What have the cast of Jurassic Park been up to?

When Jurassic Park first premiered audiences were instantly drawn into Steven Spielberg’s vision. It introduced a world where dinosaurs have been able to be recreated and brought back to life through science, and a man decided to open up a theme park for people to see them. The first movie was wildly successful, and led to a trilogy, and recently another resurgence with the Jurassic World movies. However, it’s the talented cast of these films that really made them what they are. So, 25 years later, what have the cast been up to since then?

Sam Neill as Grant

Sam Neill played the lead role of Dr. Alan Grant, who in the films is one of the top paleontologists in the world. When he gets the offer of a lifetime to visit Jurassic Park and see the real living dinosaurs he has studied he jumps at the chance.

However, when chaos ensues and the dinosaurs break free of their enclosure, Dr. Grant is the one who has to step in to help the others make it out in one piece. His dinosaur expertise makes him the perfect hero both in the first film, and in the third.

Sam Neill now

Since the Jurassic Park films, Sam Neill has continued to have a strong career as an actor.

He has appeared in films and shows such as The Piano, The Horse Whisperer, Perfect Strangers, Wimbledon, The Tudors, Crusoe, Alcatraz, A Long Way Down, Peaky Blinders, and Tutankhamun. Recently, he was in the family film Peter Rabbit. He was previously married to is currently married to makeup artist Noriko Watanabe, and has two children, as well as one step daughter.

Jeff Goldblum as Malcolm

Ian Malcolm is probably one of the most iconic characters within the Jurassic Park franchise. He is a brilliant mathematician and scientist specializing in “Chaos Theory,” and is brought along to the park alongside Dr. Grant to consult on some matters.

While impressed with the dinosaurs, he is also skeptic about the park’s ability to contain such magnificent creatures, leading to the famous line that, “Life finds a way.” Malcolm has since part a part of nearly every Jurassic Park film, with the exception of the third instalment. But even then, he was mentioned in passing.

Jeff Goldblum now

Jeff Goldblum is largely known for his quirky personality and charisma when he appears on screen, and has gone on to be in some very memorable roles.

He starred in Independence Day, as well as Chain of Fools, Cats and Dogs, Igby Goes Down, Man of the Year, Raines, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Portlandia, and Hotel Artemis. He also recently starred in Marvel’s Blockbuster hit, Thor: Ragnarok. He has been married three times, and is currently married to actress Emilie Livingston.

Laura Dern as Ellie

Rounding off the trio of scientists who are invited to experience Jurassic Park is Dr. Ellie Sattler, a skilled paleobotanist. It was the hope of the park’s owners that Ellie would be the one to endorse the park, so she agreed to visit and take a look.

However, after some investigating she began to have concerns about the plant life around the staff and dinosaurs, as well as the dangers the dinosaurs presented. It becomes clear just how brave and strong she is as she risks herself to help save others from the more predatory dinosaurs.

Laura Dern now

Jurassic Park definitely helped Laura Dern shoot to superstardom. She also became well known for a legendary guest performance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Ellen, in which she helped the comedian come out as LGBT.

Additionally she has appeared in Citizen Ruth, October Sky, I Am Sam, Happy Endings, Little Fockers, Enlightened, and The Fault in Our Stars. At one point she was engaged to her Jurassic Park co-star Jeff Goldblum, before they ultimately both went their separate ways. She was also previously engaged to actor Billy Bob Thornton, and previously married to musician Ben Harper.

BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu

There could not be a Jurassic Park without Dr. Henry Wu. In order to bring the dinosaurs back to life from extinction, they brought in a brilliant geneticist, Dr. Wu.

Ignoring the moral and scientific objections of some of his colleagues, Dr. Wu starts a project in which he clones the dinosaurs by also adding in elements from the DNA of other species. He thought he would be safe if he only created female creatures, but true to Malcolm’s prediction, life found a way, placing Dr. Wu in a dangerous predicament.

BD Wong now

In addition to the Jurassic Park franchise, BD Wong has also had roles in Father of the Bride, Seven Years in Tibet, Mulan, The Salton Sea, Oz, White Frog, Awake, and Focus. He is also very well known for his role on Law and Order: SVU.

Wong is also an accomplished stage actor, and won a Tony Award for his time in the Broadway show M. Butterfly. He has a son with his former partner Richie Jackson, and recently in October 2018 he married his Richert Schnorr.

Joseph Mazello as Tim

When 11 year old Tim Murphy’s parents are struggling with divorce they decide to send him, and his sister, off to spend time with their grandfather, the guy in charge of the park, John Hammond.

Tim happens to be a huge fan of Dr. Grant, and can’t wait to spend time with him learning about dinosaurs. However, once the dinosaurs at the park get loose, Tim definitely gets a lot more than he bargained for. Thankfully Dr. Grant manages to save the young boy several times.

Joseph Mazello now

Joseph Mazzello had made a name for himself as a child actor with roles in films such as Jersey Girl, Shadowlands, and Three Wishes.

He made a small reappearance in the second film in the Jurassic Park franchise, The Lost World, and used his salary from it towards his school tuition at the University of Southern California. He returned to acting as an adult and received notable praise for his role in the mini series The Pacific and The Social Network. Recently, he starred in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody as John Deacon.

Samuel L. Jackson as Ray Arnold

Samuel L. Jackson played John Raymond Arnold, otherwise known as Ray. Arnold was the chief engineer of Jurassic Park, and throughout the film you could probably find him smoking a cigarette while hard at work in front of the screens.

He also is responsible for a popular catchphrase where he tells everyone to hold on to their backsides. Unfortunately, when he goes to to reboot the power for the park he is set upon by Velociraptors, and is killed.

Samuel L. Jackson now

Following his time on Jurassic Park, Samuel L. Jackson has gone on to become one of the top names in Hollywood.

He went on to star in films such as Pulp Fiction, A Time to Kill, Shaft, Changing Lanes, Snakes on a Plane, Soul Men, The Other Guys, and The Hateful Eight. He has also become a fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the iconic Nick Fury. He has been married to his wife LaTanya Richardson Jackson since 1980, and the two have one child together.

Richard Attenborough as Hammond

This is the guy that when you see him you can’t help but think of Jurassic Park, because he’s the one who gets the whole ball rolling on the franchise. John Hammond is founder of Jurassic Park, and the one who welcomes us in.

He is enthusiastic and believes his park with dinosaurs could be a success, but after the dinosaurs get loose and cause chaos, he comes to realize that it was never a smart plan. He comes around and by the end believes that a project like his should not be endorsed.

Richard Attenborough now

Richard Attenborough had already had an impressive acting career before Jurassic Park which included films such as In Which We Serve, Operation Disaster, The Great Escape, Doctor Dolittle, and more.

After Jurassic Park he was also known for his role as Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street. Besides acting he also work as a director, and even won Best Director at the Golden Globes in 1982 for Gandhi. He was married to his wife Sheila Sim for close to 70 years before he passed away in 2014, just days before his 91st birthday.

Julianne Moore as Sarah Harding

Julianne Moore was one of the main stars of the sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. She played Dr. Sarah Harding, an animal behavior scientist who was also well versed in dinosaurs.

She is independent, intelligent, and not afraid to speak her mind. She is also very compassionate for a living creatures, which was made very clear when she goes out of her way to save an injured baby Tyrannosaur, despite the major safety concerns.

Julianne Moore now

Following her time in the Jurassic Park franchise, Julianne Moore’s star continued to soar to fame. Afterwards, she starred in Boogie Nights, which earned her both Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations.

She was also in The Big Lebowski, Hannibal, The Laws of Attraction, The Forgotten, A Single Man, and The Kids Are All Right. In 2014, she starred in Still Alice, which ultimately won her Best Actress awards at the Academy Awards, SAG, BAFTA, and Golden Globes. She is currently married to Bart Freundlich, and they have two children together.

Ariana Richards as Lex

Ariana Richards played the role of Tim’s older sister, Lex Murphy, who is not quite as enthusiastic as her brother about seeing the dinosaurs. Lex, instead, is more interested in the technology around the park, and is a bit of a skilled hacker herself.

She has some very memorable scenes running from the escaped dinosaurs, and ultimately saves the day by using her computer skills to get Jurassic Park back online and running. While she initially doesn’t think much of Dr. Grant, she certainly warms to him by the end of the film.

Ariana Richards now

Ariana Richards has shared that to this day she still gets recognized as Lex from Jurassic Park, and she enjoys being a part of the film franchise. While she had a few other small guest spots on shows, and other short appearance in The Lost World, she largely left acting behind in the ‘90s.

She ended up attending Skidmore College, and in 2001 earned a degree in Fine Art and Drama. She has become a fairly accomplished artist, and has expressed an interest in returning to acting.

Wayne Knight as Dennis Nedry

Every story needs a character who’s a bit villainous, and Dennis Nedry certainly fits the bill in Jurassic Park. Nedry was the park’s computer programmer, but unfortunately his greed got the best of him.

He accepted a bribe to smuggle dinosaur embryos off the island, but in order to do so he disabled some of the park’s computer security. This set the events of the film in motion, and it’s all because of Nedry that the dinosaurs got loose. He is ultimately killed by one of the dinosaurs in a memorable scene.

Wayne Knight now

Many fans will likely recognize Wayne Knight from the hit sitcom Seinfeld, where he played Jerry’s nemesis Newman. He has also appeared in Space Jam, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Rat Race, Hot in Cleveland, and The Exes.

Knight is also an accomplished voice actor and has voiced characters in Toy Story 2, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Xiaolin Showdown, Catscratch, Penguins of Madagascar, and Legends of the Three Caballeros. He has been married to Clare de Chenu since 2006, and they have one child together.

Téa Leoni as Amanda Kirby

Rounding out the Jurassic Park trilogy was Jurassic Park III, and the lady drove the story was Amanda Kirby, played by Téa Leoni. Amanda Kirby tricks Alan Grant into guiding her and her ex-husband to the island, because she believes her son has gone missing there.

She frequently draws some of the dangerous dinosaurs to the group because of the noise she makes while searching for her son. But it’s clear she is a loving mother, and the audience can sympathize with her predicament.

Téa Leoni now

Outside of Jurassic Park, Téa Leoni is certainly an established actress. She has appeared in Flying Blind, Wyatt Earp, Bad Boys, Deep Impact, The Naked Truth, People I Know, Spanglish, Fun With Dick and Jane, Ghost Town, and Tower Heist.

She is currently in the hit drama Madam Secretary. She was previously married to actor David Duchovny, and they have two children together. She is now in a relationship with Tim Daly, one of her co-stars from Madam Secretary.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire

In 2015, the Jurassic Park franchise was reborn when filmmakers brought us back to world of dinosaur theme parks in Jurassic World. Bryce Dallas Howard plays the role of Claire, the director of the new and improved theme park.

However, while she might know how to run a business, she is ill prepared for dealing with dinosaurs. When the dinosaurs begin causing havoc around the park, she rushes to go help her visiting nephews , and finds that maybe she can handle some of the dinosaur stuff better than she thought she could.

Bryce Dallas Howard now

Jurassic World ended up becoming a huge success, and Bryce Dallas Howard returned for the film’s sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in the summer of 2018.

She is also known for roles in films such as Book of Love, As You Like It, Spider-Man 3, Terminator: Salvation, The Help, Pete’s Dragon, and The Gold. She is set to return to the Jurassic World franchise again in 2021 for the third instalment. She has been married to Seth Gabel since 2006, and they have two children together.

Vanessa Chester as Kelly Curtis

We first meet the character of Kelly Malcolm in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, where we learn she is the daughter of the one and only Ian Malcolm. Kelly was determined to accompany her father to the island, and ends up stowing away on one of the trailers.

However, she gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself among some dangerous dinosaurs. But despite her fears and the adventures she’s faces, she remains strong, and even uses her gymnast skills against a dinosaur.

Vanessa Chester now

Vanessa Chester had already been making a name for herself as a child actor, appearing films such as A Little Princess and Harriet the Spy. After her time in Jurassic Park she had small appearances in TV shows such as Once and Again, Malcolm in the Middle, Crossing Jordan, and Veronica Mars.

She took a break from acting to attend the University of Southern California, and graduated in 2006 with a degree in science, and a minor in business. Recently, she has been making a return to acting.