Things learned in the military that can be applied to life

Many people admire the life lessons people in the military learn, but often don’t want to enlist to learn them. Members of the military learn many things about themselves and how to become fully functioning human beings. When returning to civilian life members of the military have advantages over regular people thanks to the traits they pick up, traits such as these.


You’ve just escaped a battle zone, and it’s the first time you’ve found somewhere safe in weeks. You don’t know how long it will be safe for, but you do know that you are super tired. Military personnel have to learn how to fall asleep quickly as they don’t know when they are going to be able to get 40 winks again. It is a skill that many people wish they had, with insomnia becoming a more common problem as the years go on. The skill of sleeping when you need to is one that is perfect for life.

Things learned in the military that can be applied to life

The military’s secret to falling asleep quickly is to relax every muscle in your face, including your tongue and drop your shoulders as far as they will go. Then drop your upper and lower arms one at a time, breathe out and relax your chest. Start relaxing your legs beginning from your thighs down and spend ten seconds clearing your mind. The technique is said to work for 96 percent of those who practice it for six weeks.


One of the first things you learn in the military is how to be disciplined. Military personnel are instilled with a strive for high standards, from making sure their beds are neat and tidy to pressing their uniforms to maintaining their weapons. They make sure everything is done well because they have the discipline to focus on the little things, making sure no detail is overlooked.

By focusing your attention on making sure you do everything in your life well, you too can accomplish this high level of standard. The devil is in the detail, so ensuring the small things are done right means the big things will follow.


Indecision is often a reason why many people don’t get ahead in life. They can overthink things too much, and by the time they have convinced themselves to do something the moment has passed. You learn that time is precious in the military, so you need to make a decision and stick with it.

Things learned in the military that can be applied to life

Conditions are unlikely to be perfect every time, so you need to take the bull by the horns and just go for things. Sometimes the planning stage can drag on for too long when it would have been better to get started. If things aren’t quite right then you can slightly adjust, but if you don’t start you’ll never know.

These tips from the military can help us in our everyday lives. They help military personnel function in some of the toughest conditions, but they are also very useful for civilians to live more fulfilled lives.