Six women showed up to wedding wearing the same dress and went viral

Going to weddings can be so much fun. You get all dressed up, get to the beautiful venue, and cry your eyes out as two of your loved ones tie the knot for the rest of their lives. This is usually followed by hitting the open bar and then getting ready to dance the night away. No wonder people love weddings – having fun while looking gorgeous? Sounds perfect.

But no one wants to show up at a wedding and find out someone else is wearing the same outfit. Granted, this especially goes to women. It’s many women’s worst nightmare to be wearing the same dress as another wedding guest, since it can cause a lot of embarrassment. People will be staring at you all night long! And imagine having two different women wearing the same dress as you are – sounds mortifying, right?

Well, each of these six women walked into a Sydney wedding venue thinking they nailed the perfect look for the wedding. They all shopped for a new dress to wear to the wedding, which is why they were shocked to find they weren’t the only ones wearing it. There were five other women wearing the exact same dress to the same wedding, and most of which didn’t even know each other! With only 200 guests, what are the odds that six of them would be accidentally dressed the same?

Sometimes life throws some strange coincidences our way – ones that can make us unsure how to react. The guests at this wedding were completely wowed by this funny coincidence, so how did it happen? And how did the happy couple react?

Same dress

Weddings are a special occasion, but when something unique happens it can get even more special. A couple who got married in Sydney had some extra attention drawn to their wedding day, after not one, not two – but six of their guests showed up wearing the same dress! This strange coincidence became instantly viral, as everyone wanted to see the dress that apparently looked so good, six women chose to wear it to this wedding.

Not the bridemaids

The phrase “life imitating art” comes to mind when we think of this coincidental event. Five Women Wearing the Same Dress was a play by Alan Ball first performed in 1993, but in that play the women were the bridesmaids. These ladies weren’t the bridesmaids. They didn’t even all know each other. Three of them were from the side of the bride, and three from the side of the groom – which makes it even more bizarre.

What are the odds?

We must ask ourselves, what are the chances of something like this happening? We’d understand if it were a little black dress or something less specific, but this dress is quite unique, and having six different women wear it to the same occasion is just strange. Six women decided to purchase a new dress for this occasion, and they all chose the same one! And the number of guests? Only 200. So who was the happy couple who got all this attention?

Meet the couple

Now married, Dominic Mammone and Julia Mammone are a couple residing in Sydney, Australia. They met and soon became a couple, and were described by their friends as “such a beautiful couple.” While Dominic is a personal trainer by profession, Julia is a teacher at the Catholic Education Office in Sydney. They were making their dreams come true, and doing it together. One look at their social media says just how special this couple really is.

Tying the knot

The adorable couple became engaged in 2014, when they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s always an exciting time for a couple to be in love and getting married, and the couple shared it with their friends and family. However, they did not expect such an incredible thing to happen at their wedding. So how exactly did it happen? How did these women spot each other wearing the same thing at the venue?

Showing up at the reception

Debbie Speranza, one of the guests at the wedding, walked into the reception hall and was ready to celebrate this couple’s special day. But when she walked in, she noticed her cousin was wearing the exact same dress as she was. The two had a big laugh about it – after all, when you come across someone else wearing the same thing you’re wearing, it’s a pretty funny coincidence. Especially when you’re at a wedding. But that wasn’t it!

There are more

The two didn’t think much of it. But as they sat down at their tables, they started to notice more and more women walking into the venue, wearing the same dress. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw four additional women had worn their lace dress to the event. How could this even be? Apparently, these six women had a very similar sense of style. So what happened when they noticed just how strange this coincidence was?

Weirded out at first

Debbie had said a couple of the women were weirded out at first. It’s pretty understandable, since showing up at a wedding and having another woman wear the same dress you’re wearing is a woman’s worst nightmare! Well, not really, but it is pretty awkward. Let alone five other women wearing your dress! But after their initial shock wore out, they realized just how great it was and knew it would make for an amazing photo op.

Joking about it

They all walked up to the bride, who was surprised to see them all dressed the same. It was like she had another set of bridesmaids! As they all took a picture together with the bride, they couldn’t help but see just how hilarious their situation was. They joked that they were ready and willing to step in as bridesmaids should a situation arise to require their help. It couldn’t hurt having more bridesmaids as backup, you never know what could go wrong, right?

Huge sensation

These ladies became a huge sensation that evening, and even afterwards. But how did the bride feel about it? Many brides wouldn’t really love it if something stole all the attention away from their wedding day. It’s their special day, and they should get the majority of the attention from their guests. This bride, however, didn’t think the women were stealing her thunder. She didn’t mind at all, but instead found it hilarious, like the rest of her guests.

Dress registry

Debbie also joked that there should be a wedding registry, where you can check whether other women who are attending the same wedding, are planning on wearing the same dress as you are. That would be helpful, if you think about it. That way you could avoid a situation where you find out your sense of style isn’t as unique as you’d initially thought! As you can see, these ladies were keeping their senses of humor about it. But what about the skeptics?

Not staged

Some people have questioned whether this was real. After all, it’s a pretty big coincidence that six women would wear the same dress. The odds are extremely slim! So it was only a matter of time before people started to question these ladies’ ingenuity. But they thoroughly insist – this was indeed a coincidence. Most women would hate wearing the same dress as someone else, so they wouldn’t do it by choice. This wasn’t staged – the coincidence was real.

The dress

So what is it about this dress that makes it so special, six women decided to buy it for the same occasion? Well, actually, while the dresses looked very similar, two of them had a pattern that was a bit different. But four of them were purchased at Forever New, an Australian fashion brand. With a halter neck and a lacy pattern, this midi dress seemed like the perfect choice to wear for this couple’s wedding. So what happened next?

Online attention

Since four of the dresses were purchased at Forever New, Debbie decided it was worthwhile to hit them up on Facebook, posting to their wall. The photo of these six women drew much attention on social media, getting thousands of likes, shares, and comments from people who were amazed at the coincidence. Not only that, but these women were also interviewed for local TV in Australia, as people were interested to see how it even happened.


The comments on Debbie’s picture were hilarious. People were tagging their friends and telling them it was their worst fear, or that they should coordinate their attire for an upcoming wedding. It seems that no one wants something like this happening to them, but at the same time they all find the coincidence to be funny. Debbie had said, though, that she wasn’t feeling embarrassed at all. It’s actually pretty flattering to find other women thought your dress is beautiful, too.

Advertising the brand

As these photos were going viral, Forever New got the advertisement of a lifetime for free. They couldn’t even dream of staging such a thing, so having it happen naturally helped promote the brand. So when Debbie posted the photo on their wall, she hinted that perhaps they deserved a gift card for their “trouble”. After all, they did promote their brand free of charge to thousands of people. So what was their reply to her post?

That’s it?

Their reply was… not what you would expect. They posted a generic reply, thanking her for contacting them and promising to pass on her feedback. Many people were outraged, asking if that was it. It’s understandable that some companies get many inquiries, and still a generic reply seemed unfitting for such a unique coincidence regarding a dress from their brand. However, despite how seemed to the commenters, that wasn’t quite the end of the matter.

Naming it after her

Apparently, Forever New didn’t ignore this wonderful coincidence after all. It appears that they had done something to commemorate the event, something that any woman would find incredible. They named the dress after Debbie herself, and it is now called “Debbie Lace Pencil Dress.” Although we don’t know if it’s a permanent thing, it is a lovely tribute to these six ladies who ended up wearing their dress to the same wedding. We think she deserves it!

Who wore it better

Have you ever wondered why women are so nervous about having another woman wear the same outfit as them? Well, other than being perceived as less than unique, it’s also because society seems to love to compare two ladies wearing the same dress. “Who wore it better” is the term, and there are entire television shows dedicated to the deed. Deciding who looked better in the same dress might be an instinct to us, but it’s always going to make someone feel badly. Instead, we’ll say all these ladies looked fantastic!

Possible trend?

Could this actually turn into a huge new trend in wedding attire. Imagine weddings where guests arrive all wearing the same outfits – that would be hysterical! But considering how much attention it got online and in the media, we’d suggest not to steal the thunder away from the bride and groom. But apparently, there have been other occasions where some of the guests accidentally showed up wearing the same thing. And it happened at a wedding you may have even watched…

At the royal wedding

As it turns out, three guests showed up wearing the same dress to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s wedding! And not only were these ladies wearing the same dress, they were actually wearing the same $580 dress from the lifetime movie Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance – the one Parisa Fitz-Henley wore when she played Meghan Markle. People watching on television were perceptive enough to notice it happen, and wrote about it on social media. When it comes to a royal wedding, you don’t want to be making that mistake!