The story of George Harrison

George Harrison is known to many as one of the Fab Four, or The Beatles if you’d prefer. One of the most iconic rock bands in musical history, George Harrison was the lead guitarist for the world famous band. Born in Liverpool, England in 1943, the legendary rocker was the youngest member of the group. Sadly he passed away in 2001, he had suffered from lung cancer that had spread to his brain.

He was so young

When the Beatles broke up in 1970, George Harrison had barely turned 27. Growing up on a ten-year tour of the world can’t have been easy for Harrison, but we would bet he had a lot of fun doing it.

Benefit concerts were his idea

Sure there were charity musical events before George Harrison came around, but he gathered megastars like Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, and Eric Clapton to come together and perform at a benefit concert. The event was the 1971 Concert for Bangladesh and was hosted at a sold out Madison Square Garden, twice. By the mid-eighties, Harrison had helped to raise millions of dollars for the cause.

Quirky hit “Crackerbox Palace” was written about his mansion

His mansion became the focal point for his 1977 hit “Crackerbox Palace.” The song title came about because one of his friends visited his UK mansion and noted it was like a crackerbox palace. According to Harrison, he wrote the title on the back of a cigarette pack, before writing the song later. Harrison’s mansion, Friar Park, was an unconventional home, exhibiting a Matterhorn, grottos, lavish gardens, and plenty of gnomes. The gnomes even feature in the music video for the track.

He loved to talk

He was considered by many who didn’t know him to be the quiet Beatle. Perhaps this was because he was somewhat overshadowed by the prolific songwriting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Those that knew him have often exclaimed that he was anything but quiet. In fact, they claim that they found it impossible shutting him up.

Thanks to him we have The Life of Brian

Funding for the Monty Python movie was cut due to fears of backlash following the controversial religious subject matter. Harrison stepped up and funded the project. He set up his own production company, called Handmade Films. If it wasn’t for his intervention, the world might never have got to witness one of the funniest films ever made (according to The Guardian). Harrison even made an appearance in the movie, he featured on screen as the character, Mr. Papadopoulos. Handmade Films are still operating and have had involvements with films such as 127 Hours, Planet 51, and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.


So those were some of the facts you may not have known about George Harrison, the Quiet Beatle to those that did not know him. Hopefully, you feel a little closer to the youngest member of the Beatles, and who knows, this stuff might come up in a quiz sometime!