Perfectly timed photos

Pickpocket Fail

Here we see a guy taking advantage of two girls taking a selfie by putting his hand in one of the girl’s purses. Classy one. However, were pretty sure he wasn’t counting on the fact that his face would be smack dab in the middle of this image so the girl could go to the authorities and show them his face for proof and assistance in catching the guy. Karma’s nasty my friend – you should have been smarter about the whole photo thing.



This vet, or vet assistant, just wanted a cute photo with this adorable pup. Since it’s the style these days to take a photo with your tongue out, that’s exactly what she did. Little did she realize that this photo would capture the exact moment the dog would decide to do the same and reach up to lick her tongue! Apart from it being rather unsanitary, this photo takes the cake in the cute overload department!


My Ball!

Oh no you don’t, this is my ball! This poor little boy just wanted to throw the ball for his furry friend to catch, and he sure did, just not at the right time. We’re sure the dog didn’t hurt the kid, but he looks pretty set on grabbing it away from the youngster’s hand. We remember the days our dog had a thing for the tennis ball… it was probably something about the green felt.


Boom Right in the Kisser!

After taking a few moments to laugh at this image, we can tell you that these two horses were clearly not getting along! We have never seen a horse face kick another horse, but this image is proof that it totally happens. What did the poor horse ever do to you? The photographer of this one must have been laughing all the way home.


Time Out

This is the definition of a perfectly timed photo. The basketball coach was just standing in the sideline trying to do his job, minding his own business, when the ball came right to him – his face that is! This image captures the second the ball made contact with the man’s face, indent and all! That’s going to leave a mark for sure. Ouch!


That’s A Stretch

This photo is perfectly timed and placed. This one is also going in the optical illusion category. These two friends were just trying to commemorate their day of fun in the sun when their photo took an interesting turn. The guy behind them isn’t even paying attention to them, but it does look like it’s his hand being stretched out to touch the girl on the right.


Red Head

It’s a bird, it’a a plane, it’s a girl with a ball for a head! This image made us do a double take. Where is her head? Alas, the dancer and gymnast is just super flexible in her neck, pushing it all the way back with the ball between her arms giving the illusion that her head is gone. Although we know that she’s fine, this image is going to haunt us for a bit.


Slip and Slide

In the case of an actually perfectly timed photo, which was taken by mistake for sure, we see this girl doing a dance solo of some sort, but getting a little befuddled and stepping on her dress, leading her to producing an embarrassing moment of slipping and sliding onto the floor. We are hoping that she and the other guests were too drunk to remember the moment exactly, but this photo is forever.



What did this poor guy ask for – a nice relaxing time in his hammock in the sun with what looks like a margarita? Nope, this guy had the hammock break and his drink spill. We also bet it was one of his friends who took this photo as the whole thing happened, from the looks of things it was sheer happenstance that he caught the whole thing falling apart, but it’s still pretty funny.



This couple was on vacation, they also forgot to wear sun block and got ridiculously burnt that day. The reason the guy is screaming? A piece of rope that was in the water at the time was washed up on his back by a wave, right onto the sun burn he was trying to forget about. His wife looks pleased, he looks like he’s in agony. Got to love a perfectly timed selfie.


Dog Days

Whoever took this photo decided it would be cute to capture this dog salivating all over the floor. Upon second look, or first look for us, all we could see was this dog’s head on the human’s body. It’s true what they say, a dog and their owner do indeed start to look alike! In this case it’s all about the black fur and big brown eyes. Perfectly timed photo for sure!


Cloud Location

This photo is showing a statue of an angel at the entrance to a bridge blowing a trumpet of some sort at a memorial in Ottawa, Canada. What makes this photo perfectly timed is the location of the cloud formation in the sky at that very moment. It seems as though the trumpet player isn’t just there for show, but is blowing the cloud out of the trumpet! Looks like a beautiful day wherever this statue is located. We’ll get to Googling the answer, our interest is piqued now!


Watch Out!

There are few words we could use to describe this moment, but we’re going to try anyway. Whoever took this photo managed to capture the exact moment a baseball bat hits the face of a fan in the stands! You can literally see the indentation of the bat hitting his face in this photo, while the rest of the people around him probably screamed, ‘watch out!’ Unfortunately, this guy didn’t duck his head in time! But at least we got one awesome perfectly timed photo out of it.


Pole Dancing

Hey honey, take a photo of me next to this building, would ya?’, is what the guy to the left probably said to get this snap taken. What makes this photo absolute gold is the poor guy to the right of the photo, a poor cyclist running right into a pole. The photo was taken at the exact moment of impact, with the guy still half on his bike and half in the air. At least he was smart enough to wear a helmet! If we were in the car parked right next to the guy having his photo taken, we would quietly drive away… poor guy!



The duck sitting on the quiet water has no idea what’s lurking beneath. The photographer of this photo was obviously there to photograph the shark, but this opportunity to snap the shark preparing to grab the duck is absolutely stunning. The shark doesn’t have facial expressions so he seems almost calm as he is approaching the duck, and although we can’t see the duck’s face, he probably has no idea what about to happen so he is as happy go lucky as ever.



The soldiers in this photo are in perfect formation, crisp uniforms and hats on tight. The only thing off here is that one soldier who just got caught yawning his heart out at the perfectly wrong time, considering the photographer managed to snap the him right in the middle of the act. The soldiers head is not even facing the right direction, along with the rest of the lined up individuals, he is looking slightly off to the side, breaking total ranks.


It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane!

The photographer who took this shot probably wanted to get a photo of the great architecture of this building, but he also got an added bonus of the perfectly timed plane coming into the frame of his photo, adding so much to the image. The building itself is very nicely built, with the rounded internal corners adding a lot of character and depth to the regular buildings structure. The plane atop the photo shows the sheer size of the building and how low the plane was flying.



We’re pretty sure that this photo was taken by sheer happenstance, with the plane being in the exact direction and shape as the famous statue of Jesus atop the mountain in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a really beautiful portrayal of the old and the new, modern technology in the plane alongside the old statue that is the symbol of the Brazilian capital. We wonder what the photographer was thinking when he realized the photo he managed to capture.


Hanging Moon

This photo is such a cool shot. We see a building crane in it’s location for the day, while at that very moment and angle, the moon looks as though it is hanging from the crane itself. The coloring of this image is also very captivating, you can see the top of the mountains bathed in a pink color, while the rest has the blueish tint of twilight. We wonder where this photo was taken, looks like a place we would like to visit.



We bet this woman had no idea what she was doing when she was holding her paper up like that, but man it sure is funny! It’s more than the image on the newspaper alone, but the added effect of the woman holding it in the perfect location, as if she were herself in a bikini top, it’s perfect! Now we have to look at the opposite side of the newspaper when we sit on the train on the way to work, we don’t want to get caught in the same situation!


Hold On!

This bird is just not having it today! The photographer caught the very moment on bird grabbed the feathered tail of his friend, another bird. It’s almost like he was saying to him – ‘hey, where do you think you’re going?’! Considering birds move in an alarmingly fast pace, the fact that the photographer caught this image is truly incredible. Nature has a way of showing up things in a random way, here is the perfect example.



After taking five minutes straight to laugh at this image, we love how perfectly timed it is! We are certain the one guy isn’t getting help picking his nose by the other, but the very illusion that he is, is making this photo totally hilarious. Basketball players always try their hardest in games, loving the win more than anything else, so with all of their effort to score the basket, they got a little closer than they planned to.


Flying Like a Plane

This eagle didn’t know where was he was going! Just kidding! But the eagles location to the white streaks of a plane’s engine couldn’t be more perfect. It seems as though the eagle is creating the streaking with his own speed (which isn’t possible), but the illusion of it is pretty great! The photographer was probably aiming to just get an image of the eagle, but struck gold with a lot more.



The statue looks like it’s trying to catch the plane flying through it. Although this is all a game of angles, the plane is actually flying a lot higher than the statue in the sky above it, and the statue is probably a lot smaller than we think it is in the photo. Either way it is a perfectly timed photo to say the least, and despite not being as funny as some can be, it is very artistic.


Flying Carpet

This is more of an optical illusion than anything else, but it in fact is a perfectly timed photo. While it seems the women is on a flying carpet, the illusion comes from the flag pole that isn’t in the frame that is the same size as the board, tricking the eye into thinking it is seeing the board float. It’s a combination of a bunch of different elements coming together to form one perfectly timed image.


Ab Cat

This cat wishes he had abs like the Abercrombie and Fitch model on the shopping bag! Wouldn’t we all? the ginger cat seems very comfortable in the bag, popping his head out exactly at the spot where the models head is cut off and the top of the cats is showing, it’s all just too cute if you ask us.


Hey, You!

This a moment of brilliant advertising! This guy waiting for a train has no idea what image is in front of him, let alone the fact that if you stand behind him at the right angle, you will great this very image. The giant hand pointing at the poor guy waiting for the train. Kind of reminds us of god and man in the Sistine Chapel ceiling!



This mannequin is being a little offensive if you ask us! This saleswomen had no idea what it looked like to the person taking this picture. The poor woman was just trying to unpack the merchandise that the store got, like the good employee that she is. The mannequin’s position seems as though it was posed that way, was someone playing a practical joke on this saleslady?


Optical Illusion

How are both of these women wearing the sash? Well, they aren’t. If you look closely this image is actually deceiving. The woman in the middle is the one being picked up, while the girl on the right is sort of bending to the right, making it look like she is the one being picked up. All of this is perfectly timed and color coordinated, otherwise this would just be another picture of three friends.


Crushing It

This pigeon has no idea where he stepped on to. The image is perfectly timed and located; the stature seems to almost come alive as we thought for a moment that the bird was going to get crushed under the hammer that the statue is yielding. Alas, the pigeon has no idea where had has landed and what it looks like to the person walking by.


Heads Up

Another pigeon making a scene. This photo was taken the moment the pigeon landed on this guys head, he didn’t have time to react yet, although that would have been an even funnier image to snap. At this point in the photo the guy looks perfectly calm and so does the bird, perhaps we can coexist without thinking one another is riddled with disease?


Hungry Hungry Cat

This is one of the best pictures we have ever seen in the perfectly timed photos category! The poor cat has no idea we caught him stealing some food, but making it all better with the placement of his body and that of the cats face on the bag of food. The entire scene is one to behold! If we were to catch our cat this way we would also take a photo first and yell later.


Ice Cream Bandit

Did you take my ice cream? – that’s what it looks like this guy is saying with his eyes as he stares at this bird after picking up an ice cream cone with what looks like strawberry ice cream inside. Hey, the seagull also needs to eat! We hope this guy got over seeing the seagull in this state of disarray.



Hey we are all open minded and everything but the timing and placement of this image is PERFECTION. These two football players are probably talking to each other about something to do with the game, but it can also be interpreted as a rather intimate conversation due to their body language. What also isn’t helping? The other player’s name on the back of his jersey. That is just perfect.


Get In My Belly!

This perfectly timed image captured the moment a bear is eating his delicious lunch. The fish here looks like he is willingly jumping into the mouth of the bear, figuring it’s only a matter of time before one bear or another will grab him for a snack. We’re sure the bear is all too happy about his easy meal, it’s usually a whole hunting ordeal!


Look Ma No Hands!

Basketball player, Dennis Rodman, is the focus of this image. Here we see him trying to catch the ball in the middle of the game, but he did so in a manner that was all but flying! The image captured him almost entirely straight in the middle of the air, flying towards the ball. If we didn’t know any better we would have thought he could fly!


Mustache You To Stop

This wrestling match just got a whole lot funnier thanks to one of the men’s tattoos of a mustache on his forearm. Between the one guy’s eyes and the others tattoo, it look as though they are completing each other. The guy who took this photo must have been very pleased with himself, we sure would be. We wonder who won the match though…


Wrestle Tango

These two wrestlers look like they are in the middle of a tango than anything else. We are sure they were very focused in their match and didn’t realize that it looked like they were holding hands. The completely calm look on their face and sweat-less bodies was also a contributing factor to how funny this image looks. Hey, no judgment here!



This baseball player looks like he A. is about to get totally hurt by the guys foot below him, and B. going to smash the rest of his players by jumping on top of the victory pile. Either way the timing of this photo couldn’t have been more wonderful, although we do wish we could have seen the aftermath of the photo!



This lizard just caught himself some serious lunch! The photographer who snapped this one must have been very pleased with himself, as the tongue of this lizard moves faster than most things in nature. The poor bug didn’t stand a chance against his lizard hunter. Nature has a very interesting and complex way of working itself out, and here we get to see one way it does so.