Women gulps down thousands of dollars after marital dispute with her unfaithful husband

It seems as though some of us will go as far as possible to teach our partners a lesson they won’t forget. Perhaps you’ve had enough of them stealing the duvet at night? Maybe that constant snorting laugh has finally driven you past the breaking point? Or, maybe they’ve stooped to infidelity when things just weren’t going well. Whatever the case, these actions can sometimes become too much to handle and eventually it becomes time to take action.

It looked as though one woman was about to come up with the ultimate revenge to teach her husband that she wasn’t a woman to be messed with – even if it did mean putting her life on the line. She decided that the easiest way to hide some extra cash was to simply consume it. She gulped down thousands of dollars, but was it all really worth it?

The final say

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a fight with your partner wishing that you could have the final say? Sometimes, this final act can be enough to give us the smug feeling that we need. However, one woman was about to take it one step too far. Her decision ended up landing her in the hospital.

A typical day

Sandra Milena Almeida is a 28-year-old from Columbia who appeared to be just like many others in the neighborhood. Like many couples, she soon got into a fight with her husband. Unfortunately, this was one argument that was about to get heated. The result was not one that anyone could’ve possibly imagined.

Taking a turn

It wasn’t long before there were many reports of shouting coming from the house. Now, the neighbors worried the fight had got out of hand, and the couple might have gotten physical with one another. Somebody needed to step in before it was too late. No one would want to be responsible for something bad happening if they could have prevented it.

Calming the water

Suddenly, it all went quiet. Could the fight really have been over as quickly as it began? Everything seemed to be calm. That was until the following morning. It turned out that Sandra had been plotting the ultimate revenge against her husband and it was time to take action.

Extreme plans

Some of us can’t help but go to extreme lengths to seek revenge on our partners. After all, they’ve hurt us. Why should we let them get away with it? Although some scorned lovers have appeared to keep things a little classier with their revenge than the woman in this story, we can’t say this is the first time someone had gone a little overboard after being betrayed.

Dividing the assets

So what about the ‘what’s yours is mine’ part of a marriage? Some like to keep their stuff to themselves. However, others will share everything from the house to the pets and just about anything else in between. It can be an ultimate test of trust, or lead to eventual doom.

Plenty to spare

It turned out that Sandra had been living with $9,000 cash in the house. It was stashed away for safe keeping. That might seem like a lot of money to just have lying around to many, but it looked as though there could be a number of reasons the couple had been saving it away.

Saving together

Some people believe the money was the couple’s entire life savings. This means they both would have been working hard to put away as much as they could each month. However, their dedication could be about to become the undoing of their relationship. This money was quick to come between them.

All on her own

Sandra claimed that it was her money, and she had been keeping it a secret from her husband. She had worked hard to earn as much as she could before keeping it under wraps in the house. There was a good reason for her plan.

A fresh start

Apparently, Sandra had discovered that her husband was being unfaithful throughout their relationship. Now, she wanted to flee to another city and get as far away from her husband as possible. She just needed some money before she could start a new life.

Sharing it out

Amazingly, it wasn’t the infidelity that had caused the argument, but it was the money. It’s believed that Sandra’s husband had discovered her secret savings and now he wanted his half of the share. He thought that it was only fair.


Getting out of hand

The couple also lived with a roommate who soon knew that the whole argument was about to get out of hand. However, there was nothing they could do. Instead, Sandra took her rage out the only way that she knew how. Everyone else just had to sit and watch.

A sudden pain

Sandra’s plan didn’t come to light until the next morning. She woke up with severe pain in her stomach, and everyone knew that Sandra needed to be rushed to the Santander University Hospital in Bucaramanga. There had to be a reason for the unexpected pain.

Looking for a reason

It turned out that Sandra had been hiding another secret all night long. Now, it was about to come to light. The doctors were extremely worried about her condition and insisted that Sandra undergo a number of tests. However, there looked to be no reason for the pain.

The results are in

There was only one thing left to do. Sandra soon found herself getting prepped for an x-ray. The results were in. However, none of the doctors could believe what they were seeing. It turned out there was a major reason for Sandra’s pain after all.

Smuggling substances

The doctors initially believed that Sandra was trying to smuggle illegal substances. The x-ray made it look as though she had swallowed a number of packages, and the medical team thought that she was trying to move them across the country. They had seen it all before.

Quick money

Could this really have been how Sandra had made all the money in the first place? Sadly, many people use this method as a way to make some quick cash. They just need to get their packages across the border before passing them on and handing them over.

Several dangers

Although many people have tried to become human carriers over the years, it is illegal and incredibly dangerous. Not only can it cause severe blockages, but the packages can also burst inside the person leading to many health issues. The surgeons needed to act fast.

Multiple blockages

Sandra was immediately rushed into emergency surgery to have the packages removed. Now, she needed not one but two operations as there were multiple blockages in both her stomach and intestines. They could lose Sandra if they didn’t remove the problems fast.

Getting to work

Juan Paulo Serrano was the chief surgeon, and he soon got to work to get Sandra back to full health. It would be tricky, but they couldn’t wait any longer. It wasn’t until Juan got a closer look that he suddenly realized the full extent of the story.

A reappearing act

It turned out that all the money had disappeared. Why? Sandra had swallowed it in a fit of rage. It looked as though she had decided that if her husband wouldn’t hand it over without a fight, then she would have to find another way to take it for herself.

Make it rain

The surgeons were soon pulling out roll after roll of $100 bills. They just kept coming. It looked as though Sandra had made her way through all $9,000 in a bid to get her hands on the money. The surgeons wondered if it would ever end.

Cleaning up

Now, the team of surgeons were left in an awkward position. Some began to stitch up Sandra’s wounds while others got to work washing the money. Although they had no idea how to react to the situation, they knew they needed to save Sandra.

Counting the stash

Incredibly, the team were able to save around $5,700 of the money after it was all washed off. Sadly, the rest of the cash has been destroyed by gastric fluids. The body works quickly to digest any food – or money – and the surgeons couldn’t remove it all in time.

Setting a record

It looked as though no one could believe Sandra’s plan to teach her husband a lesson. Many people have confessed to unusual cravings over the years, but it looked as though Sandra was now trying to set a new record for how much money she could hide from her husband.

Recovering from it all

The surgeons continued to work until Sandra was all stitched up and ready to make her recovery. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before she was released from the hospital and returned back to full health. There was now the worry of what to do with the money.

To the professionals

The doctors decided that the best thing to do was to hand the money straight over to the police. After all, they couldn’t risk Sandra trying to make off with it again but had no idea who was the rightful owner. It was up to the law to decide.

A tough decision

The money was last seen with a judge. Now, it was up to them to decide how to split the money. It looked as though Sandra’s plan wasn’t enough to see her make off with the money, but hopefully next time she will leave with it in her purse instead.