Why you sometimes have to quit to win

Ever since we were kids, we’ve all been taught the same thing; that ‘winners never quit and quitters never win.’ Sure, it’s a great motto if you’re the kind of person that loves life and everything about it (i.e., not us), but if you’re fed up with your current lifestyle, quitting can seem like a darned good option. However, society frowns upon those people who quit their day jobs with no backup job lined up, and those people with no plan at all. Yep, spontaneity is lost in the professional world, but it seems that sometimes you do have to quit to win…

You can spend time on things that matter

If you’re straight out of college or looking for a new career venture, you can often find yourself stuck in a job you don’t really want. You pick whichever job comes first, even though you have no real passion for it (although you do have a passion for the money). In today’s day and age, we’re taught to grin and bear it and stick with a job for decades. You’re supposed to stick with the career choice, earn your paycheck, work your way up, and earn your pension. However, what people don’t talk about is if you DON’T want to do that in your current job. If you work in a soul-sucking sector, the prospect of this ideal is even more depressing than your day-to-day life – and you’ll never win at life. If you take the jump and quit before you’re ahead, you can spend time on the things that really matter and make a career out of something that is important to you.

Why you sometimes have to quit to win

You are able to take care of yourself

There are millions of people across the globe who hate their jobs, but they do absolutely nothing about it. Because of this, the rate of people with physical illnesses, depression, and anxiety is increasing. Although work isn’t the only factor of depleting mental health, it does play a huge part. Those who work 9 – 5 in a dead-end job often stress about their work and the money needed to pay their bills. This then thrusts them into a spiral of depression which will not be improved – because your job won’t. One of the most important aspects of human life is self-care (trust us, guys!), so if your job is not allowing you to look after yourself…quit. Take time out, or find a new career path that better suits your lifestyle and your happiness. You can thank us later.

Job-hopping can make you more successful

Many people aren’t really sure what they want to do in life – and that’s totally okay. We promise. Because of this, they try out different paths in the hope that they will find their next calling in life. However, many people believe that job-hopping will look bad on your resume and that employers won’t want to employ someone who has switched jobs so often. Yet, this isn’t always true. In fact, an economist by the name of Henry Siu discovered that those people who hopped from job to job had much higher salaries in later life than those who stuck to the same job. So if you’re not set on what you want to do yet, hop around!

Why you sometimes have to quit to win

If you’re not satisfied with your life and feel an overwhelming need to sack it all off and start afresh, you might not be as crazy as people first think…