How much coffee is too much?

A cup of Joe, java, go juice – whatever you want to call it – coffee can be the wake up we need to get the wheels in motion. Mornings are tough. Is it really so bad that we need a coffee to help us get out of bed? Well, that all depends on how much you’re drinking. So how much coffee is too much?

How caffeine works

Many of us grab that morning cup of coffee to wake up, but why does it help us to feel more ready for the day? Caffeine. The chemical works by tricking our brains as it blocks the receptors that pick up when we are tired. So caffeine doesn’t give us more energy – it just helps us block out how tired we really are. As a bonus, caffeine also causes blood vessels in our brains to constrict. This can relieve headaches and is why a lot of medication contains caffeine. The more you know.

How much coffee is too much?

Why do we drink coffee?

There can be many reasons we drink coffee every day. It could be to try and counteract all the lost hours of sleep from the night before. However, many people find themselves stuck in a circle. The coffee helps wake people up only to find it hard to fall asleep in the evening. Ah. On the other hand, many drink coffee socially. It can be easy to order that fancy coffee and sit with your friends, but do you really like the taste?

Signs of too much caffeine

Have no fear; your body will be there to tell you when you have had too much caffeine. There are a whole host of symptoms, but some of the most obvious are migraines or headaches, restlessness, fast heartbeat, and muscle tremors. Some people are more affected than others. However, drinking too much caffeine in one day could also produce these symptoms. So how much is too much after all?

How much coffee is too much?

How much coffee is too much?

Many drinks contain traces of caffeine, but on the subject of coffee, there is an answer you should be drinking. Four cups. Yup, anything more than 400 milligrams is said to be too much caffeine, which is the equivalent of four cups of coffee. This is also about the same as two energy shot drinks or 10 cans of cola. If you have less than four cups a day, then chances are you’re safe. However, it could be time to cut down if you find yourself constantly reaching for your next cup.

How much coffee is too much?

Cut down on caffeine

Perhaps you have realized how much caffeine you are drinking and are worried about the effects? Not to worry, there are plenty of ways you can cut down on caffeine intake. It is important to cut back on caffeine gradually, or your body may go through withdrawal symptoms. Plus, opting for decaf options instead can give you the same great taste without the caffeine. To top it off, checking medication packets could cut down your intake as some have hidden caffeine.

There is nothing wrong with those cups of coffee throughout the day – especially if they are keeping you going. But that doesn’t mean we should be having too much of the good stuff. Life is all about moderation, and sadly that means keeping tabs on our coffee intake too.