How to take control of your life

We all know the feeling of those days when you cannot possibly get everything done, and wish we had a few more hours. Sometimes weeks drag on and on and you’re struggling to stay afloat. The truth is, every person has to suffer through times like these in their lives, where everything seems overwhelming and out of control.

These trying times test our character and develop our personality. It is how we face up to these challenges in our lives that is a testament to the person we are. Some people confront these difficulties head-on while others try to escape them for as long as they can. Either way, one has to deal with them sooner or later. So how do you take control of your life when everything seems to be beyond your grasp? Here are some tips that will help you get back in control of your life, even when it seems hopeless.

Tell yourself it will pass

You’re not just saying it – the truth is that it really will pass before you know it. That’s the thing about time – it’s transient. Nothing lasts forever. Remind yourself this when you see no lining in the dark clouds taking over your life. If you stay strong, you will weather out the bad times.

How to take control of your life


Don’t be a passive observer in your own life. When you witness things getting out of hand, act accordingly to ameliorate the outcome. You can either let things happen to you or actively take charge of how you want your life to pan out for you. If there’s something getting you down, eliminate it from your life. Don’t be afraid to make changes, big and small, and make your decisions for yourself. Don’t let circumstances drive your life.

Keep your surroundings clean and organized

If you clear out the physical clutter, you will most likely experience a clarity of mind too. Sure, you may not be able to clean out the clutter in the world around you, but you are responsible for the clutter you let inside your world. Utilize the control you’re given over your life to make your living environment more peaceable.


Exercising not only helps relieve stress but also boosts confidence and overall well-being. When you seem to be able to affect little else, train your body. You will soon be able to observe evident changes in the appearance of your body. It will make you feel better that there is at least one area of your life that you can still determine.

How to take control of your life

Make to-do lists

When you’re struggling to keep your attention focused on a task, it helps to write them down beforehand. You function better when you have a clear idea of the activities you are required to perform throughout the day. It also makes it seem more manageable when you can take it one step at a time.

Life can get haywire sometimes. It’s important not to let the downs of life cramp your style. Follow the above tips and soon you’ll be able to bring a semblance of control back into your life.