Samantha Fox’s twisted road

Samantha Fox is a girl who stole the hearts of guys all around the world in the mid 1980s. This glamor model then went on to become one of the world’s largest pop music celebrities. Following that, she tried her hand a whole wealth of different entertainment ventures, but, nothing fit. Mainly this was due to her more than a few scandals, including one which completely shocked the world. Now the truth is finally OUT…..

Every guy has it – that first ever celebrity crush. They can be on a television show, or they can be on a movie. Maybe they are just in a magazine article that a young man happens to pick up and look at during that magical time in a boy’s life – puberty. And then he sees her – those eyes, that hair, that skin, that smile, and something within him clicks. G.I. Joe action figures and and children’s cartoons are all of a sudden no longer interesting. They are fine playing with their friends, but the conversations all of a sudden turn to something else entirely – girls.

But not just the girls in school or in class, but models and actresses and the women on magazine covers. These tastes which are shaped as a boy turns into a man will be the tastes he retains the rest of his life.

And a woman who became this for many young boys as well as men was Samantha Fox. Born in the central United Kingdom, Fox’s mother pushed her to become a model for The Sun newspaper, posing in glamor shots and in giant A3 posters which boys and young adults would hang up on their walls.
She was a world famous model as well as a world famous singer. Her songs, including her hit single Touch Me (I Want your Body), were about love and having fun took the world by storm.

Samantha Fox had her number one hit single peak all across the world, from the United State to Norway, the United Kingdom to Australia, she was a heartthrob on no less than six continents. She was on top of her game and at the peak of her career. And then, something happened. A secret would come out which would change everything.

Most photographed

Samantha Fox quickly gained a huge following, and by the time she was 18 she was already one of the most photographed people in the entirety of the British Empire. In fact, she was and is known as the most popular and widespread British model of the 1980s. She was recognized for her pictures in all corners of the globe, spreading an image of British beauty far and wide.


Page 3 girl of the year

After just a year of being put on The Sun’s Page 3, Samantha Fox was named the Page 3 Girl of the Year in 1984 at the age of 17. This prestigious prize is given to the model who readers most like and most wanted to see on the third page of The Sun. In fact, The Sun started putting glamor models into their newspapers in 1974, and sales rose 40 percent overnight. Samantha Fox would go on to win the award in 1985 and 1986.

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Pop career

After her contract was over in 1986, Samantha Fox decided to become a singer and musician. Her songs were quite explicit and were about interpersonal relations, but she became a worldwide pop star sensation. Her first single, and the song she would get famous for, was called “Touch Me (I Want your Body)” and rose to the number one slot on multiple charts across the planet.


BBC blowback

Despite being such a hit both at home as well as around the world, Samantha Fox’s song Touch Me (I Want your Body) was actually banned by the British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC. The BBC is a British taxpayer funded organization, and as such, they refused to ever play Fox’s hit single. However, this did not matter, as she ended up selling singles and records worth over $1.1 million dollars today.


Put on an allowance

Samantha Fox’s father, John Patrick Fox, held a tight grip on Samantha Fox’s finances. In fact, he made sure that she would only receive an allowance of GBP 200 a week until she was 26. This meant that the international superstar was driving a normal car, and leading a more normal life. She drove a Nissan Micra, and paid for her own gas. She would park far from clubs so that no one would see what car she drove.


TV ads

The first time that Samantha Fox was put in the public spotlight was surprisingly not at the age of 16 in a glamor shoot for The Sun, but at the age of three in a theatre performance. Later on, she appeared in a local commercial for a car dealership in Leicestershire. In a funny play on words, the car dealership, realizing the great looks of the little girl, used the slogan “Follow the Fox to Swithland Motors.”


Causing a divorce

By 1990, Samantha Fox realized that something was awry with her funds. She realized that with all of the publicity she was getting, and with all of the commercials, records, singles, and modelling pictures she was taking, she should be getting more money. She began fighting with her father over the issue, and he decided he was not having it. It was the final straw which caused her father to divorce her mother.

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Robbed by her father

With her parents now divorced, Samantha Fox decided to use the full force of the law in order to get back at her dad. She hired forensic accountants to investigate how much money she was missing, and where it was. It turns out that her father was in possession of over one million pounds (worth $2.5 million today) which he had decided not to give her. She was awarded a little more than half of that in a settlement. She should have picked a more trustworthy manager.


Brit Award shambles

In 1989 Samantha Fox was asked to host the British pop music awards show The Brit Award, sharing the stage with Fleetwood Mac. Things got off to a rocky start and only went downhill from there. The woman giving the two cues was an elderly woman who was hard of hearing and fell asleep a few times, while the names of the pop stars who won awards were given to the hosts all mixed up. Fox said she wished the floor would swallow her up.


Interview disaster

Rolf Harris is a world famous comedian, singer, and actor who has toured countries all over the planet multiple times. It was when he was beginning one such tour that aspiring celebrity interviewer Samantha Fox decided to have a sit down with the funny man. During the interview however, Fox really began to anger Harris, calling him “Ralph” as opposed to “Rolph” on numerous occasions, amongst other faux pas.


Beginning at 16

Samantha Fox began her modeling career quite early on at the age of 16. Her mother was actually the one who got her into modeling, specifically glamour modeling. The pictures were of Samantha posing topless, and were sent to a magazine called The Sunday People. The magazine was hosting a competition for amatuer models called the Girl of the Year competition. Fox ended up coming in second place out of 20,000 applicants.



After the amateur modeling competition, Samantha Fox quickly became a sensation all over Great Britain and beyond. In fact, British tabloid newspaper The Sun asked her to come to their offices and model for them, thus jumpstarting her career. She was the centerfold on The Sun’s infamous Page 3, which featured models posing in all different glamor shots. Even at the age of 16, her parents gave their consent to let Fox pose topless.


The contract

The masses quickly went crazy over the busty 16 year old, and British people just could not get enough of her. She was then signed on to a contract to model with The Sun for four years, thereby cementing herself into the British tabloid and celebrity scene. Her father, a carpenter by trade, became her manager, and started to get her more modeling gigs and getting her more out into the public eye.


Devout Christian

Samantha Fox claims that she became a born again Christian back in 1994. However, when asked if she feels ashamed at the fact that she posed nearly nude in The Sun and other places several times, she said that she believes that she was endowed by God with a beautiful body, and that it was His will that she show it off and make people happy. Despite this, Fox says that she does not promote pornography.


Famous mother

Samantha Fox’s mother, born Carole Ann Wilken, was a celebrity in her own right. She was an actress who reprised several roles, most notably in Ready, Steady, Go!. The show itself was a British variety show which helped to jumpstart the careers of famous British musicians such as The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and many others. Perhaps Fox’s mother wanted to relive her glory days on the show via her daughter.

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The criminal mastermind

One of Samantha Fox’s first loves was a man by the name of Peter Foster. A native of Australia, this willey Aussie has been in and out of prison on fraud charges for years. Essentially a snake oil salesman, he would sell people weight loss products which at best didn’t work or at worst made people sick. While fleeing arrest, he sailed to the island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific and swam ashore, where he was promptly arrested.


No statue

A town in Serbia wanted to make a marble bust out of Samantha Fox. She had taken over the world with her looks and her voice, and one town in Serbia called Cacak wanted to honor her. They had her come to perform a concert and even had her sit down and have dinner with the city’s mayor at the mayoral palace. However, the statue was not erected of her because of how she upset fans. What did she do? Refuse to take her shirt off.


Kissing KISS

Not to be outdone by her outlaw boyfriend, Samantha Fox went on to date the rhythm guitarist/singer one of the biggest and most successful rock bands in music history – KISS. Paul Stanley and Samantha Fox dated for a short while before Samantha realized that she did not have the feelings for him that she thought she did. This was the beginning of a period of new self discovery.


Girls or guys

Speculation began to rise as to Samantha Fox’s preferences once it came out that she judged a fashion model for female members of the LGBT community back in 1999. At the beginning Fox simply brushed these accusations off, but then people started noticing that she was dating a lot of guys anymore, and had been surrounding herself with more and more women. This didn’t initially cause people to think twice until they started noticing her roommates.


Just friends?

At the time that Samantha Fox was judging these pageants, she happened to be living with a well known female member of the former lead guitarist of an Australian band called Girlschool named Cris Bonacci who was also a part of the LGBT community. Fox refused to admit for the longest time that the two were together, but Bonacci could hold her silence no longer and announced that they were lovers.


Another one

It turns out that Cris Bonacci was not the first female member of the LGBT community to have an affair or relationship with Samantha Fox. There was another woman who was living with Fox named Debbie Connor. However, both Debbie Connor and Samantha Fox deny that there was anything going on between them, instead chalking it up to them being “best friends.” Who knows? Maybe the relationship was indeed platonic.


Love of her life

By this point Samantha Fox was using a woman named Myra Stratton as her manager. And yet, several years later, the two told each other that they loved one another, and that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. The two were together for 12 years romantically with Stratton even moving in to live with Samantha. They were inseparable, and were a shining example of LGBT lovers.



The two women loved each other and lived together for 12 years. This, despite Samantha being nearly 12 years younger than her lover Myra. However, in 2013, it was discovered that Myra Stratton had cancer. She fought against the disease for over two years before finally succumbing to it in 2015 at the age of 60. Samantha was the one who broke the news to the world in a series of heart wrenching social media posts.


Charles in Charge

Samantha Fox guest starred in an episode of Charles in Charge titled “Paper Covers Rock.” In the episode, Fox played the role of Samantha Steele, an up and coming rock starlet whose mother is pushing her to be in front of the paparazzi as much as possible. The starlet’s agent forces her into a relationship with Charles (played by Scott Baio). Interestingly, it was Baio who wrote the episode…


Switching wives

Back when Myra Stratton was alive and healthy, Samantha a and Stratton participated in a television show called Celebrity Wife Swap. The object of the show is where the spouses of two celebrities switch places and live with the others’ significant other. The couple swapped places with Freddie Starr and his wife Donna Starr. Freddie Starr is a famous actor, comedian, as well as pop singer. It sure must have been fun.


Getting her out

Samantha Fox is no stranger to reality television, and was featured on the show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. The show is the same premise as survivor, but instead uses all celebrities. There are two camps – a base camp which has purified drinking water, beautiful beds, and the amenities of a hotel room. There is also an Exile camp, which has a log to sit on and no beds. Fox was eliminated after two weeks on the show.



Back in 1998, just four years after coming out as a born again Christian and performing at the largest Christian rock music festival in the United Kingdom, Samantha Fox was pulled over close to her home in North London. According to the article printed in the celebrity news section of the British Broadcasting Corporation, Fox was pulled over in the early hours of the morning and seemed to have been coming from a party.


Discovering her attraction

Samantha Fox believes that she first noticed herself becoming attracted to women after watching The Bionic Woman. She immediately started crushing hard on Lindsay Wagner, just like nearly every single young boy in the world at that time. Samantha just could not seem to get her out of her head. While Fox was 14 years old at the time, it was something that stuck with her until she came out in 2003.


Lets eat!

One of the United Kingdom’s favorite television programs is a show called Come Dine With Me. The show’s premise is that five people are thrown together, and on five different days, each person must host the other four people to a dinner party. Whoever’s party is rated the best wins. She was on the show with Jeff Brazier, Calum Best, and American supermodel Janice Dickinson.


New love

It seems as if Samantha Fox has already gotten over the loss of her first love Myra Stratton. She has been recently spotted with a new woman – a divorced mother of two named Linda Olsen. Olsen is eight years younger than Fox, but the two do not seem to mind very much. Olsen, from Norway, has been dating Fox for nearly a year, and has been helping Fox get over Stratton. The two seem to be very happy together.


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