Steve Irwin’s daughter’s remarkable Instagram photos

The late Steve Irwin aka “The Crocodile Hunter,” was possibly one of the most fearless television personalities that ever lived. A conservationist and zookeeper at the Australian Zoo, Steve was known for his long-running series The Crocodile Hunter, which followed him and his wife Terri as they captured and relocated some of the wild’s most feared crocodiles and snakes. After his sudden and tragic death in 2006, caused by an attack from a deadly stingray, the world mourned his loss.

In his memory, Steve left behind his wife and his two young children, his daughter Bindi and his son Robert. Although he may be gone, his legacy still lives on through his family, who each dedicate their lives to wildlife conservation.

His older child, his daughter Bindi, is now all grown up. The 19-year-old is certainly following in his footsteps working at the Irwin family-owned Australian Zoo and constantly promoting the importance of protecting animals. She, like her father, has a passion for all creatures – even the most dangerous ones. Bindi’s well-followed Instagram page, filled with photos of her hanging out with Tigers, spiders, snakes, and of course – crocs – proves that she is indeed her father’s child.

A legacy

The late, great, and fearless Steve Irwin aka “The Crocodile Hunter” was an Australian zookeeper and television personality. His eight-year wildlife documentary series, The Crocodile Hunter, featured him and his wife Terri capturing and relocating some of the wild’s most dangerous creatures, in particular crocodiles. Steve sadly passed away in September 2006, while on location at Batt Reef, Australia filming his new documentary series Ocean’s Deadliest. During a break between shots, Steve decided to go snorkeling in order to capture footage for his daughter Bindi’s children’s nature show, Bindi the Jungle Girl, it was then that a stingray stabbed Steve, taking his life. Today, almost 12 years since his death, his daughter Bindi is all grown up and living in his legacy.

All grown up

It is safe to say that Steve would be proud of his now 19-year-old daughter. She has been following her parents’ footsteps by working as a conservationist and wildlife philanthropy advocate herself. She loves animals so much, that she lives at the Australian Zoo that her family owns. You may also recall her as a contestant on the ABC dance competition series Dancing With the Stars’s 21st season, which she won first place. The young activist donated all of her prize money from the contest to wildlife conservation. Nowadays, she has been shocking her 1.7 million followers on Instagram with her photos, often of her posing with poisonous snakes, feeding snapping alligators, or cuddling frightening tarantulas.

Feeding the crocs

In this photo, Bindi is seen spending just a usual afternoon at the zoo. Okay, so maybe a normal day at the zoo is different for an Irwin than for the rest of us…Bindi recently shared this photo, along with a video of her feeding the zoo’s crocodiles. Let’s just say, while the thought of having a crocodile jump up at your hand while dangling food is terrifying to most of us, Bindi proves to be just like her daddy, fearless.

Dingo whisperer

Of course, Bindi doesn’t only spend her time with the crocs. She also, like her late father, is passionate for many of the wild’s most-feared animals. While most people wouldn’t dare go near one of these dingos, feral dogs that are native to Australia, Bindi proves the dog’s true gentle nature by letting them cuddle her, jump in her lap, and even give her a kiss! Not sure if we would want to get this close, but they sure do look cute!

All in the family

Bindi, of course, isn’t the only animal-lover in her family. Her mother Terri, Steve’s widow, is still actively involved in wildlife conservation and is the current owner of the Australian Zoo. Bindi’s younger brother Robert, who is now 14, also helps at the zoo and has developed the family’s passion for wildlife. Bindi is very close with her family, and often shares epic family portraits, like this one, to her Instagram account to remind us just how awesome (and daring) they truly are.

Perfect pair

Naturally, Bindi likes to surround herself by people who share her love of animals. For the last couple of years she has been dating Chandler Powell, a professional wakeboarder who is just as adventurous as the rest of the Irwin clan. He shares Bindi’s passion for animals, and often helps spread awareness of wildlife conservation with his girlfriend. Bindi is frequently sharing special moments between the two lovebirds on Instagram, like this one when they caught a croc together. Pretty sure daddy would approve of this one!

Loving all animals

When we say Bindi loves all animals, we truly mean all animals. Even those that many of us would run away from as fast as possible from, like this skunk. However, the young Irwin isn’t afraid of getting sprayed as she gives the black and white fluffy creature a gentle hug. According to her post, this little cutie who she said is one of her “newest favorite” animals was rescued and rehabilitated prior to taking this photograph.

Rhino hug

It isn’t just small, fluffy creatures that Bindi adores. In this photo that Bindi shared on her Instagram account, she is seen giving this giant Rhinoceros a great big hug. While it is hard to tell what the Rhino must be thinking, it doesn’t seem like he minds the attention. He is even staring straight into the camera while the photographer snaps this epic picture. If only we all had Instagram posts as great as this one.

Without fear

Remember when we said that Bindi loves all animals? Yup, that even means slithering snakes! While most of us, especially those with a phobia of snakes, wouldn’t even come close to one of these guys let alone hold one, Bindi manages to hold TWO of them. Not surprisingly, the 19-year-old doesn’t look the least bit frightened as these two snakes hiss and dangle in her hands. She actually looks quite the opposite of scared, she looks ecstatic and in her element.

Tiger cuddles

We can imagine that there are several perks to getting to not only work, but live in a zoo. One of them has to be getting to snuggle with baby animals, like this adorable tiger. Although we aren’t sure we would want to get so close…even if it means capturing this once in a lifetime photo, Bindi is not one to fear animals, especially cute baby ones who are, we hope for her sake, completely harmless.

Hanging out

Luckily, Bindi doesn’t only spend her time with dangerous animals like crocs, snakes, and tigers. She also likes to hang out with animals who are commonly known as gentle, like this insanely adorable, slow-moving sloth. It isn’t every day that you get to have a sloth dangle on you, well, unless you are Bindi of course! Safe to say, many of her followers were incredibly jealous when they saw this amazing photo. Because really, who doesn’t love sloths?

Simply beautiful

Bindi celebrated National Bird Day with this incredible photo of her holding a stunning white and brown barn owl. In her post, she captioned with the quote, “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings.” Not only did the teenager get hundreds of comments on how beautiful the owl is, but many confessed their love for her as well, commenting on how naturally beautiful the young conservationist is.

All smiles

In this Instagram post, which went on to receive over 50,000 likes, Bindi is seen with a ginormous boa constrictor wrapped around her neck. If this doesn’t make you at least a bit nervous, we don’t know what will! Of course, the young wildlife expert has no hint of fear on her face, and instead flashes her usual smile. The 19-year-old wrote the perfect caption for this post, “There are so many reasons to smile in life,” and wished everyone a happy World Smile Day.

Turtle day

Bindi is always quick to celebrate holidays on her page, especially when those holidays are dedicated to animal appreciation. So naturally, when World Turtle Day came along, she had just the perfect picture to share with her followers. She posted this lovely snap shot of her next to a giant, and super cute, tortoise. Along with the photo she wrote, “Tomorrow is World Turtle Day, and personally, I think that tortoises should be appreciated too…”

Special friend

We are pretty sure only Bindi can make a wombat look adorable! On Earth Day, she shared this awesome pic of her and her fuzzy Australian friend, an animal that her father was also very fond of. She captioned the post, “Today we remember the importance of protecting Mother Earth for generations to come. Today we celebrate wildlife great and small, cute and cuddly. Today we share love and light in every way we can.”

Rescuing wildlife

One of the animals Bindi is seen cuddling the most on her Instagram page has got to be koala bears. These sweet and fluffy creatures are native to Australia and are definitely not afraid of humans! Bindi often dedicates her time helping out at the zoo’s Wildlife Hospital, that is known for rescuing and rehabilitating a variety of wildlife creatures in need, like this cute koala bear. Bindi wrote, “We feel very blessed to save many lives at the Wildlife Hospital. With the most loving team – so much good is achieved.”

Lizardly love

Bindi is looking happy as ever as she holds onto this little guy at the Australian Zoo. Like usual, she received thousands of likes and many comments of love and support, praising the young woman for her accomplishments and big heart. However, after she captioned that she was holding a “blue tongue lizard” many of her followers quickly corrected her, saying that it is actually a blue tongue “skink,” a type of snake-like lizard, and not just a regular “lizard.”

Purrfect photo

Bindi definitely inherited her father’s passion for animals, and also his courage. There wasn’t one animal on Earth that Steve was afraid of, and it seems like Bindi is the same way. Here she is not only sitting next to a Tiger, but giving him a pat on his back! The conservationist posted this photo in order to promote and honor Wildlife Warriors, an organization created by her parents that raises funds for worldwide conservation work.

Friendly lemur

Lemurs are definitely one of the wild’s most adorable animals. Lucky for Bindi, there are quite a lot of them at the Australian Zoo, and she gets to hang out with them whenever she wants. These little guys are so friendly that they aren’t afraid to come close to humans, or sit on their heads in this case! The young Irwin called this her “favorite lemur photo on Earth,” and asked, “How can you not just fall in love with these guys?”

Meet Harriet

When Bindi posted this photo of her “cuddling” a tarantula, the internet went crazy. The post was quick to go viral, receiving over 60,000 likes and thousands of comments. The 19-year-old looks completely at ease while this terrifying spider, which she named “Harriet,” crawls on her neck. One Twitter user wrote, “I really was like smh white people stupid until I saw her last name…carry on with your activities, be safe, we love you.” If this picture doesn’t prove that Bindi is her father’s child, we don’t know what will…