These principles will help you be a better friend

Many of us love to hang out with our friends, but what if they don’t feel the same way? Sure, it can be easy to keep the conversation going, but these principles will help you be a better friend in the long run.

Treat everyone kindly

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure that you are becoming the best friend that you can be is to treat everyone else with kindness. While a little joking here and there can be fun, it’s important that your friends know that’s all they are and you mean nothing by it. People probably don’t want to be called named all the time or have their every move analyzed by their friends.

These principles will help you be a better friend

Help build their future

Many of us have a past that comes with us, and it can be a wonderful time to learn all about someone’s story that had turned them into who they are today. However, being a better friend means it’s important to leave the past in the past and instead focus on your friend helping to build their future. Could you support them in their career? Do you have some advice that could take them to the next stage in their life? After all, time only ever moves forward.

Become curious

How much do you really know about your friend? Perhaps you know they work in an office but have no idea what they do from 9 to 5? Maybe you see them in the evenings, but still don’t know what they do with the rest of their time? These can be easy mistakes to make – especially if we fall into the trap of talking about our own lives. Building a friendship is all about being a good talker and a good listener. We should ask questions because we mean them, and want to learn about our friend’s life.

Keep positive

We’ll be honest, not many people want to be someone who spends the majority of their time complaining about work or how much they have to do. Although we can go through rough stags in our lives, our friends are there to remind us why we keep marching forward – not to act as free therapy. The same goes for whenever they come to you with an issue. It’s important to stay positive if you want to be a better friend, and not become Debbie Downer.

These principles will help you be a better friend

Be honest

Honesty is best in most relationships in life. Friendships are no exception. It will probably do nothing less than hurt your friend when they eventually learn the truth, and you may begin to wonder if you really want them as your friend if you don’t want to be honest. It’s best to stay crystal clear from the get-go to avoid any conflict further down the line.

Creating strong friendships doesn’t have to be hard, and following these principles is sure to help you be a better friend – and person all around. Who knows; you might even find more friends thanks to the changes?