Ways to keep the calorie count down while eating out

Being on a diet can drive you up the wall. When you’re always questioning what’s in your food, it can feel like nothing is really suitable for you to eat. Even the stuff that’s supposed to be healthy seems to be packed with things that are dangerous for your health. Of course, if it’s not the ingredients that are sending you crazy, it’s those pesky calories. They’re in everything you eat, and you’re only supposed to consume a certain amount a day, so how do you keep from going overboard when you’re out for a meal?

Everywhere counts them nowadays

Health campaigns have improved dramatically over the years, with the need to tackle the growing obesity numbers more important than ever. As a result, lots of establishments advertise how many calories are in their meals now. So, if you’re at a restaurant and concerned about what to have, this should help inform your decision. Based on what you’ve already eaten that day, you can see which options will keep you on track and choose from them.

Everywhere counts them nowadays

Do some research beforehand

Although some places don’t advertise this information on their in-house menus, you’ll likely be able to find it on their website. With that in mind, you might want to do a bit of research before you go out for your meal. You’ll probably find a lot of other useful information there too, such as how many grams of carbs or fat are in the food you want. Being prepared in advance will save you time when it comes to ordering, and it’ll also help you pick the meal that’s right for your diet.

Ask for alternatives

A lot of main meals often come with sides to justify the portion (and the price tag), but these aren’t set in stone. If you’re on a diet and don’t want to be tempted by french fries, you can always ask if they’ll change it to a salad instead. It’s almost certain that the staff will allow that. After all, you’re not exactly asking for much. It’s a small change, but it could save you a few hundred calories at the end of the day.

Ask for alternatives

Feel free to save it

Some restaurants like to be generous with their portions, but while that might be great for everyone else, it’s a nightmare for those on a diet. The temptation to finish everything on the plate is always there, but you know that will cause issues with your calorie counting. If you feel you’re served more than you need, don’t be afraid to ask if they’ll bag the rest up for you. Not only will it save you from being wasteful, but it’ll also provide you a meal for the following day. Plus, it’ll ensure you don’t go over your calorie limit and ruin your diet.

You should never let calorie counting control your life because that’ll just make you more likely to give up dieting. However, there’s nothing wrong with being informed about what’s in your food, even if you’re out for a meal. It’ll make a big difference to your health down the line.