NYPD rescues couple’s lost ring

An English couple has a reason to smile after an engagement ring that fell into a New York City grate was recovered.

Proposal gone awry

The joy of having his girlfriend of 10 years accepting his marriage proposal was dimmed when John Brennan’s new fiancée, Daniella Anthony, lost her engagement ring. Brennan proposed to his girlfriend on the tenth anniversary of their first date at Central Park. After getting a much desired “Yes,” the couple happily went on a stroll through Times Square. That’s when the fateful ring slipped right off Anthony’s finger and into a sidewalk grate.

According to Anthony, she had already warned Brennan that the ring was too big. In his excitement, Brennan didn’t put much thought to that. To him, he was just so excited that they had taken a step towards forever. He had managed to put the ring on her finger and he had no intention of taking it off.

Perfect timing

Brennan had evidently put a lot of thought into making sure that the proposal was well timed. The ring remained in his pocket for two days as he waited for the perfect opportunity to pop the question. He found his chance at Central Park. This was when he felt the time was right, with autumn leaves everywhere and few people around.

His perfect timing suffered a blow however when the accident with the ring happened on the way back to their hotel.
“I can still visualize the ring,” recalls Brennan. “Bouncing once… bouncing twice and then it was gone.”

Failed retrieval

After the ring rolled into the vent, the couple put their efforts into getting it back. For the next two hours, they tried whatever they could, even getting help from some passersby. It was after many failed retrieval attempts that they gave up and decided to just let it go. They resolved to forget about the incident and enjoy the rest of their weekend. They later took a flight back home to Peterborough, Cambridge, while Anthony’s ring remained in the vent in Times Square.

Twitter to the rescue

After getting wind of the incident, the New York City Police Department came to the rescue. They successfully retrieved the ring and cleaned it. Unfortunately, they could not track the couple. It was then that they turned to their Twitter account. They posted security footage of the couple trying to get the ring from the grate, and asked their followers to help.

Several thousand retweets later, the post had gone so viral that it eventually reached someone closer to the couple. It was this friend that contacted Brennan and Anthony and asked them to check the video posted by the NYPD. To their surprise, the ring that they had lost all hope on had been found. Anthony was quoted as saying that it was an unbelievable surprise. They were, of course, very happy that it had been found. The couple expressed gratitude to the NYPD and everyone else who shared their footage on the media.

Case closed

The Police Department went back to their Twitter account to announce that their search had been successful, and that the case was now closed.