This little puppy was stolen from its home, then the burglars did something unexpected

As much as we might not want to talk about it, burglars are everywhere. However, it’s shown that many thieves will avoid homes that are fitted with security systems in case they get caught. It could be something as simple as a motion activated light or alarm, or a full security camera system that captures anyone’s movements.

But the robbers can often leave a lasting mark on the families they affect. Little did these particular burglars know, but this puppy they stole had a big secret, and it could be one that was about to undo their entire operation.

Unwanted visitors

No matter what barriers we put in the way or the things we do to stop any unwanted visitors, it can be an impossible task to stop a burglar in their tracks. After all, even the rich and famous in Hollywood are subject to uninvited guests helping themselves to their things.

Although most items can be replaced, there is one that can leave a hole in our heart: our pets. Why would someone take part of the family? It could be if the pet is rare or expensive, or even just as another way to make some extra money from their hail. Either way, these burglars never expected this puppy to have such a big secret when they stole her…

Party of one

Elena Sardi and Ryan Hood live a quiet life in Australia. However, it’s not always peaceful as the pitter patter of little feet fills the rooms of their home. That’s right; this couple are also joined by their four-year-old daughter, Maia.

This youngster loves nothing more than running around causing havoc around the house, but unfortunately, there is an issue: Maia is an only child. Rather than having a constant playmate, Maia is forced to come up with all her adventures alone. Elena and Ryan saw how sad this could make their daughter. Surely there was something they could do to cheer her up? It wasn’t long before they had the perfect solution.

Whittling down the list

The parents put their heads together and thought of the perfect answer: they needed a pet. There were so many to choose from, and now they were left with the impossible task of finding the perfect four-legged friend to join their family.

After much discussion, Elena and Ryan settled on a dog. That’s when they stumbled across an ad for eight-week-old golden labrador puppies. As soon as they met the dogs, Elen and Ryan knew the one that would be coming home with them.

An instant bond

Elena and Ryan had no idea if their new puppy would get along with their daughter, but they had to hope they would form a bond. After all, the puppy was there to cheer up Maia – it had to work.

Thankfully, the pair bonded immediately and became instant best friends. She just needed a name. Sasha. Now the little puppy really was part of the family. Maia and Sasha grew so close that before the day was even over, they were both curled up asleep in Maia’s bed together.

A fateful doctors trip

Elena, Ryan, and Maia soon all settled down to life as dog owners and were loving every minute. Plus, these parents could notice an instant difference in their daughter. Now, Maia had someone to join her on all her adventures.

After just one week at home, it was time for Sasha to be left alone as the family had to take a trip to the doctors. Only, when they returned home, they realized disaster had struck. The family home had been robbed.

Missing in action

Elena and Ryan immediately began to search the home to see the extent of the damage – and make sure all of their unwanted guests had gone. As they started to look through the rooms, the parents realized all their jewelry, laptops, and iPads had been taken during the robbery.

That wasn’t all. It was quiet. Too quiet. Sasha was missing. Elena and Ryan searched everywhere they could, but it was no use. Their precious puppy had been stolen.

Breaking the news

The parents were heartbroken that their pooch had been caught up in all the commotion, but now they had an even more difficult task; they needed to tell Maia the bad news. Their daughter was inconsolable as she realized Sasha wasn’t coming home.

Although they had known each other for only a week, Maia and Sasha were more than just best friends. Elena and Ryan couldn’t sit back and watch their daughter in such a state. They had to get her home.

Explaining the situation

The parents needed to sit down and explain what had happened to make sure that Maia understood, but how do you begin to tell your daughter her new puppy and best friend have been taken, and you’ll probably never get the chance to meet again?

Elena and Ryan told Maia how they would be able to replace the items that had been stolen, but nothing made any difference. There was only one thing Maia wanted, and her wagging tail had left a massive hole in the family.

Pleading for help

The family had no idea how the robbers had got into the house or when they had broken in, but they had to try and find out as much information as they could.

Elena and Ryan printed off a heap of “missing” posters so they could plaster the neighborhood with photos of Sasha. Then, they moved on to asking the neighbors to find out if anyone had seen anything that could lead them back to their puppy. However, Sasha was so small she would be easy to miss.

Struggling to sleep

Unfortunately, the burglary took more of a toll on the family than anyone would have ever thought. Maia had grown used to Sasha sleeping in her bed with her at night, but now she was all alone.

It wasn’t long before the youngster began to have nightmares. Elena and Ryan had enough. They had no idea where Sasha could be. However, this had gone on for too long, and now their child was suffering, too. As if that wasn’t enough, Sasha was carrying a huge secret. Now, they just needed to get the secret out there.

Double whammy

Elena and Ryan both admitted they had no idea how someone could break into their home, let alone take a poor innocent puppy. Both parents agreed the burglars must have seen some of Maia’s things lying around the house and realized they had a child.

Could someone really stoop as low as to take a puppy, let alone take a puppy from a child? Elena and Ryan felt betrayed by everyone in the world and weren’t going to rest until Sasha was returned.

To social media

No matter what they tried, the family home just seemed to empty. The lack of Sasha meant the once bubbly atmosphere was now flat.

Elena and Ryan decided they needed to reach more people if they stood a chance of finding their pooch so did they only thing they knew how: took to social media to spread their story. Sasha’s photo was plastered everywhere alongside their plea to see her returned home safely. Hopefully, they would be able to tell people all around Australia to watch out for their dog.

Law enforcing friends

People everywhere began to share Sasha’s story. No one could believe the little puppy was still missing, but everyone held out hope she would make it home. They just had to keep the attention on the Labrador.

However, it wasn’t long before an unexpected ally appeared to offer their help. The Victoria Police shared Elena and Ryan’s story and were more determined than anyone to see Maia reunited with her friend. With hundreds of views on the post, surely someone had to spot the puppy soon?

Scanning the truth

At last, Elena and Ryan knew it was time to share Sasha’s secret with the world. It looked as though this could be the last thing that might bring their pooch home to safety. So what had the Labrador been hiding all this time?

Sasha wasn’t just any dog; she had been microchipped! Now, the burglars had no choice but to return the puppy. As soon as someone scanned her for a chip, they would see she had been stolen, and their jig would be up.

An easy procedure

Microchipping is now a legal requirement for any dog aged eight weeks or older, but just what does it involve? A microchip is a small piece of tech, about the size of a grain of rice, that is injected just under the skin of your pet.

This is usually around the scruff of a dog’s neck, and won’t hurt them once it’s implanted. Each microchip has a unique number that can be scanned with a special machine and matched up to a database that includes the owner’s name and address.

Holding out hope

Elena and Ryan just had to hope that someone would find Sasha and take her to the vets. If they did, they would be able to scan her for a microchip and lead her home to her rightful family.

However, with so many dogs in Australia, the chances of someone spotting their pooch were starting to look slim. As if that wasn’t enough, Labradors are the most popular breed of dog in the country and Sasha was growing bigger by the day.

A strange noise

It was just another morning, and it seemed as though the family was still no closer to finding precious Sasha. Elena knew she had to keep a brave face for the sake of her daughter, so went to make her morning coffee as soon as she woke up.

However, the mother soon heard a noise outside in the yard. Who could it be? Maybe the burglars had returned to collect even more? As if that wasn’t enough, there was a shape moving over by the kennel…

The doors of truth

Elena knew she needed to be brave and face whatever was hiding in the yard. She slowly opened the sliding doors and was prepared for anyone to jump out at any moment. Only, what she never expected to see was Sasha – she was home!

Elena had no idea how she had got into the yard, but she didn’t care. She figured someone must have dropped Sasha over the fence after seeing all the stories. Maybe the burglars had a heart after all? That or they didn’t want to get caught.

Reunited at last

Everyone in the family was overjoyed to have Sasha back as part of their lives, but no one was happier than Maia. Of course, their four-legged friend fit straight back into life as the buddy of a four-year-old as if she had never been away.

Elena and Ryan were relieved to see Sasha home safely, but nothing could beat the look on Maia’s face when she was finally reunited with her best friend. They had achieved the impossible.

Never getting the truth

Although Sasha had been returned home, Elena and Ryan were never able to track down who took their pooch in the first place. They were just grateful to know she was safely back in their care.

Maia and Sasha have continued to grow closer with every day that passes, and Elena and Ryan just hope that nothing like this ever happens again. If only Sasha could talk, maybe then the world would be able to learn of her incredible adventure…

Medical condition

While we’re not sure what medical condition little Sasha has, her owners had mentioned this when they were searching for her. Thankfully, the pup is healthy as can be now that she’s home.

It was a good thing whoever returned her did so, because as a puppy, Sasha hadn’t even had all of her vaccinations yet. Considering someone could be as cruel as to steal a dog, they probably wouldn’t have taken her to the vet and maintain her care.

Over the moon

Needless to say, Maia is over the moon with joy that her pet has been returned. Elena and Ryan probably noticed immediately how happy their daughter was when Sasha came back.

They must’ve been out of their minds trying to cheer her up when the dog was missing. At least now they can move on as a family of four and hopefully nothing like this ever happens to them again. Sasha is home where she belongs and everyone is thrilled.

National news

It turns out this story expanded further than just the family’s friends and loved ones. It not only made the rounds in the police departments, but it was a story for national news. It didn’t take long for international news agencies to pick up the story either.

Everyone wanted to do what they could to help bring the puppy who was stolen home, especially when they saw Maia’s sad face. Sasha became famous all over Australia, and beyond.

Friends for life

Now, Maia has her best friend back and we’re sure she is not letting her out of her sight again. Sasha has a bestie for life who will be by her side as often as possible.

Maia has even begun teaching her puppy tricks and, though Sasha seems to be more interested in nibbling on her friend’s fingers, she will probably start to pick them eventually as she gets older. For now, they two are inseparable and probably will be for years to come.


Missing her friend

Perhaps the two are even closer than they were before Sasha went missing. This could be because Maia remembers what it was like before the dog was brought into her life and how bad it was when she was gone for that brief period.

The child mentioned to authorities that she was extremely sad when Sasha left and she put her hands out stretched as far as possible, saying that was how much she missed her. She loves playing with her friend and is happy she gets to continue.

Feeling violated

There is no worse feeling than being violated in your own home, the place where you’re supposed to feel most secure and safe. Unfortunately, that is exactly how this family felt when the break in occurred.

They didn’t know how or when it happened, and they didn’t know if it would again. They didn’t care about the material things that were taken, they just wanted their sense of security back and to feel comfortable in their home again. And obviously to bring Sasha back.

What were they thinking?

What everyone can’t stop wondering about this situation is why anyone would steal a dog. How can someone be that evil? Many people suggest that since Sasha was so young, she could be sold to someone new.

The police believe that taking the puppy was most likely unplanned because they took so many other things too and broke into the home, though the dog was outside. Either that, or perhaps the family was targeted because of Sasha. We may never know.

Better think twice

As messed up as it is, it really doesn’t seem like whoever committed this burglary has probably done something like this before. After all, they were able to get away with being close to this home not once, but twice without anyone noticing.

Hopefully, however, they will think twice about taking a puppy again. It is law in Australia for dogs to be microchipped, so there’s a good chance most others are as well. This should definitely keep people from the evil act of stealing fury friends from families.