Sweet dog ready to leave shelter after four years

Ginger is a very sweet dog, who has known the Paris, Maine Animal Shelter as her home for the last four years. She has lived a good life there, winning over hearts of both the staff and volunteers to the extent of being referred to as the shelter’s “little princess.” Being a resident at the shelter thanks to her long stay, Ginger enjoys several outings. Given her lovable nature, she doesn’t run out of people willing to take her on long walks and trips to McDonald’s, where she partakes her favorite snack, a plain cheeseburger.

Please adopt me

The canine director at Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills told HuffPost that while they treasure their little princess, it’s finally time for her to find a home and a family of her own. Granted, Ginger has spent more than 1,450 days at the shelter.
The organization went ahead to publicize Ginger’s plight in hopes of finding her a happy home. A facebook post explaining Ginger’s history and needs went viral. In the post, a soulful eyed Ginger is photographed with a sign hanging around her neck. It reads, “I have been in the shelter for 1,456 days. Please Adopt me.” Ginger has been at the shelter since 2014, when she was brought in as a stray.

The right home

The reason why Ginger has had such a hard time finding a home is because she has some specific needs that a new family must be able to deal with. According to the director, Pat Ingersoll, Ginger is outgoing, snuggly, and loving.
Her main issue, however, is that she can be defensive and possessive with her resources, such as food bowls and toys. As such, she cannot be placed in a home with other animals, or even small children. She needs to be in a situation where she can be left alone when she needs it.

Ginger has never been aggressive, and has never bitten anyone. The RPC wants to keep it that way, and the easiest way to achieve this is to place her in a home with a family who is willing to cater to her specific needs. The organization is committed to finding her a home where she will fit in and not have to be brought back to the shelter.

Non-local adopters

The Responsible Pet Care has put measures in place to make sure Ginger has the best chances of finding a home. They are willing to even consider non-local adopters, but they’ll have to follow some guidelines. Anyone who wants to adopt Ginger will have to come to the shelter to meet her first. They’ll then have to allow the shelter to carry out a home check to ensure it’s suitable for Ginger.

Anyone wishing to adopt the unique dog can get access to the adoption applications on the group’s website. While the shelter does love having Ginger around, they know it’s in her best interest to have her own family now, and they’re doing all they can to make that happen.