The cast of Dynasty in real life

Television days would not be complete without watching a good soap opera on the little screen. From All My Children to General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless to Days of Our Lives, there is a huge number of soap operas to choose from that all come with their own outrageous and entertaining storylines. Let’s be honest, we don’t watch them for their happy go lucky stories but to get into the nitty gritty dramas that unfold on screen. Back in 1981 though, there was a show that took soap operas to a whole new level: Dynasty. In fact, the show was so popular at the time that the series was rebooted in 2017 to continue the storyline. With a weekly budget of $35,000 just for the wardrobe, everyone working on the show wanted to make it the best show it could possibly be. While most soap operas have always revolved around family dramas that focus on fallouts and reconciliation, Dynasty wanted to do something new.

The story of Dynasty follows the lives of the Carrington family, a wealthy family that has made their money from oil, and their neighbors the Colbys. . With the selling point in hand, creators Esther and Richard Shapiro wrote a story of a millionaire family who was stronger than all others. The show follows the lives of Blake Carrington (John Forsythe), and Krystle Grant Jennings Carrington (Linda Evans), as well as the children of the family, Fallon, Steven, Adam, Amanda, and Krystle Carrington. With a huge number of storylines that include fires, cheating, long-lost relatives, plenty of revenge, and kidnappings, life in this 48 room mansion was never dull.

But with the show came many memorable faces. For some, it made their careers, while for others it was just another step on the road to success. However, the show could have turned out so differently to the soap that we know and love today. Angie Dickinson was initially offered the roles of Krystle Carrington and Lady Ashley Mitchell, George Peppard was set to be Blake Carrington, and the show wasn’t even called Dynasty – it was named Oil! With so many cast changes, and creating some of the best-known storylines over the years, we fell in love with each and every one of the family members. After the reboot was a success, it left us wondering: what happened to the rest of the cast from nearly 20 years ago? Are they still just as glamorous as they were on the show, or have they disappeared out of the limelight altogether?

Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon Carrington Colby (Seasons 1-4)

For the initial four seasons of the show, Pamela was the face of Fallon Carrington Colby but left in 1984. Fallon took after her father with her fiery personality and great intelligence, which is helped by the fact she was always her father’s favorite of all his daughters. This feisty young woman was used to getting her own way, with Blake always making sure Fallon’s every whim and fancy was catered to. However, her parent’s divorce took a toll on Fallon who struggled to cope with it all.

Pamela Sue Martin now

After leaving Dynasty, Pamela struggled to land a role that was as significant as playing Fallon. This didn’t mean that the actress wasn’t able to make cameos though as she appeared in The L Word, and That ’70s Show over the years, but has put most of her time towards her other passion: preserving wild dolphin species. Sadly, her marriages weren’t meant to last as over the years Pamela has been married and divorced three times – perhaps there is a lucky number four waiting on the horizon?

Emma Samms as Fallon Carrington Colby (Seasons 5-9)

Fallon had a facelift in 1984 when Emma Samms was the actress to take over the role. Fallon had always appeared as a recurring role but became a central cast member from the eighth season. Emma was originally born in London where she had been performing as a ballet dancer, but an injury to her hip meant that her career took a sudden nosedive. It was then that she began acting, and was quickly able to land the part of Holly Sutton in General Hospital.

Emma Samms now

In recent years, Emma has found herself starring in the 2013 movie Vendetta, in addition to playing the starring role of Rachel in an episode of the hospital drama, Casualty. Emma has also put her time towards charity as she and her cousin set up the Starlight Children’s Foundation with the aim of helping children who are suffering from a severe or terminal illness by providing them with educational activities, trips, and various entertainment shows. Just last year Emma was awarded an MBE for her charitable contributions.

John James as Jeff Colby

Fallon’s love interest, Jeff Colby, was played by John James. It wasn’t just Fallon that was in love with the character either as the whole world fell for Jeff’s charms. He was such a success in the first six seasons that Jeff ended up moving over to the Dynasty spin-off, The Colbys, but wasn’t there for long as it was canceled not long after. Following the bad news, Jeff was invited back into the main cast for the remainder of the show until it was ultimately scrapped in 1989.

John James now

The ending of both shows definitely wasn’t the end for John as he has continued to act over the years. During 2006 the actor returned to the world of soap operas when he was cast as Jeff Martin for 32 episodes of All My Children. Not only that but for 14 episodes John played the role of Rick Decker for the soap As The World Turns. It seems as though John couldn’t help but slide into the world of soap operas over the years. In 2010 Laura, the actor’s daughter, was crowned the winner of America’s Next Top Model.

Pamela Bellwood as Claudia Blaisdel Carrington

The devastating story of Claudia gave viewers plenty to keep them on the edge of their seats for the first six seasons of the show. After several trips in and out of the hospital, it was Pamela’s real-life pregnancy that saw the end of the character. Producers tried to incorporate the situation with the storyline, but Pamela began to miss a number of episodes, so they decided to put an end to Claudia. Having already been unstable, it all became too much for Claudia as she set the hotel ablaze but sadly got trapped inside. A bitter end for an iconic woman.

Pamela Bellwood now

Sadly, after Pamela found herself killed off from Dynasty, she hasn’t had much success in the way of acting. Several TV shows have welcomed the actress for cameo roles, such as Criminal Minds, Murder She Wrote, and Twilight Zone, but nothing major has been offered to the star. Nonetheless, her private life has been booming. She and Nik Wheeler, a famous photographer, tied the knot which gave Pamela something to look forward to as her career began to head down the pan.

Al Corley as Steven Carrington (Seasons 1-2)

During the first two seasons of the show, Al Corley was the face of Steven, probably the most interesting and in-depth characters on the show. Steven was one of the initial characters to be portrayed as openly LGBT on TV in America who would have relationships with both men and women. It was a huge turning point for America, but Al left the show when he couldn’t cope with Steven’s romantic interests changing so much. Before the show, Al had been working as a doorman, but the character was his first big break.

Al Corley now

While he may have thought leaving the show would be the big ticket he was looking for, Al was very much mistaken. He regularly disagreed with the writer’s choices as Al wanted his character to be funnier, but when he left the show, Al only managed to land leading roles in mediocre movies. While he did have a short relationship with Carly Simon, and three children with an ex-wife, Al now lives out his days living in Los Angeles.

Jack Coleman as Steven Carrington (seasons 3-8)

While Al Corley spent his time talking badly about the writers, they were able to come up with a genius solution to replace him. In fact, the story went that Steven was in a bad explosion at an oil rig which left him needing plastic surgery to his face – brilliant. Jack had already become well known for his role as Jake Kositchek on the soap Days Of Our Lives, but after making a move to Dynasty, he remained part of the cast until season 8.

Jack Coleman now

Since the finale of the show, Jack has gone down as one of the most successful actors to come out the other side. As well as staring for three seasons as Rupert Lipton for the hit show The Office, Jack also played the part of Noah Bennet for the sci-fi show, Heroes. It’s not just on screens that Jack has had success either as he and Beth Toussaint have tied the knot as well as sharing a daughter together named Tess.

Gordon Thomson as Adam Carrington

Every good soap needs a villain, and that is precisely where Adam Carrington comes in. The long-lost son of Blake and Alexis made his return to extract his jealous revenge against his estranged family, including trying to end Jeff with poisonous paint. Sadly, when Dynasty wanted to run a reunion series, Gordon Thomson couldn’t make the filming, so they were forced to use Robin Sachs instead. However, true fans will always remember Gordon as the true villain of the show.

Gordon Thomson now

The end of Dynasty didn’t mean the end of Gordon’s career. In fact, the actor actually continued to go from strength to strength. The actor became the third face of Mason Capwell for the soap opera Santa Barbara, as well as landing parts in Sunset Beach, The Young and the Restless, and Passions over the years. One of his most notable performances was when Gordon appeared in Little Miss Sunshine, but it was in September 2017 the actor was once again in the headlines for coming out as a proud member of the LGBT community.

Kathleen Beller as Kirby Anders

Kirby Anders had initially been part of the Colby clan when Kathleen Beller played the character for two years from 1982. However, before her role on the show, Kathleen had already become famous for her time in the 1974 mafia film The Godfather Part II. It was for the film Promises In The Dark that was released just a few years later that Kathleen was nominated for at the Golden Globe Awards. All her screen time saw the actress quickly land roles in TV shows such as Barnaby Jones, and Hawaii Five-O.

Kathleen Beller now

The actress continued to have success over the years since she was on Dynasty as she cropped up in Murder She Wrote alongside landing starring roles in Time Trackers, and Legacy. While her career was heading from strength to strength, off-screen Kathleen was married for six years to Michael Holt, a fellow actor. However, the relationship deteriorated in 1986 which meant two years later Kathleen was able to marry her beau, Thomas Dolby. The musician and actress are still married and have three children together.

Terri Garber as Leslie Carrington

While carrying the Carrington name, Leslie was only in the show for seasons seven and eight and made an abrupt exit after a traumatic time with her family. Terri Garber had already experienced life on a soap before being cast with Dynasty as she had played Allison Linden in the successful soap Texas for a year in 1982. It was two years after Dynasty that Terri broke into the world of film acting when she appeared in the action movie Toy Soldiers.

Terri Garber now

The show saw Terri skyrocket to new heights as the actress appeared in Midnight Caller, Quantum Leap, and Murder She Wrote. While her career continually took off, it was during the ‘90s that Terri was able to finally land the more significant roles for shows as she was cast as main characters for both General Hospital, and Santa Barbara. Over her life, Terri has gone through two marriages and divorces to Frank Howson and Chris Hager, but it was third time lucky for the actress as she married William Roudebush, her old drama teacher from high school, in 2013.

Billy Dee Williams as Brady Lloyd

This actor was previously recognized for his role in the Star Wars franchise as smuggler Lando Calrissian for the 1977 release of The Empire Strikes Back, and the 1983 Return Of The Jedi. It was only one year later that Billy Dee Williams first appeared in the Dynasty cast playing the top executive. His suave and sophisticated ways fit in perfectly on the show, but sadly he only stuck around for one season before making his exit.

Billy Dee Williams now

Billy has a knack for being in the right place at the right time as he was offered the role as Two-Face/Harvey Dent for the 1989 movie Batman. The actor is currently 80 years old, but he hasn’t let his age slow him down. In fact, during 2014 Billy was one of the contestants for the year’s Dancing With The Stars; he puts most of us to shame. When The Lego Movie was released, there was a familiar voice as Billy reprised the role of Lando Calrissian.

Heather Locklear as Sammy Jo Carrington

As far as recognizable faces from the show go, Heather Locklear is definitely up there, and for a good reason too. Her character, Sammy Jo Carrington, was so well loved by the audience that after she made her debut in the second season, the producers kept her on as a permanent member of the cast. Sammy’s aunt is Krystle Carrington, but she later goes on to marry Steven Carrington, and the pair have a child together. Sammy was so popular that she was one of the cast to return for the show’s reunion.

Heather Locklear now

Sadly, Heather’s life has been a rollercoaster ride for the actress since her time on the show. One of Heather’s darkest moments came when she walked down the aisle with two different rock stars – the guitarist for Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and heavy metal drummer, Tommy Lee. Her life and downfalls have been all over the media over the years, but that hasn’t stopped the actress from landing some killer roles in the films Scary Movie 5, Uptown Girls, and The Perfect Man.

George Hamilton as Joel Abrigore

It had been years since George Hamilton won his Golden Globe for his time in Crime and Punishment USA, so landing the role as Joel Abrigore in Dynasty was another run on the ladder of success for this actor. Joel finds himself tangled up with Sammy Jo when they out their fraud plan into action, but that isn’t all as he also arranges for Krystle Carrington to be kidnapped. For George, his role wasn’t the biggest of his career, but it did mean he was one of the most famous stars on the show.

George Hamilton now

Dynasty was a stepping stone for George that led to a number of movie roles, including Crocodile Dundee, Casper Meets Wendy, and The Godfather Part III. His time in Hollywood has concreted his reputation as one of the greats. In fact, the film My One and Only that was released in 2009 roughly follows the story of George’s traveling childhood. Most recently the actor landed the starring role in the hit film The Congressman that was released in 2016.

Linda Evans as Krystle Grant Jennings Carrington

This character is the loving other half of Blake Carrington and the caring mother to Sammy Jo. Before starring in Dynasty, Linda had reached the heights after her time in the Western, The Big Valley. Over the years Krystle was one of the longest returning characters as she was one of the family members to appear in the pilot episode, but had to make a dramatic exit before the finale to protect her life while on a secret mission in Switzerland.

Linda Evans now

Even though Linda was once everywhere you turned, after she left the show, the actress decided to take a step back from the limelight. Linda was one of the original cast members to return for the show’s reunion series, but not long after decided that she would officially retire from acting altogether. However, in recent years Linda has been a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen, a British cooking competition that sees the top chef Marco Pierre White keeping a close eye on every move they make. For her time in Hollywood, Linda has been awarded her own star on the walk of fame.

Joan Collins as Alexis Colby

Forgetting this character is hard. It seems as though Alexis didn’t take the divorce from Blake Carrington well as she returns to wreak havoc within the entire family, appearing the first season’s finale as the faceless figure set to cause as much trouble as possible. Joan Collins was already a huge star before her time on Dynasty as she had appeared in the movie classics Rally Round the Flag, Boys, and The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing.

Joan Collins now

Nearly 200 episodes later and Joan decided to take a well-earned break from acting. However, the actress just couldn’t stay away as she quickly took up offers to make cameo appearances in Rules of Engagement, Will & Grace, and Roseanne. When she’s not acting, Joan has been recruited for many commercials, including her hilarious Snickers ad. A few years ago Joan had done so much for various charities that The Queen made her a dame to thank her.