Why your radiator is so loud according to science

Households regularly have sounds, some of which are inescapable. The high pitched wail of kettle boiling, the pitter patter of small feet on the stairs, and the loud hum of the washing machine in full flow. But, one of the most curious sounds out there has got to be noise the radiator makes. This is a gurgling, groaning-type noise, and has been the subject of mystery for some time.

Now, according to science, there is a reason why your radiator is so loud, and it has nothing to do with Gremlins living inside it! Sudden low-pitched clangs make it sound as though a tiny man with a hammer and chisel is working his way inside your radiator. The noises your radiator makes are unpredictable and annoying, and they can occur at any time of day or night. Here is some of the science behind why this is the case.

The main cause

Well, according to science, it seems as though little drops of water are responsible for this phenomenon. The way radiators work is that the central boiler inside boils water, and this creates steam, which pushes its way through the pipes. It rushes through, pushing the air out of a small valve at the opposite end of the radiator. When there is enough steam, the vent will shut, causing the steam to remain inside.

What happens next?

Well, this is the main cause of how the radiator works, and how it winds up getting hot when it does. But, what is it that happens which leads to the radiator making the noises it does? Well, it seems that this is due to the fact that as the steam cools, the radiator grows warmer. This winds up converting some of the vapor back into water and making it drip down the pipes. But, the vapor can also throw water droplets around inside, which makes a noise. So, that sound you’re hearing is the echoing of water bouncing off the inner walls of the radiator and echoing.

Can anything be done?

Well, the long and short of it is no, unfortunately. Because of the process of how radiators work, and the way science plays a role, it is impossible to prevent these sounds from happening, as they are integral to the process. But, at least you can rest a little easier now, knowing how the noise has been caused, and where it comes from. The next time you hear strange sounds coming from your radiator, you’ll know that it’s really nothing to worry about unduly.

So, now you have some idea of why your radiator keeps making the noises it does. There are so many different scientific reasons behind things we would never have considered. And, it’s important to make sure you get to grips with how your household appliances work. The radiator is something you’re going to be using on a semi-regular basis, and it’s important to understand the way it works, as well as looking at the science behind the noises that often seem to plague us.