A pit bull and her newborn puppies got rescued, then something incredible happened

The saying goes, “Adopt, don’t shop,” and for good reason. It’s always sad when dogs are taken in, only to be thrown out to the streets once owners are tired of them. More often than not, their chances of survival outdoors aren’t very high, since they have no one to care for them and make sure they are warm and well fed. Sadly, this is the fate of many dogs in America, whether they were abandoned by their owners, or they ended up on the street for other reasons. And if they’re pregnant and about to give birth, it gets even more dangerous for them, as well as their newborn puppies. Thankfully, there are some organizations that dedicate themselves to rescue these dogs, and finding them forever homes where they can be safe and loved. They take dogs off the streets, neuter and spay them, give them medical care, and find loving families that are willing to take them.

Hope for Paws is one of these organizations, and when they got called in about a stray pit bull who had given birth in someone’s yard, they came to the rescue. But it’s what happened after saving the mother and her adorable puppies, that really had them worried. Keep reading to get all the details of this incredible rescue story.

A late night phone call

It was late at night when the Hope for Paws organization, based in Los Angeles, California, received a phone call. The caller told them about a stray pit bull who was found in their yard. The dog had just given birth, and the owners of the house were not able to approach or get close to her or the newborn puppies. When stray dogs give birth on the street, the chances of survival for them, as well as for newborns, are often slim – something had to be done fast. The animal rescue organization was called in to take the pit bull and her puppies away, and find them all new homes.

Hope for Paws

Hope for Paws is a non-profit organization that often gets called in regarding stray dogs in Los Angeles. The rescuers take the dogs into care centers and make sure to find them forever homes, to save them from life on the streets and possible death. The team wasn’t a stranger to receiving late night calls either – there was a time they even drove for three and a half hours through a storm, to save a different pit bull in a similar situation. The rescuers knew both these cases were time sensitive, as the pit bull could not stay in these people’s yard, so they rushed to the scene without wasting any time.

The pit bull controversy

The American Pit Bull Terrier is considered one of the most controversial dog breeds out there. As the breed has sadly become associated with illegal dog fighting, it was labeled as an aggressive “bully breed,” and some people even say it should be completely banned from homes. Pit bulls who were left alone to roam free without someone to take care of them might be at bigger risk of becoming aggressive, so it was dangerous for people to try and approach this pit bull without professional help.

Fencing off the area

When the team arrived at the location, they made sure to secure the yard with temporary fencing, so the dogs couldn’t run away. It was a big yard, and they were having a hard time locating the pit bull, as it was scared and kept trying to get away from them. They knew it wouldn’t be an easy task to find and capture the frightened animal, but they weren’t going to give up on her just yet.

In the dark

After fencing in the area, the rescuers tried to locate the pit bull within the large yard. It was very dark, which only made it harder for them to see her. They had to use flashlights to go around the yard and locate the scared pit bull, who kept trying to get away from them. All they needed was to be able to approach the dog slowly and let her know she can trust them not to harm her.

Neighbors’ help

As they rescuers were worried that the frightened pit bull would break through the fence and get away, the neighbors of the home owners volunteered to help. They surrounded the fence and kept it secure, so the dog couldn’t break through. With their help, the team was finally able to corner the dog and very slowly approach her. Once they could get her on a leash, it would be easier to take control of the situation.

A soothing touch

The rescuers carefully approached the pit bull. Being cornered, scared, and wanting to protect her newborn puppies, this dog’s behavior could have been unpredictable and even violent, so they needed to go about it very slowly, in order to keep her calm. Once they managed to get her on a leash, they got closer and stroked her head. You could see that she was longing for the touch of a loving hand, and it relieved her to finally feel she was cared for.

A sad discovery

After calming the pit bull down, the team could now look for the little puppies and take them away. When they got to the puppies, they carefully moved four of them into a blanketed basket. However, they were saddened to discover that one of the puppies, the fifth one, had already died shortly before they arrived. But the rescuers could now finally tend to the pit bull as well as her newborn, and make sure they’d be okay.

Reuniting the mother and pups

The basket of adorable puppies (which is many people’s dream birthday present, by the way) was brought before their awaiting mother to be reunited with her. The team loaded the newborns and their mother onto the car, letting her sniff them to make her feel reassured that they were there with her. They were all now safely evacuated from the yard, and on their way to a veterinary center, where they could finally be cared for.

Care center

Once they arrived at the veterinary care center, the pit bull and her little puppies were bathed, and received treatment against fleas, since they were all infested with them. This adorable little family could finally rest, as they were safe and warm, and free of flees. The mother was also able to nurse her puppies, and everyone was feeling happy. But they didn’t know that, apparently, they were not out of the woods just yet.

Something was wrong

Lexus and her puppies were now safe, so she should have been doing much better now. But after receiving her bath, the pit bull approached one of the rescuers, placed her paw on his lap and began to whine. Something was clearly wrong, and she was trying to turn the rescuer’s attention to it. This worried the staff, as they realized something was hurting the dog, who had just given birth. If something had gone wrong, she could be in danger.


While panting would be normal after giving birth, it was unusual to see the pit bull whining, and she was clearly in pain. The staff then decided to give Lexus an X-ray in order to find out what was causing her to feel that pain, fearing it would be an after birth complication. They performed an X-ray exam on her northern regions as well as her stomach, and saw something they never expected to find.

A foreign object

The X-ray shots of Lexus’ stomach showed a foreign object inside, which was believed to be the source of her pain. As it was small and round, they initially thought it was a quarter that she had picked up off the sidewalk. But then they realized it was actually the cork of a glass bottle, like Coca Cola or something similar. They had to get the metal cork out of her stomach, before it could cause anymore damage.

Taking action

Since Lexus was still nursing her little newborn babies, the worried staff couldn’t perform any operation on her, which is what they would usually do in this type of situation. Instead, they had to try and induce vomiting, hoping the dog would spew out the metal cork and be in the clear. Luckily, the procedure worked and Lexus was able to oust the cork from her digestive system. Thanks to the alertness of the staff, she was finally in the clear.

Naming them

In addition to taking good care of them and, in particular treating the mother for the pain caused by her swallowing a metal bottle cap, the rescuers also decided to name her and her four cute little puppies. They named the mother Lexus, the male babies Beamer and Cooper, and the female puppies Prius and Mercedes. Yes, the adorable dogs were all named after car brands. Naming them was just one more step in the process of finding them homes.

Rescue center

Now that everything was finally okay, the next stop for Lexus and her tiny babies was being moved to The Little Red Dog Rescue, which served as a foster home for them. Three weeks later, the puppies were filmed playing around, looking happy and clean. Now the rescue home needed to find all of them good, loving forever homes, where they could live out the rest of their lives without a care in the world.

Finally adopted

Lexus was thankfully matched with a good forever home, and was adopted. The owner renamed her Lexi, and dedicated a whole Instagram page just for pictures of the beautiful pit bull. She seems to be very happy in her new and loving home, where she can chill out on the couch and go on fun drives with her owners, the Yoons. When they first saw her, they immediately thought she was the perfect match for their home, and so she was.

A show on Fox

A little while after being rescued, Fox held a special televised event dedicated to rescuing dogs. It was called Fox’s Cause For Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular Show, and it featured a variety of celebrities like Channing Tatum, Hilary Swank, Jane Lynch, Kaley Cuoco, Betty White, and Miley Cyrus – to only name a few. Lexus appeared on the show with her proud new owners, and so did two of her puppies – Cooper and Beamer, who found their own forever homes.

Celebrity doggos

The dogs also took plenty of pictures with dog-loving celebrities like Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Julianne Hough, and Josh Duhamel. But looking at these pictures, it is obvious who the real celebrities are – those adorable puppies! On the show, they reunited with their rescuers as well, the good people of Hope for Paws who did everything they could to make sure this family survives (as well as many other rescue dogs who needed their help).

A happy home

It’s amazing to see Lexi so content in her new home, in addition to knowing that two of her puppies have already found loving homes with their own families. It is unknown whether the other puppies have been adopted yet, but we hope they will find a home as happy as Lexi’s, where someone will care for them. In any case, since she was rescued after giving birth in that yard, Lexi has gone from being a terrified dog, to a trusting and joyful bundle of love.

Fear of the breed

Lexi’s story includes a happy ending that many pit bulls sadly do not receive. Despite all the negative stereotypes that this breed (mostly regarding their perceived temper) has to battle, they are actually one of the most sought-after options by potential dog owners. Many pit bulls are found abandoned and brought to shelters with hopes that they will find a suitable host. The stigma held against pit bulls is still strong, however. Are all the myths about pit bulls true? Are they really that dangerous and scary?

The myth of aggression

We’re sure you’ve heard stories of pit bulls attacking people and other dogs. There are so many stories it seems that it’s easy to toss it up to the breed’s nature. It’s just a myth, however, that all pit bulls are just inherently aggressive. In fact, most of pit bulls’ poor behaviors are at the fault of the owners. Many incidents where a pit bull attacks another animal is due to negligent owners who did not take the proper steps to train their pet.

A little TLC

Another myth surrounding those adorable pups is that it’s best not to adopt a pit bull with an unknown history. The truth is that it’s no different than adopting any other dog breed with a mysterious background: while it is sadly true that many pit bulls are abused and neglected by previous owners, and therefore can display fear and hostility at first, with the right training, care and conditioning, experts say that these behaviors can be replaced with a much gentler behavior pattern.

Thanking the nonprofit

Thanks to important organizations such as Hope for Paws, pups like Lexus are able to find nurturing and caring homes. The Los Angeles-based nonprofit works to rescue and revive struggling animals. They look out for, treat them and oftentimes end up saving the most hopeless-seeming cases. They then pair these adorable pets with owners who will truly love and care for them. Without organizations like them, many animals would suffer at the hands of their abusers and tragic circumstances.

The desperate German Shepherd

Many cases brought to Hope for Paws start with a simple phone call. Just last month a neighbor called the organization after they discovered a German Shepherd hiding behind a van for days. The animal was visibly afraid and cried loudly whenever she felt threatened. The poor dog was neglected by a previous owner and left to fend for herself on the streets alone. The organization came to the rescue and began developing the pup’s trust to begin rehabilitating her.

Reaching out

The organization stepped in immediately. They brought over pieces of cheeseburgers for the German Shepherd. Her whimpers got louder and louder as a representative approached with the bag of treats. She was clearly hungry but had been so neglected and afraid she feared to trust this stranger handing out food. She eventually gave in and began nibbling on the meat. Who knows how long it had been since she received a proper meal and necessary nutrients.

Leading a rescue

The hard part for Hope for Paws is securing the scared animal. When pets are left out on the streets they are forced to kick into survival mode. They fear for their safety and often times take refuge in dangerous areas all alone. It was difficult for the organization to secure the German Shepherd. Her whimpers grew louder and louder as the rep approached with a collar. It had been a long time since the animal was able to trust a human being.

Trusting humans again

Loretta the Rep named her Rain. Before leading Rain into the cage to take her back to the headquarters, they introduced her to some friendly faces. It’s important for the organization to foster a loving relationship between the animal and humans. Just like people that get neglected, it takes time and effort to rebuild up their trust in humans. After spending some time with caring people, they brought Rain back to the center to begin her rehabilitation process.

Moving forward

As soon as Rain arrived at the hospital, she was treated to a full spa package. She was bathed and washed thoroughly and even received a massage. It had been ages since the poor dog was cleaned. For two weeks she roamed outside under careful supervision and even interacted with other dogs at the center. She slowly began to trust people again and proved to be quite the cuddly one but saddling up next to the reps and put her head in the lap. She was slowly regaining her spirit.

A happy family

Like many of the animals brought in and rehabilitated by Hope for Paws, we’re happy to report that after two weeks, Rain was adopted! A loving and vetted family named the Dunbars took her in and gave her their love and support. It’s another happy ending for an animal brought in by the heartwarming folks at Hope for Paws. Without organizations like this, many animals would be left scared and on the street. Rain and Lexus were able to receive the needs a dog requires for living a happy and healthy life.