How do scientists explain beauty?

What is beauty? According to the dictionary, it’s a combination of form, shape, or color that are pleasing on the eye. So how do we use beauty to explain people? Sure, there might be certain aspects that pop into our minds when we hear the word, but this is science. Boom.

Your face is symmetrical

Our faces have natural variations on each side – we can’t be perfect, we’re only human. However, some people have more symmetrical faces than others. It all depends on how we form in the womb, as well as any environmental factors. But did you know it can play a significant role in our beauty? It’s said that having a symmetrical face indicates we’re free from disease, healthy, and have the right genes to make beautiful children. So could beauty be all about being symmetrical after all?

Strong facial features

Research has shown that men and women see beauty differently. So when it comes to a woman looking for a beautiful man, they will often choose those with stronger facial features, such as large jawbones, defined cheekbones, and prominent eyebrow bones. This is because strong facial features are said to be a link between a man and his level of testosterone. This, in turn, is a woman’s way of being able to measure how strong a man is from afar.

Young features

For men, science has shown they look for youthful features when it comes to finding a beautiful person. This could be having fuller lips, clear skin, thick hair, strong muscles, and even being wrinkle free. Why? These are all signs that a woman is still in her prime for having children. Whether we like it or not, our bodies can’t help but judge beauty by how well their genes would produce youngsters. It’s not our fault; it’s built into us!

The perfect figure

Believe it or not, but science has shown that numbers in most cases can measure beauty. Yes, even our figures can be judged thanks to years of research. The studies have shown that men opt for women with hourglass figure as this implies they are better for carrying children. On the other hand, women mainly like men to have a V-shape body. This is because the broad shoulders and smaller waist tends to imply they are more physically healthy than others and will be there as protection.

A plain Jane

Being beautiful isn’t all about having features that make you stand out from the crowd, according to science. In fact, studies show that having a more plain face could be what you’re after if you want to achieve that winning look. The research showed that women with plain faces free from any distinguishing marks or freckles were rated more beautiful than those who had a defining feature.

Beauty can mean all kinds of things to all different people. However, it looks as though scientists have uncovered some secrets behind beauty that could explain why we always end up falling for the same people over and over again. All that matters is what lies underneath, no matter what anyone says.