The New York locations that every “Friends” fan has to visit

Over the years Friends has given us an incredible number of memorable moments. No one can ever forget the ‘PIVOT!’ fandango, or the question of whether she got off the plane, but one thing is for sure, we love and miss it every single day still! So sit back, relive the memories, and enjoy the one where we discuss must see places.

The one with the museum

While not directly shown in the television series, the American Museum of Natural History is the place where Ross worked for all those years as a paleontologist! Hopefully, there won’t be any added extras in the exhibits this time, but there are plenty of dinosaurs to enjoy here. Not only that, but there is the fantastic space section too, just please leave all juice cartons outside the auditorium. Plus if you listen carefully you might still be able to hear the faint echoes that resemble something about a sandwich.

The one with the apartment building

Unfortunately, the actual recording of the inside was all done in California – boo! But while in the city you can see the outside of the building they all lived in. Those opening shots to the guitars would show the apartments from many different angles, and if you head on down to the corner of Bedford Street and Grove Street then you can too get your chance to snap your own views of the iconic corner building.

The New York locations that every “Friends” fan has to visit

The one where we go to Bloomingdale’s

The store saw Rachel’s fashion career blossom after her *ahem* successful waitressing career. We can’t promise there will be your very own Josh walking around, but there is certainly plenty of shopping to do! Plus you can get your own backstage tour if you go for a personal shopper, and can see just what it’s really like back there. Several of the chains have now opened in the city, but the original is the biggest and, in our opinion, the most important one to visit!

The one with Pulitzer fountain

Before we get you too excited, this is not the real fountain used in the opening theme of the song, but it is about as close as you can get! Some people say that this is the inspiration for the show, and they could well be right due to its location. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend jumping in the water, but feel free to recreate your own version of the dance! With I’ll Be There For You at full volume, take no shame in getting down and throwing some shapes as the chance to enjoy the fountain sinks in.

The one where we go to the theatre

Remember back in the days before Dr. Drake Ramoray when Joey was seen acting on the stage? Well, that wasn’t a fake location, and the theatre still exists to date! There may not be any dramas ending in alien abduction, but there are certainly some excellent ones, such as ‘The Money Shot.’ We’re sure you’ll be more able to stay awake without the addition of Sigmund Freud or the incomprehensible version of Macbeth, but let’s face it, it will never be the same without the loveable Tribbiani!

The New York locations that every “Friends” fan has to visit

2002 still was a devastating year for any Friends fan, and even though the show was filmed across the country, we can always bring the show to life our own way. Although it’s hard, please try to hold it together and bring only happy memories. Do excuse us as we go and cry quietly at the finale once more…