s right; these women of Viking are nailing in on Instagram in ways we could only dream about. Just how can so many people take so many perfect pictures? It looks like we no longer have to wonder as we get to find out for ourselves.

Katheryn Winnick playing Lagertha

This epic warrior has been in the show since the very beginning. Lagertha initially marries Ragnar Lothbrok, but his infidelity means the couple eventually split. Although they try and reconcile their relationship during the battle for England, it seems as though there is too much water under the bridge for the pair to ever fall back in love. Thankfully, it looks like actress Katheryn Winnick has been able to put all that heartbreak from the show behind her as she often takes to Instagram to give us a glimpse inside her high-profile lifestyle. As if that wasn’t enough, Katheryn also gives us plenty of opportunities to see life behind the scenes of the show.

Jessalyn Gilsig playing Siggy

We are most used to seeing Siggy as the doting wife that would do anything to please her husband, Earl Haraldson. However, looks can be deceiving as it seems this character has always had an ulterior motive. Instead, Siggy would lie her way through life until she got what she wanted. Sadly, Siggy’s love for her late husband is too much as she spends the rest of her life missing Haraldson. So when the time comes for her to exit the show in season three, it seems only fitting she joins him in Valhalla. She might have left the show back in 2015, but it looks as though Jessalyn Gilsig has had plenty to keep her busy, including her recent role in the political thriller Scandal.

Alyssa Sutherland playing Aslaug

It’s once thought that Aslaug had the power to see the future, but it seems as though her vision must have been off in season four. The character was the one to steal Ragnar away from Lagertha. However, this didn’t sit well with the warrior’s former wife who ended Aslaug’s life with an arrow to the back. This might have marked the end of Alyssa Sutherland’s time in the show back in season four, but this Australian model still knows how to keep us entertained with plenty of behind the scenes modeling snaps on her Instagram.

Maude Hirst playing Helga

Helga is one of the most loyal characters in the series which is shown in her marriage to Floki. Regardless, the pair still enjoy their lives as Viking hippies who often consider themselves as outsiders from the group. Maude Hirst had a ticket to her stardom role thanks to her father, Michael Hirst, who created the show. However, Maude now spends most of her time focusing on her new career as a yoga teacher meaning we get to see plenty of bendy snaps on her social media.

Jennie Jacques playing Judith

Jennie stepped up to play the role of Judith after actress Sarah Greene left the show in season three. Ever since, we have been able to see the character’s story continue to unfold before our eyes. Judith became a queen after an arranged marriage to Aethelwulf, but she isn’t about to ignore he love for others. In fact, Judith even has a child with Athelstan. It seems as though this actress still keeps us on our toes in real life, too, with Instagram snaps such as these.

Josefin Asplund playing Astrid

This shield maiden seems set to take the show by storm thanks to her strong, intelligent personality. Unfortunately, her relationship with Lagertha soon becomes her undoing, and the Queen eventually ends the character. Although we might be used to seeing Josefin Asplund with her full neck tattoo in the show, it seems as if it was all a clever trick by the makeup department. Her passing means the actress exited the show this year, but this leaves plenty of time for many more new projects.

Ida Nielsen playing Margrethe

Margrethe enters the show as a slave that ends up having a physical relationship with all of Ragnar’s sons. However, that all changes when she is freed and ties the knot with Ubbe. Although she was once a shy and innocent character, Margrethe is now obsessed with destroying anyone that stands in her way of becoming Queen. It seems as though the power is going to her head, but will she ever be able to get her hands on a crown?

Morgane Polanski playing Princess Gisla

Not only is this character a part of the Royal Family, but she is also the advisor to her father, Emperor Charles III. As well as all her other work, Gisla also keeps herself busy raising the spirits of her people. Although we are used to seeing this character in her historical outfit, it seems as though actress Morgane Polanski would much rather be seen sporting all the latest trends. In fact, her Instagram account is filled with fashionable shoots with some of the most daring threads as the focus.

Amy Bailey playing Queen Kwenthrith

Unfortunately, Kwenthrith had a troubled childhood before she grew up to become the Queen of Mercia. Although the character battles against her demons, her life is ultimately ended by a fatal stab wound given to her by Judith. Ever since leaving the show, actress Amy Bailey has kept herself busy with a pretty enviable Instagram account. Here, she often shows off her family as well as uploading plenty of hilarious selfies and behind the scenes snaps from various modeling shoots.

Gaia Weiss playing Þórunn

For 13 episodes of the show, we got to watch Þórunn transform from a servant to a shield maiden thanks to Björn granting her freedom. The couple eventually marry before they both take their place in battle. Unfortunately, Þórunn’s dreams of becoming like Lagertha become too much and the character walks from the show when she feels as though she can’t reach her goal. Ever since her time on Vikings, Gaia has continued to appear in a number of productions, including many French films.

Karen Hassan playing Therese

This character first appears in season three where Therese looks set to climb her way to the top of the power ladder. However, after her relationship with Count Odo fails to get her what she wants, Therese soon turns to her brother, Roland, for a new relationship. The pair plot to one day rule the land but are ultimately ended by Emperor Charles. After leaving the show in 2015, actress Karen Hassan is still recognized for her time as Lynsey Nolan in the soap opera Hollyoaks.

Leah McNamara playing Aud

Over the course of three episodes, we get to know and love the character of Aud. This youngster is the daughter of Ketjill and Ingvild, and the family all reside in Iceland before they up and follow Floki on his journey to conquer new lands. Could there still be more to come from this character in the second half of season five? Although we are used to seeing a blonde Aud in the show, Leah McNamara shows of her brunette ‘do in her many Instagram posts.

Dianne Doan playing Yidu

Yidu plays a vital role in Ragnar’s life. Although she is the daughter of a Chinese emperor, Yidu is captured and bought as a slave by Aslaug. Unfortunately, Yidu and Ragnar grow close after the slave offers her master a substance to help with his pain. Ragnar becomes addicted, and even though he falls for Yidu, he ultimately ends her life when she refuses to supply him with any more of the substance. It seems as though the show was only the beginning as Dianne is now set to star as the lead in the upcoming action series Warrior.

Elinor Crawley playing Thyri

Thyri was the only daughter of Siggy and Earl Haraldson who was ultimately sold into an arranged marriage. Thankfully, the character is saved when her mother arrives and ends the life of her older husband before taking her home to safety. However, Thyri is one of the many taken by the great plague that hits the village of Kattegat. In reality, Elinor has continued to act as well as keeping us up to date with her travels all around her home country of Wales.

Dagny Backer Johnsen playing Snaefrid

Her time in the show might have been brief, but Snaefrid made quite the impression on Björn during her four episodes of the show. The character catches his eye when she arrives with her father in Kattegat. Sadly, her father’s passing in the battle against the invading forces maps out Snaefrid’s end. She is determined to carry on in the fight but is taken down moments later, leaving Björn devastated. At least we still get to see Dagny nailing it on Instagram, right?

Eve Connolly playing Thora

We have yet to see where Thora will take the story as this character is set to enter the show in the last half of season five, but actress Eve Connolly has come a long way since her roots. The actress started out life as a model, which is perhaps why we get to see so many luminant snaps on Instagram? From years modeling in Ireland, it was on to conquer the rest of the world for this youngster until she was given a chance to make it over the pond in Vikings.

Karima McAdams playing Kassia

Kassia is supposed to enter the show as a harmless nun that remains celibate. However, she soon begins an affair with Ziyadat Allah, a warlord in North Africa. Kassia continues to help guide her new lover, with suggestions of serving the meat of his enemy to the Vikings. However, Kassia and Ziyadat are seen escaping from the show during a sandstorm. Karima has continued to act in various shows, including her recent time in the thriller show Deep State, as well as model for a number of shoots.

Rebecca Grimes playing Female Servant/Shield Maiden

This Irish actress might have only appeared in two episodes of the show as two different roles, but we still think she deserves a place as one of the Vikings nailing it on Instagram. Although Rebecca never played a named character, the actress has since gone on to land one of the leading roles in the soap opera Fair City, as well as her time in the comedy movie Damo and Ivor: The Movie. Her career might only just be beginning, but this actress looks set to cause a storm in the next few years, just like her Instagram.

Georgia Hirst playing Torvi

This shield maiden has had plenty of relationships over the course of the show, but it seems as though no man could ever stand in her way. Especially when her husband, Erlendur, tried to end the life of their child. There is only one thing to do, and Torvi doesn’t hold back when taking his life. It seems as though one Hirst sister wasn’t enough for the show as Georgia joined Maude in season two of Vikings. However, unlike her sibling, Georgia’s time as a Viking is still going strong.

Alicia Agneson playing Freydis

Although Ivar is often shown to be crazy and unpredictable, it seems as though there is a heart in there somewhere after he frees Freydis. The character was a slave for many years until she was finally released in season five. However, it seems as though this actress has plenty left to give as Alicia Agneson is still working on the set of Vikings. In the meantime, there are many pictures that prove how Alicia is nailing in on Instagram.