Things that only book readers will understand

We don’t mean to alarm you, but there’s a dark and mysterious new animal species plaguing the Earth, raiding bookstores and ravaging the pages of our favorite books. Of course, we’re talking about bookworms… but there’s no need to be scared. In fact, we’re bookworms ourselves – and we’re proud of that fact! There’s nothing we love more than settling down after a long and stressful day and losing ourselves in a new world of endless possibilities, twists and turns, and a good ol’ cliffhanger. But us bookworms get a bad rep sometimes, as people just don’t understand us. Nevertheless, we can always count on fellow bookworms to just ‘get’ how we feel.

The library is our happy place

There are two things we love in this world – books, and travel. We love staying in and reading our books, but we also love getting out (sometimes) and exploring the world. However, bookworms aren’t like the usual tourists who seek out the best tourists attractions and swarm towards the busiest areas – because those places are just too ‘people-y’ for us. Instead, we base our travel adventures around the library. We love to explore every single shelf the library has to offer, peruse the different genres, flick through some of the traditional books in that country, and get a good whiff of the old book smell. Absolute heaven.

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Things that only book readers will understand

You can literally read anything

Many people completely misjudge bookworms and think that we simply sit in old libraries and read the classics. Of course, we totally do that, but we don’t just read the classics. The best part about being a bookworm is that you can literally read anything. It could be the signs on the subway on the way to work, it could be your neighbor’s newspaper as you take the bus to school, or it could be choosing a completely random genre in the bookstore. There are thousands of books waiting to be explored, and we’ll read anything from young adult to horror, to autobiographies, and more. The world is our bookstore.

You want to buy ALL of the books

Being a bookworm is great until you realize that you spend most of your life poor and eating cold spaghetti hoops out of a can. However, our poverty is totally self-inflicted, as we spend almost all of our paycheck on more and more books – even though our ‘to-read’ list is already as high as our house. Nevertheless, there is an instinctive urge in any bookworm to buy every single book in sight. Most of the time, we do manage to reign in our obsession, but sometimes the urge seeps over, and we end up buying an extra ten books to add to our collection. It’s okay though because they were on offer.

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Things that only book readers will understand

The book is always better than the movie

We often find ourselves in heated debates with movie fans who ALWAYS maintain that the movie adaptation is always better than the book – even if they haven’t actually read the books. Of course, true bookworms know that they’re totally trippin’ because the book is always better than the movie. It’s a fact. Sure, movies are pretty impressive, but books are even more so. Books give readers the opportunity to escape into their own world and their own imagination, full of wild detail and intricate storylines. On the other hand, movies are simply handed to you on a plate, and tell you exactly how to think and feel. How boring.

A night in is your ideal night out

One of the biggest traits of any bookworm is introversion. Going outside? Speaking to people? Leaving the comfort of home? Nah, you’re alright. Introverts get their energy from being alone and spending time with their thoughts and their feelings – and a good book. So, when it comes to choosing what we want to do on a Friday and Saturday night, the choice is simple. We won’t be going out clubbing; we won’t be having drinks with friends, we won’t be going to the Karaoke bar (*shivers*). Instead, we’ll be hanging out with our favorite characters in some of our favorite magical places. Perfection.

Do you emotionally connect with all of these points and have a deep and passionate desire to buy a book right now? Well, dear reader, you’re a bookworm. Congratulations!

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Things that only book readers will understand