Taking a look inside Giada De Laurentiis house

If you’re a fan of the Food Network, there’s a high chance that you’re pretty obsessed with Giada De Laurentiis. This Italian chef has shown us that home cooking doesn’t have to be the same ol’ thing and that we can add the spice of life into our meals. As well as being one of the most famous television chefs, Giada herself has won us over. But have you ever wondered where she goes after a long day of filming? Take a look inside Giada De Laurentiis’ house.

Giada at Home

Giada De Laurentiis has shown us the beauty of home cooking over the course of her career, but one thing she has kept pretty quiet is the beauty of her home itself. After a highly publicized divorce, Giada had to pack up her things and leave her marital home behind.

She spent many years in this beach house and put a huge amount of money into making it something special with her ex-husband. However, she has now moved on and has her very own bachelorette pad to enjoy. Take a look inside.

The marital home

However, before we move on to her new home, we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to show off the home she worked so hard to create. This incredible beach house first belonged to her ex-husband, Todd Thompson. When they tied the knot in 2003, they decided to tear down a huge part of the house and start again from scratch.

They wanted to build their very own dream house, and that’s exactly what they did. They utilized the expertise of architects and interior designers to birth this amazing contemporary home.

Modern luxury

One of the first things that strikes us about this incredible house is just how clean and modern it is. With white walls, light wooden floors, industrial-style furnishings, and an open-plan layout, it looks as though this house was the perfect place for the couple to get their creative juices flowing.

Incredibly, this large living space has everything they could possibly want in one room. At the front, they have a formal seating area or reading nook. In the middle, they have a huge dining table. At the back, they have their couches.

Feeling arty

It’s no secret that Giada De Laurentiis is incredibly creative and talented. After all, she cooks up a storm in the kitchen every single week. It seems as though this creativity does not end when she leaves the kitchen, though.

As you can see from her former home, the walls were covered in vivid and bright pieces of artwork that added a little something to the aesthetic. In fact, Giada seems pretty proud of the art that she has chosen for this part of the living room. We can see why!

Outside entertaining

While they were together, Giada and Todd loved to entertain. Because of this, they made sure that they had an outside area worthy of inviting their friends around. Of course, Giada just had to have a cooking area, and the giant grill was ready and raring to be fired up at the push of a button.

Couple that with the cabinets and the worktop, she could rustle up for a storm while her friends and family lounged on the couches, or warmed themselves up by the fire pit.

A modern kitchen

If Giada ran out of space in the outside kitchen, it’s fair to say that she had more than enough when she went inside of the house. Oozing modernity and simplicity, this kitchen had everything Giada needed to whip up something special for her husband and their daughter.

With stark white flooring, countertops, and upper cabinets, they perfectly juxtaposed the dark wood of the lower cabinets, as well as the stools around the island and breakfast bar. There was definitely no shortage of space in this kitchen.

The midnight oil

There are some evenings where Giada De Laurentiis’s mind is so awake; she just can’t seem to get to sleep. When this happens, she knows that she just needs to get herself out of bed and jot down the recipes that are buzzing around in her brain.

While living with her then-husband in this incredible beach house, she had her very own office to enjoy. This neutral space had everything she could possibly need if she wanted to browse the internet, or simply pore over some of the new recipe books that have come her way.

An incredible view

The piece de resistance of Giada De Laurentiis’ old house is the view. Located just above the waves, the couple were able to open up the giant doors within their bedroom to the sky outside. On days like this one, they could take in the incredible sunset and fall asleep with the image of a palm tree in their minds.

Thankfully, the view inside wasn’t too bad either. This huge master bedroom had everything the couple could possibly want – including a giant flat-screen television on the wall in front of them.

Dining outside

Amazingly, this wasn’t the only way that the couple could enjoy the view from their house. They had created their very own terrace above the waves and created a beautiful space for them to either have dinner or just have drinks with their friends.

With a mixture of good food, candles, a sunset, and even better company, we’re not sure why any of her friends or family would want to leave. The best part? This roof deck is on the back of the house, so they didn’t have to worry about nosy neighbors.

A new move

When Giada and Todd announced their separation in 2014, the couple knew that they couldn’t continue to live together. Although they wanted to raise their daughter as a family, they needed their own spaces to live their own lives. So, Giada moved out of the modern beach house and found herself a stunning Spanish-style estate just down the road.

With five bedrooms to its name and a stunning aesthetic, it’s no surprise that Giada reportedly shelled out a whopping $6 million to call this house her home. This became her new bachelorette pad.

A huge estate

What’s so amazing about Giada’s new house is that she has so much more space to enjoy. Standing on a 13,255 square-foot lot, this 1920s creation has more than enough space for Giada to enjoy her newfound freedom.

It also has more than enough space for her to look after her daughter – and her many friends who come over for slumber parties! As you can see from the outside, Giada’s new place is very different than her marital home, and the modernity has been replaced by traditionalism.

Incredibly colorful

Although she may no longer be living in an open-plan, modern house, there’s no denying the fact that Giada is still surrounded by art. As you open the front door, you are greeted by a beautiful circular atrium that features incredible terracotta flooring.

It’s all about the details in this hallway, and the more you look, the more you see pops of color here and there. From the detailing on the hallway table to the detailing in the tiles on the stairs, this is absolutely stunning. What an entrance this is.

The reception room

No celebrity house would be complete without a reception room, and Giada’s house has one that is pretty darn special. Throughout the whole house, the aesthetic of dark wood and traditional patterns snakes its way through, and this room is the perfect example of that.

The rug and the detailing on the fireplace bring a pop of color, while the dark beams and the ceiling transport you to Spain within an instant. There’s even a grand piano in the corner if she’s feeling particularly musical. We wonder if she can hold a tune?

A huge space

From a different angle, you can see just how huge this reception area is – and this isn’t the main living area! With high ceilings and circular doorways, this room really does ooze class, without looking too sparse.

We can imagine Giada sitting on one of these couches as she has meetings with her publishers about her upcoming book. After all, it seems as though Giada is constantly on the go. At least with a large house, she can separate her business from her pleasure and dedicate one room to business.

Where the magic happens

Everyone always says that the bedroom is where the magic happens, but for Giada De Laurentiis, the magic always happens in the kitchen. As one of the most famous television chefs in the world, this woman is always cooking up new ideas and cooking for her daughter.

Thankfully, her new kitchen has everything she could possibly need to do this. The large island and breakfast bar provides the perfect focal point in this room, and she has more than enough space to get a little messy in the process of perfecting her next recipe.

The dinner party

Considering she is a professional chef, we can only assume that Giada is constantly cooking for other people. She doesn’t have to worry about not having enough space in her new bachelorette pad, because this house has space aplenty.

In particular, her main dining room has enough space for eight people to sit comfortably around the table and taste her delicious cooking. Once they have finished their food, they can then walk out of the adjoining doors and take in the warm summer’s evening on the terrace.

A family affair

However, if Giada isn’t looking to entertain on a fancy level, she has another option. If she is simply cooking for herself and her daughter, she has the chance to use her smaller dining table that connects to the main living room and kitchen.

While it still has views to the outside area of her new house, it’s not quite as formal. In fact, Giada can cook up a hearty meal for Jade Marie De Laurentiis-Thompson while making she sure completes her homework at the same time. There are so many uses!

The living room

The main living room of Giada De Laurentiis’s house is incredibly cozy. While it may not be the biggest room in the world, we can’t imagine this celebrity chef and her daughter want too much space when they are enjoying their Sunday morning movie binge.

This way, they can snuggle on the couch while watching the flat screen TV. If they need a little break from the screen, they can also open up the doors and take in the fresh Los Angeles air on the balcony outside. It has the best of both worlds.

The guest house

When Giada bought this incredible house, she also inherited an amazing guest house. From this photo, you can learn a little more about one of the previous owners. Before the television chef moved her belongings into this home, it had belonged to the American musician, Benny Goodman.

This jazz extraordinaire had spent many years in this home and had even transformed the guest house into a recording studio that he used on a regular basis. While we’re not sure whether Giada has kept the guest house this way, it’s another great space to add to the collection.

To lay her head

It should come as no surprise to learn that Giada De Laurentiis is extremely busy. When she’s not working on her television shows, she is either working with her own restaurants or her own range of products. As if that wasn’t enough, she also has a daughter to raise!

This means that there’s a high chance she comes home exhausted after a long day. Thankfully, her master bedroom has enough space for her to simply lay down and rest her head. This four-poster bed is made from wrought-iron and looks incredible in the center of this room.

The en-suite

Giada shares her house with her daughter, but we can imagine that she also invites her boyfriend, Shane Farley, around for the night. Although there aren’t that many of them in the house, Jade can rest easy knowing that she doesn’t have to share a bathroom with her mother of her partner.

That’s because the master bedroom also comes with an en-suite that Giada can enjoy. From the giant bathtub to the double vanity cabinet, we have a feeling she has everything she needs to wake up in the morning.

A dip in the pool

One thing that her former marital home lacked was a pool, so we can imagine that Giada and Jade are now over the moon to have their very own pool in their backyard. While it might not quite be big enough to become an Olympic champion, this pool is perfectly placed to be in both the sun and the shade.

As if that wasn’t enough, Giada and her daughter also get the chance to chill out on the grass, or on the sun loungers that sit above the pool.

A cook-out

Like in her old house, Giada also has somewhere to cook outside if the weather permits it. She has a giant grill located on her terrace, and she also has space for her friends and family to come around for a visit. From this angle, you can also see just how open-plan her house really is.

It seems as though the whole house centers around the outside area. This showcases the Spanish aesthetic, as many houses in the Mediterranean make the outside the heart of the home.

A closer look

Here, we can get a closer look at the guest house and the pool area. As Giada’s daughter gets older, we can imagine that she will be using this area to host epic parties – but until then, Giada is taking advantage of the time that she is spending with Jade.

When the mother-and-daughter duo aren’t enjoying what this new bachelorette pad has to offer, they are making their way to Italy to see the sights, and to take in their Italian culture. They seem to have it made, and things finally seem to be on the up.