Vacation photos that will crack you up

People love posting photos on social media to show all of their friends that they went away for vacation. However, they say that once a picture is online, you can never get it off. That’s unfortunate for these people, since their vacation photos didn’t exactly catch them at their best.

These photos are the mess ups and funny shots that are left out of the photo album that you show grandma, the ones that you never want uploaded to social media. These are the pictures that you show only your very close friends and swear them to secrecy while all sharing a good laugh. But you definitely do not make duplicates of these pictures.

Somehow, however, these photos made it online. We are not sure if they were leaked or if they were posted by accident or maybe it was part of some sort of revenge. While we are a little bit curious, we are mostly just thankful. If you want a good laugh then this is the right place to look. From photo bombers to surprise visits from scary animals, these photos are, simply put, hilarious.

Stingray got your back?

These three women ventured on a vacation of a lifetime together. They decided to go on a snorkeling adventure. And since they obviously needed to document their outing, they asked a fellow snorkeler to take their picture.

It was a beautiful day in an epic ocean and they wanted the facebook world to know about it. Little did they know that their photo would actually go viral, but for very different reasons than they imagined. A not so little friend photobombed their photograph. This stingray definitely stole the limelight.

Food for thought

This girl’s family decided to go to the safari for a family vacation day. The safari has always been a fun place to go for the entire family, from monkeys jumping onto the car to views of elephants in the distance.

This girl had no idea what she was getting into when she held some animal food out in her hand. She thought she might get a cute picture out of it. Instead she got a shock of a lifetime as this ostrich came hunting for the food instead.

A hippo proposal

Every one knows that a proposal needs to be thought through. It is the most epic question that one will ever ask. This man however did not plan his proposal to a T. As he got down on one knee, much to his girl friend’a delight, he popped the question.

Props for making sure that someone would immortalize this incredible moment. However he was not made aware about the risks of proposing at a zoo. This hippo seemed to be just as excited as she was, and wanted to get a front row seat on the action.

Its all about the timing

Photobombing is not a simple task. It takes guts, precision and most of all, perfect timing. This short shorts wearing, swimmer’s timing was perfectly on point.

The unassuming couple had no clue that they were being photobombed as seen by the smile plastered on their faces. We can only assume that they figured out about the photobomb about one second after the photo was taken by the massive splash from the photo-bomber hitting the water. Now who wishes they could see that shot?

Don’t forget to crop

Our facebook and other social media pages are full of people cupping the sun, leaning on tall buildings and even kicking the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

People don’t alway succeed so while we do congratulate this girl and her friends for their commitment and actually getting her up there, we do not applaud their lack of cropping skills. While the top half of this picture is almost too perfect, the girls holding her up forgot to crop themselves out! Not to mention the neighboring family attempting the same photo!

Freaking out

While this family was just spending a lazy day at the ocean, grandma did not enjoy her afternoon as much as the rest. Little tony there in the back on his floaty has not entered the ocean since the incident.

Grandma was just playing in the water when she felt something at her feet. Little did she know that it was actually a crocodile and not seaweed! We wish grandma a full recovery from the shock and hope she wasn’t hurt, but it sure did make for a great photo.


This young couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were on their honeymoon in Jamaica after all. So they documented every part of the way. They wanted to capture the love that they felt.

So they asked a local to take a picture of their romantic horse ride though the ocean. They only realized after they saw the picture that the guide was conveniently standing in the middle of the lovebirds. Don’t worry he’s not crying, we think he’s just a bit nauseous from all the PDA.

Facebook post gone wrong

Stacie always dreamt of visiting the romantic city of Paris. But sadly it was too much for Stacie’s parents to afford. She yelled and she cried trying of to convince her parents to take her to France.

Finally after years of begging, Stacie’s parents caved. Stacie got ready to take the picture she has always been waiting for. She prepared to take the famous picture of leaning on the Eiffel Tower. Too bad she forgot half of her body when she uploaded that story to Facebook.

The kissing rock

Any one who’s been to Ireland has visited the kissing rock, either to get on their back and dangerously dangle in order to kiss the famous rock or to laugh at those who risk their lives to kiss an unsanitary piece of stone.

But this guy went for it. Blarney Castle is famous for its kissing rock, those who kiss it are rumored to receive the gift of gab. This means that you will have great eloquence and the skill of flattery. Don’t they know that flattery gets you nowhere.

Get it in duplicates

This family has ticked off every box of the telltale signs of being a tourist. Camera in front of their faces, check. Gawking at monuments, check. Large and embarrassing kitschy souvenirs, double check.

Some people try to blend in with the locals when they travel while others like this family revel in the fact they are tourists. Some one should let this family know about social media or even just plain old email. The ten exact same shots of the Statue of Liberty aren’t exactly necessary.

Look ma, i’m holding up the tower of Pizza

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has been used to ruse children for ages. No it’s not really your grandad holding it up by himself. And no, he didn’t save the day.

Those stories were fun when you were younger, but thanksgiving is a lot more annoying a few years later now that you know the truth. For anyone that tries to fool you, or for anyone that posts that classic picture on social media, you now have your vengeful response.

Welcome to South Dakota

Mom said, “Alright kids, time for another picture!” Before they knew it they were out of the car, lining up for another one of their mothers photos that took much longer than they needed to.

These family road trips were never exactly a blast, but at least the youngest child seems to be actually smiling. Their mom was very excited for this album to be printed. Little did she know that her family photo would become the inspiration for signal strength bars on cellphones.

A permanent souvenir

This woman is quite proud of herself. She considered herself to be a law abiding citizen, but this time she went above and beyond.

Hidden in the California laws is a rule that tourists who return from California must bring a souvenir of the late rapper Tupac Shakur home or be subjected to a heavy fine. This woman was afraid of the fine and was willing to go above and beyond to be a model citizen by plastering Tupac’s face on her arm. We salute you, you’re a model citizen.

Matching independence

This military father runs a tight ship. Even their vacations and fun are strictly structured. That means uniforms even on July 4th. It’s not a picture unless they are all perfectly matching. This family was in the Catskills for the Independence day weekend.

It was fun when they were younger, but the eldest doesn’t seem to love the bucket hat embellished with an American flag. It’s too bad they aren’t allowed to change, now none of them will ever get asked to dance at the resort’s Independence day ball.

Ridin solo

Traveling solo can either be an adventure or a scary experience. This lady’s husband was too busy with work to join her on her trip to Egypt to see the tombs and the pyramids.

So she decided to be a little bit selfish for once. She packed her bags, got on a flight and went to see one of the wonders of the world. She didn’t need her husband to take pictures of her anymore, this is the 21st century after all. All she needed was her selfie stick.

Flipper says cheese

This adorable young girl was very excited to go to the zoo. Her mom had been reading her stories about animals since she was born and they had recently graduated to watching Flipper reruns with her siblings.

So when the day finally came to go to the zoo for the first time the whole family was excited to see how she would react. But no one expected this. It seems like she was not prepared for the dolphin to smile back at her. Anyway, we doubt she’ll be watching Flipper anytime again soon.

Lunging photographer

This young man had been on one too many vacations to be able to lie to himself anymore. He just couldn’t keep up his work out regiment while on vacation.

It was too hard to squeeze in between the horseback riding, the sun tanning, the continental breakfasts and the gorgeous sunsets. This guy decided to combine the two, now he could take photos of his favorite sites while also doing lunges and squats. His lower body has never been in such good shape.

A sad day at Disney

Walt Disney could never have imagined that his movie production company would turn into an empire of toys, games and you guessed it, amusement parks. Disney world has been putting smiles on kids faces for years.

But not this family. There are no smiles here. That’s not Mr. Disney’s fault though. Mom forgot to buy the FastPass to get onto all the rides quickly, these kids are just a bit cranky from waiting hours for a two minute ride. It’s safe to say they won’t be coming back with mom.

Hitch hiking at sixty

This couple ‘s car broke down a few miles back. So they had to walk all the way back to their hotel after waiting hours for help to no avail. But they weren’t too sad about it. It brought them back to their hitch hiking days in their youth.

Where they would just go traveling with out a second thought. It had been a long time since they were such free spirits. Now after this incident they started walking along highways for fun, curious who would pick them up.

Boo its a horse

This little prankster finally got a taste of his own medicine. His family went to the drive through safari for the afternoon. And he was busy turning to his sister in the back seat to throw food at her and antagonize her as he usually does.

So when he turned back he was surprised to see a face full of a donkey, mouth wide open. He got the shock of his life and now he will think twice about playing a prank on anyone ever again.

We love you too mom

This family wanted to make sure that they got the boat in the photo as well. So they separated for the photo to make room for the boat. However, the baby on the father’s back seems ready to jump ship.

They don’t seem to be fretting though. While it may look like mom is not loved by her children in this photo, its not the case at all. Dad just has the candies in his pocket. Their kids are clever. Always suck up to the one with all the candy.

Multifaceted picture

Well there is just too much to talk about in this one particular photo. The girls’ summer vacation is probably the least important thing in this picture.

Whatever happened to the person requiring a stretcher and an EMT was clearly too much for the two boys hovering over the trash can in the back. An EMT will be on the way to those two kids next. And whats with the tropical printed scarf? Isn’t it a bit hot out for that?

Pick Axes and polar bears oh my!

Not every typical family vacation ends with smiling faces and ice picks. Were just happy that none of the siblings started wielding the ice picks on each other.

This family is actually so generous and welcoming that they adopted not just one but two polar bears. We are not sure how they will get them through customs but their smiling faces show that they haven’t though that far ahead just yet. We just hope the rest of the plane ride home will be as smiley as this happy family.

One, two, three and slip!

Their eldest daughter finally convinced the rest of the family to do a jumping shot. They had all complied with the picture day and even dressed alike. She just wanted one photo that would be cool enough to post on instagram.

The eldest daughter said “One, two, three, jump!” But poor little girl, the youngest daughter jumped prematurely on three and was whisked off her feet by her father when he jumped right after her. Suffice to say, she posted the photo anyway. Oh older siblings, so cruel.

Say hi to Mickey

This little kid was so excited to go to Disney world even though he never saw any Disney movies. He was homeschooled and quite sheltered. But his family got free tickets to Disney world, so it was hard to say no.

This poor kid was shocked and started crying when he saw Mickey Mouse. It is pretty creepy if you really think about it. Mickey is a walking mouse with opposable thumbs, a full jacket and pants and white doctor gloves. I’m with the kid, it is kind of scary.

The head to my heart

This unlikely couple has been together for some time now. She tragically lost her head in a boating accident while he tried to catch an overzealous fish. The fish won that battle but he was thankfully left with his head.

They finish each other’s sentences and watch every sunset together. Tragedies really can bring people together. When they first met she was running into everyone on the beach and he just needed a hand. They have been inseparable ever since.