SATC: what happened to Carrie and the cast?

From 1998 until 2004, SATC was the most popular tv show on television. The female-orientated dramedy followed the lives of four, single city girls and the men they brought into their lives. Narrated by adult columnist Carrie Bradshaw, the premise of the HBO series introduced women to a new generation of self-sufficiency and independence. The love triangle between Carrie, Mr. Big, and Aiden still ignites one the greatest debates in tv history. The iconic image of Samantha Jones revolutionized a female’s social life. Whether they were role models or on-screen girlfriends you could laugh with, we bet you’re just dying to know what happened to the ladies, the lovers, and the 20-something girls from the show.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Then

Sarah Jessica Parker played everyone’s favorite curly-haired heroine, Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie was the unofficial star of the show, who worked as a columnist in Manhattan. She was imperfect and to be completely honest, exacerbated in flaws, but her character served as the ideal anti-woman during a decade where marriage and children were still expected from a something year old.


Sarah Jessica Parker – Now

Sarah Jessica Parker may owe her pop culture icon status to the character of Carrie but since the show wrapped in 2004, she’s done pretty well for herself in film, television, and fashion. Currently, she’s back on HBO starring in Divorce and in real life, she’s still happily married to Matthew Broderick and living in New York. The couple has three kids; one son and two twin daughters.


Kristin Davis – Then

Charlotte York, played by Kristin Davis, was the perfect cookie-cutter friend and the eternal optimist of the show. Charlotte believed in the concept of soulmates and was a consistent advocate of romance. During the show, she had been married twice – to Trey and then Harry. By the end of the series, she had converted to Judaism and adopted a baby girl with her second husband.


Kristin Davis – Now

Off-screen, Kristin Davis couldn’t be more different than Charlotte. At 50 years old, Kristin is still single and absolutely loving it. She has, however, adopted a daughter named Gemma Rose. In 2012, she made her Broadway debut in The Best Man and her West End debut took place in 2014 when she appeared in the stage production of Fatal Attraction.


Cynthia Nixon – Then

Miranda Hobbes may have gotten a bad wrap for being the cynical singleton of the group but in contrast, she was the most responsible and independent of all the women. Cynthia Nixon’s portrayal of the character showed female viewers that you can be both a career and family woman, as we eventually saw her settle down with Steve and welcome an unlikely surprise into their lives, Brady.


Cynthia Nixon – Now

In 2004, Cynthia Nixon won a Primetime Emmy for her role as Miranda on the show. Following the series finale, she starred in Little Manhattan, James White, and in A Quiet Passion as Emily Dickinson. The redhead turned blonde also cultivated a Broadway career, starring in productions such as The Philadelphia Story and Hurly Burly. In 2006, she was awarded a Tony for her performance in The Rabbit Hole. Nixon has been with her partner, Christine Marinoni, since 2012.


David Eigenberg – Then

David Eigenberg, better known as Steve Brady on-screen, played the eventual love of Miranda’s life on the show. In the beginning of the series, Steve was a bartender working late nights and chasing unrealistic dreams. Towards the end of the show, he became a father to Brady, a husband to Miranda, and opened a bar with Carrie’s ex Aiden Shaw. Oh, and he also persuaded Miranda to move to Brooklyn which is actually, sort of a big deal.


David Eigenberg – Now

Since 2012, David has been a series regular on NBC’s Chicago Fire as Christopher Hermann. Prior to his new casting, he had appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds, and Castle. David and his wife, Chrysti Kotik, have two children and live in New York. Once a New Yorker on-screen, always a New Yorker off-screen.


Chris Noth – Then

Chris Noth’s character on the show may have been one of the most discussed, debated, and either hated or loved throughout the entire series run. Whether or not you wanted Carrie to choose Aiden over him, it didn’t matter. Casting aside their turbulent history, Mr. Big (aka John Preston), traveled to Paris in the series finale to find Carrie and bring home. As the saying goes, they lived happily ever after.


Chris Noth – Now

For those we who weren’t huge SATC fans, you might recognize Chris Noth from his longstanding day job on Law & Order. From 2009 until 2016, he played Governor Peter Florrick on The Good Wife. As it turns out, Mr. Big is the marrying kind; he’s been married to his wife, Tara Lynn Wilson, since 2012 and they have one child.


Willie Garson – Then

Who didn’t want a Stanford Blatch of their own in real life? Willie Garson played the ever-so-lovable and sometimes totally naive best friend of Carrie from start to finish. When we were first introduced to the whimsical character, he had a hard time finding love. Then, he began dating Marcus but the couple broke up at the beginning of season 6. Eventually, Charlotte got her wish (and street-cred as a matchmaker) when Stanford married her friend, Anthony.


Willie Garson – Now

Willie Garson starred as Mozzie in White Collar from 2009 until 2014. Prior to White Collar, he had also co-starred in HBO’s John from Cincinnati. Today, Garson is still a hip and single man but adopted a 7-year-old son named Nathan back in 2009.


Kyle MacLachlan – Then

Kyle MacLachlan played a role that was associated with plenty negative, male stigmas. Trey McDougal was Charlotte’s first husband and they married rather quickly – about a month after they met. He suffered from incompetence issues and although he loved Charlotte, he couldn’t bring himself to have a baby with her. The whirlwind romance ended in an amicable divorce unless you don’t count Bunny McDougal’s presence as “amicable.”


Kyle MacLachlan – Now

Outside of the show’s realm, MacLachlan was known for his roles on Desperate Housewives, Twin Peaks, How I Met Your Mother, and Portlandia. In 1995, before joining the cast of the show, the actor made waves alongside Elizabeth Berkley in the controversial cult film, Showgirls. MacLachlan has been married to Project Runway producer, Desirée Gruber, since 2002 and they have one son.


John Corbett – Then

John Corbett will probably never live down his role as Aiden Shaw, and you know what? Why should he want to? The fan favorite to end up with Carrie was a furniture designer who fell victim to her affair with Big but gave her another chance about 6 months later. Aiden and Carrie became engaged and just when Carrie fans thought they were getting what they wanted, Aiden broke off the relationship when our SATC star got cold feet. Soon after, it was revealed that Aiden met another furniture designer, married her, and had something like three kids.


John Corbett – Now

Off-screen, John Corbett is living the high life. He’s been in a relationship with Bo Derek since 2002. He’s also starred in mega-hits including My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The United States of Tara, and Raising Helen alongside Kate Hudson. Oh, did we forget to mention he’s also a country music singer? Yes – he’s released two albums and we should probably check ’em out.


Evan Handler – Then

Charlotte York’s prayers were finally answered when she met Harry Goldenblatt, she just hadn’t realized it yet. The New York divorce lawyer, played by Evan Handler, tried to woo Charlotte but she wouldn’t budge until he waxed his back hair. A few short months after being together, Charlotte decided to convert to Judaism so she could marry Harry and at the end of the series, they were awaiting the arrival of their new baby girl.


Evan Handler – Now

Aside from his success on the show, Evan Handler also received mainstream recognition for his role as Charlie Runkle on Californication from 2007 until 2014. He’s also a published author regularly contributes to the Huffington Post, Elle, and Mirabella. He’s been married to his wife, Elisa Atti, since 2003 and they have one daughter together.


Jason Lewis – Then

Jason Lewis pretty much embodied the perfect male who could never exist in real life. As Smith Jerrod, he played the role of a sensitive cover-model/aspiring actor, who believe it or not, was in his early 20-somethings. Despite their vast age gap, Smith became the only man Samantha truly loved and at one point, she left New York to live and support his career in Los Angeles.


Jason Lewis – Now

At 45 years old, we’d expect the former Smith Jerrod to look a bit like his old self. In 2009, Lewis posed for the cover of Men’s Health Magazine and has an upcoming NBC pilot coming out called Midnight, Texas. And guess what, ladies? The Absolute Hunk is still single!


Lynn Cohen – Then

When the show’s audience first met Magda, she was slightly frustrating and strangely enough, also endearing. As Miranda’s Hobbes’ cleaning woman turned nanny, Magda tried to instill a more moral, religious sensitivity within her that of course, never worked. Lynn Cohen’s character, though, soon enough grew closer to Miranda and the series finale, a mutual respect and admiration were installed in their relationship.


Lynn Cohen – Now

Lynn Cohen has also previously appeared on Law & Order as a recurring character, Judge Elizabeth Mizener, and made an anticipated appearance as Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She can also be seen in Munich, Vanya on 42nd Street, Synecdoche, and New York. Cohen has been married to her second husband, Ronald T. Cohen, since 1964.


Bridget Moynahan – Then

Bridget Moynahan stirred Carrie and Big’s relationship up when she returned from Paris, alongside Mr. Big, as his new fiancee. 20 years his junior, Natasha worked for Ralph Lauren and was labeled as one of those “20-something girls” that were conquering the social stardom of women in their 30’s. After 7 months of marriage, Big began an affair with Carrie behind Natasha’s back, who broke her tooth on a stairwell when she caught Carrie in their apartment one day.


Bridget Moynahan – Now

Since 2010, Bridget Moynahan has starred in CBS’s Blue Bloods and starred in 2007’s Ramona and Beezus as the mother of Selena Gomez’s character. In 2006, Moynahan ended her three-year relationship with New England Patriot Tom Brady but three months later, told People Magazine she had been pregnant with Brady’s child for three months. She gave birth to their son later that year. Moynahan is now married to businessman Andrew Frankel since 2015.


James Remar – Then

James Remar played Richard Wright, the man responsible for breaking Samantha’s habits of casual flings and adult encounters. Richard and Samantha’s relationship was based on what one would call, common interests, but due to a lack of fidelity on Richard’s end, Samantha impulsively called it quits in Atlantic City.


James Remar – Now

Before SATC,  James Remar was known for his roles in The Warriors, The Cotton Club, and Miracle on 34th Street. After Samantha Jones gave him the boot (as Richard), he joined the casts of The Vampire Diaries and Dexter. Surprisingly enough, the off-screen counterpart of Richard Wright is still single and most likely, totally mingling.


Mario Cantone – Then

Mario Cantone’s Anthony served as the perfect balance to Willie Garson’s Stanford. Anthony Marentino was a wedding planner with a lustful eye for body builders. Charlotte had attempted to fix-up Anthony with Stanford but at the time, he was too shallow to take notice to Stanford’s great personality. In the first SATC movie, the men finally get together and share a smooch during a New Year’s Eve party.


Mario Cantone – Now

Today, Mario Cantone performs on Broadway and as a stand-up comedian. He’s starred in mainstream stage productions such as Love! Valour! Compassion!, Assassins, and The Producers. In 2011, Cantone married his partner of over 20 years, theater director Jerry Dixon.


Frances Sternhagen – Then

Bunny McDougal might have been the most enraging character, probably ever, on the show but Frances Sternhagen played her part flawlessly without effort. Bunny was the typical helicopter mother that hovered over Trey and Charlotte; she was constantly redecorating their house, sitting with Trey while he bathed, and eventually, tried to control the “baby train” the couple was riding. When Charlotte divorced Trey, it meant divorcing Bunny – something she didn’t have a problem with. Sternhagen was nominated for an Emmy for her work as Bunny.


Frances Sternhagen – Now

Frances Sternhagen enjoyed a lively, successful stage career before being cast as the incomparable Bunny on SATC. She’s starred in All Over, Seascape, Long Day’s Journey into Night, and the stage production of Steel Magnolias. Frances had been married since 1956 and remained so until her husband’s death in 1991. Today, she has six adult children.


Ron Livingston – Then

Ron Livingston will always be known as the boyfriend who broke Carrie’s heart on a post-it. Granted, he had just had his heart broken by a girlfriend who cheated on him, he still isn’t considered the “nicest” of Carrie’s list of lovers. After dating for a short while, Jack Berger wasn’t able to overcome his insecurities and more specifically, his resentment that Carrie made more money than him. After taking a week-long break, Jack returned to Carrie and asked to work things out. The next morning, she woke up to find a post-it note that read “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.”


Ron Livingston – Now

When he was done hurting our hearts, Ron Livingston moved on to another HBO series, Band of Brothers. He also went on to star in The Cooler with Alec Baldwin and Adaptation. In 2013, Livingston joined the main cast of Boardwalk Empire for season 4. He married his Standoff co-star, Rosemarie DeWitt, in 2009 and they have two adopted daughters.


Sonia Braga – Then

Maria Diega Reyes, played by Brazilian-American actress Sonia Braga, was Samantha’s first and only girlfriend. The seductive artist refused to just be friends with Samantha and with some hesitation, Samantha agreed to try a relationship out. After 3 episodes, Maria and Samantha drove each other crazy and they suddenly broke up. At this point, Samantha returned to her life of stand-by men.


Sonia Braga – Now

In the English-speaking region of the entertainment industry, Sonia Braga is an Emmy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA Award nominee. Her most notable film works include The Burning Season, Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and Moon over Parador. In the 80’s, Braga was known for her high-profile relationships with Robert Redford, David Lee Roth, and Clint Eastwood.


Anne Meara – Then

Anne Meara joined the show as Steve’s mom, Mary Brady. Initially depicted as a religious woman, Mary became plagued with Alzheimer’s and was taken care of by Miranda at the end of the series. Before being cast as Mary, Anne Meara was known for her work as a Broadway star and one-half of the comedy team, Stiller & Meara; an act she collaborated on with her husband, Jerry Stiller.


Anne Meara – Now

Anne Meara passed away in 2015 and is survived by her husband, Jerry, and their son, Ben Stiller. Meara had a lot to be proud of by the time of her death; she had been nominated for four Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, and won a Writers Guild Award for her work on The Other Woman.


Ben Weber – Then

Ben Weber played Skipper Johnston, that poor schlub that kept getting let down by Miranda in season 1. Skipper may have been the first boyfriend that the audience saw her with but one thing is for sure; he was definitely her least favorite. On countless occasions, Skipper would leave other, nicer girls for Miranda whenever she came calling.


Ben Weber – Now

Other than SATC, Ben Weber has appeared in Kissing Jessica Stein, Coach Carter, and The Christmas Card. He also temporarily joined the cast of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, alongside Molly Ringwald and Mayim Bialik. Oh, and another fact about Ben Weber: he was the original caveman in the GEICO Caveman advertisements.


Blair Underwood – Then

Blair Underwood, known on-screen as Dr. Robert Leeds, was the last man Miranda dated before she professed her love to Steve at their 1 year old’s birthday party. In a closet. Robert was then broken up with by Miranda (so you know, her and Steve could live happily ever after) but the Knicks doctor still lived in the same building as the reunited couple. In the end, Miranda and Steve got each other and Robert got custody of the apartment building’s elevator.


Blair Underwood – Now

For seven years, Blair Underwood was praised for his performance on LA Law as Jonathan Rollins. For his role as the strong-minded attorney, he was nominated for two Golden Globes, three NAACP Image Awards, and one Emmy Award. In 2012, he starred in the Broadway revival of A Street Car Named Desire and in 2016, became a series regular on ABC’s Quantico.He’s been married to his wife, Desiree DaCosta, since 1994 and they have three children together.


Candice Bergen – Then

Candice Bergen was already a veteran actress with a few awards on her shelf by the time she came to the show. As Enid Mead, Carrie’s editor at Vogue, she came off as an uptight career woman who feared being alone for the rest of her life. Before Carrie moves to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky, she sets Enid up with a food critic named Martin Grable.


Candice Bergen – Now

Today, Candice Bergen has 5 Emmy Awards, 2 Golden Globes, and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1979 for her performance in Starting Over. Throughout her career, she has starred in mega-hits Carnal Knowledge, Miss Congeniality, Sweet Home Alabama, and Gandhi. She has been married to Marshall Rose since 2000 and has 1 daughter.


Justin Theroux – Then

Justin Theroux had a short but sweet experience on the show as Jared, a new boyfriend who shared the same profession as Carrie. After two episodes together, Jared and Carrie realized they were better off as friends but as it turned out, breaking up with his family was much harder to do…


Justin Theroux – Now

Justin Theroux has made a slew of appearances in blockbuster hits like Zoolander, Charlies Angels, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2, and Rock of Ages. He and Jennifer Aniston married in 2015, after meeting on the set of Wanderlust in 2011.


Sean Palmer – Then

Sean Palmer played the role of Marcus – boyfriend to Stanford, who used Marcus in his quest to make Anthony jealous. Marcus and Stanford dated for about 10 episodes until the truth about Marcus’ past was embarrassingly uncovered. At the time, he was a Broadway dancer but had previously worked as an escort.


Sean Palmer – Now

Sean had a couple of other roles following his stint on the show but for the most part, they were all minor or dance-orientated. In 2002, he was a dancer in the film adaptation of Chicago starring Renee Zellwegger and Catherine Zeta-Jones and was an extra on Grey’s Anatomy in 2005.


Kat Dennings – Then

Kat Dennings had a small part on the show that ended up making a big impression. She played Jenny, a spoiled bat mitzvah girl, whom Samantha was providing her public relations services to. During her episode, Jenny and her friends galavanted around Manhattan spending more money than the main characters could even imagine and at her bat mitzvah was lectured by Samantha for speaking inappropriately and not acting her physical age.


Kat Dennings – Now

As Kat Dennings matured, so did her career. She starred in Charlie Bartlett, To Write Love On Her Arms, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and The House Bunny alongside Anna Faris and Emma Stone. Currently, she stars on 2 Broke Girls as Max Black; the show is now in its sixth season.


John Slattery – Then

John Slattery will always be remembered from the episode The Princess and the Pee, as politician Bill Kelley. After meeting Carrie at a calendar contest for firefighters, he persuades her to go out with him. Soon enough, Bill and Carrie are attached at the hip and she has channeled her Jackie-O style as she joins him on the election campaign. After she rejects a rather unorthodox proposition from Bill in the bedroom, he abruptly ends their relationship out of sheer embarrassment.


John Slattery – Now

Now, John is mostly recognized for his role as Roger Sterling in ABC’s Mad Men and has held a recurring spot as Howard Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in Iron Man 2, Ant-Man, and Captain America: Civil War. For his role on Mad Men, he won two Critics Choice Awards and was nominated for four Primetime Emmys.


Amy Sedaris – Then

Strangers with Candy alum, Amy Sedaris, played Courtney Masterson on the show during the whole Jack Berger fiasco. Courtney was one of Carrie’s publicists at the publishing company that was marketing and selling her first book. Due to poor “sales in her sector,” Courtney was laid-off around the same time as Jack Berger.


Amy Sedaris – Now

Besides her short-lived role on the show, fans are well-acquainted with her comedy work from Strangers with Candy as well as her stand-up tours. Sedaris has been voicing the part of Princess Carolyn on BoJack Horseman since 2014.


Molly Shannon – Then

Molly Shannon joined Amy Sedaris for a quick character arc on the show as her co-publicist, Lily Martin. Of the two, Shannon’s character was the seemingly more erratic one and sadly, only appeared for three episodes with Sedaris appeared for four. We still aren’t sure if Lily Martin got laid-off, too.


Molly Shannon – Now

Molly Shannon doesn’t necessarily need an introduction or explanation as to what’s she accomplished (SNL, A Night at the Roxbury, Superstar, and Hotel Transylvania to name a few) so instead, we’ll stick to what she’s up to now. The SNL alum has been married since 2004 to husband Fritz Chesnut and they have two children. In 2011, she wrote and released her first children’s book, Tilly the Trickster, and is now a spokesperson for Expedia.


David Duchovny – Then

Most SATC fans wished David Duchovny’s character arc lasted longer. David played Jeremy for one episode – Carries’s high school sweetheart who as it turned out, was living in a mental asylum at the time of their reunion. We know playing that one out wouldn’t have been ideal for Carrie but as a storyline, it could’ve been interesting.


David Duchovny – Now

First, David Duchovny became an overnight sensation for his role as FBI Agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files. Then, he played writer Hank Moody on Californication. Now, Duchovny has 5 Golden Globes to his name and reprised his role as Agent Mulder in 2016 for a six-episode continuation of The X-Files. He shared two children with Tea Leoni, whom he was married to from 1997 until 2014.


Mikhail Baryshnikov – Then

Mikhail Baryshnikov played Aleksandr Petrovsky – the man who swept Carrie away to Paris before Big came and took her home to New York. Aleksandr was a Russian artist with a French flare, who sure, might have been a bit controlling but probably meant well after all was said and done. He was older than our leading lady, by about 15 years, and was quite famous during his Studio 54 days. This particular relationship made Carrie question whether or not she wanted children and for Aleksandr, children were always out of the question.


Mikhail Baryshnikov – Now

Baryshnikov is often credited as one of the greatest ballet dancers in history. For years, he performed as a Soviet choreogrpaher and dancer, eventually pursuing the art of acting. He has been nominated for an Academy Award, as well as a Golden Globe, and is now an artistic director. Baryshnikov has been married to former ballerina Lisa Reinheart since 2006 and they have three children together. He has one child with his former partner, actress Jessica Lange, whom he was in a relationship with for 6 years.


Kim Cattrall – Then

Samantha Jones, played Kim Cattrall, was representative of every strong, confident, and non-monogamous single woman in the world. The bold and feisty blonde had her fair share of relationships on SATC but mainly expressed a desire to be worshipped and worship others in the bedroom. Towards the end of series, she met an struggling actor who was in desperate need of her PR skills and as we all know, they fell in love. By the show’s finale, Samantha had found a healthy relationship and officially beat cancer.


Kim Cattrall – Now

Kim Cattrall was nominated for five Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes, one in which she won, for her role as Samantha. In 2014, HBO cast her as the lead in their original series Sensitive Skin and played Cleopatra at the Liverpool Playhouse in 2012. Cattrall has been married three times, her final divorce being finalized in 2004. Contrary to popular belief, the England native has not and will not, become a United States citizen.