A mother’s adopted son repays her after 27 years

Love is an amazing thing and can be used as an incredibly powerful force. It can help people overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and it gives people hope in difficult times. Even when everything looks dark, the love we have for important people in our lives can help us get through hard times.

Bonding with Jordan

Ingeborg McIntosh is an incredible woman. She hosted more than 120 foster children in her home in Phoenix Arizona. While she and her husband cared for so many children who came from difficult backgrounds, one child in particular made a lasting effect on the McIntoshs. Ingeborg describes the first times she met Jordan as “Love at first sight” after he was placed in her arms as a baby. The two created a special bond.


Caring for children

After looking after so many kids in the foster care system, Ingeborg was still able to create a bond with the children she cared for and viewed all of them as special. While Ingeborg was able to bond with all of her foster children, she felt an especially strong connection with Jordan as she had raised him since he was a newborn baby. Jordan was like one of her own kids.


Fighting to keep him

Little did Ingeborg know how much their bond would mean to her 27 years later. Ingeborg fostered little Jordan since he was born and she eventually decided that she wanted to adopt him. She ultimately decided that it was best for Jordan to live with her and her family after no other family would take him in. However, Ingeborg and her family had to fight hard to keep Jordan.


His biological mother

When they were searching out families to adopt Jordan Ingeborg said that Jordan’s biological mother wanted him, “to go into an African American home or a biracial home.” His biological mother could not be persuaded otherwise and as a result, Ingeborg and her husband were struggling to find a family that would take him in. But Ingeborg knew what she had to do in order to give her foster child a loving family.

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Adopting Jordan

After four years of searching for a home, Ingeborg finally convinced Jordan’s biological mother that Jordan should be adopted by Ingeborg herself. There were no other homes available that were willing to take Jordan in and the MacIntoshs officially adopted Jordan when he was 4 years-old. Jordan finally had a family to call his own and Ingeborg was very excited. Ingeborg had raised Jordan since birth and it felt right she should adopt him as her own.


Part of the family

Jordan became a McIntosh and was raised by Ingeborg along with her other children. She did not differentiate between him and her other kids and viewed him as her own. Ingeborg said in an interview, “I mean he was a part of the family no matter what.” Little did Ingeborg know that the child she adopted would end up saving her life nearly three decades later.

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She raised him as her own

Jordan flourished in the McIntosh family and was as much a part of the family as any of the family members. Ingeborg was very certain that her decision to adopt Jordan was the right thing to do. She raised Jordan as if he were her biological child and valued the time that she spent with him. It is clear that Jordan felt the same way after he made a huge sacrifice for his mother later in his life.

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Happy family

While they had challenges like any other family, the McIntoshs were a very happy family and Jordan was a well received addition to their family. However, after a visit to the doctor, Ingeborg received some difficult news that were change her life forever. The news ended up changing Jordan’s life too. But what was the news that Ingeborg’s doctor gave to her?

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Receiving the news

Unfortunately, Ingeborg became sick and was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. This is genetic disorder in which a part of the kidneys become structurally abnormal which results in the growth of cysts in the kidneys. Some of the symptoms include the enlargement of the kidneys and kidney stones. There are no current treatments to help the disease and it can lead to kidney failure.

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Going behind her back

Ingeborg’s condition rapidly declined and she knew that she needed a kidney transplant. Finding a match for a kidney transplant can be extremely difficult and the surgery is not always successful. Jordan was heartbroken at seeing his mother suffer and he knew he had to act quickly. Jordan went behind his mother’s back in order to try and save her life. But what did he do in order to help his mother?

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Donating his kidney

Jordan went to get tested to see if he was a match in order to donate a kidney to his mother. While his mother’s condition was worsening, Jordan got the news from the doctors that he was indeed a match and that he could donate his kidney to save his mother. But Ingeborg did not like the idea at first and did not want her beloved son to shorten his own life to lengthen hers.

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Finding a match

When Ingeborg first found out about her disease and that she was in need of a kidney transplant, she and her family were at a loss as they were unsure if they would find a match. She thought she would have to wait on a kidney transplant waiting list until a match was found. She had no idea what her son was up to and that he went without telling her to get tested to see if he would be a suitable match.

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His life’s calling

Jordan said of his courageous act, “I felt like this was my calling in life, I guess. Hopefully I can do more for her as I get older, but as of right now it’s the least I could do.” Jordan knew that his mother had sacrificed so much for him and he felt that saving her life was a way he could repay her for all of the kindness that she showed him.

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Ingeborg was upset

But Ingeborg was not so thrilled with the idea of her son donating his kidney. She said, “And I kept telling him up until almost the time of the surgery, I said, ‘you can still back out’ and he says, ‘no mom, I want to do this for you’”. Jordan continued to explained to his mother, “You took me in and now I want to do this for you.” Ingeborg eventually relented and let Jordan go through with the surgery.

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Strong relationship

Jordan’s sacrifice for his mother was more than any parent could have ever hoped for. It proved how close Ingeborg was to her son and how Ingeborg raised Jordan as her own. Jordan’s love for his mother was so strong that he made a life changing sacrifice for her and he did it without any hesitation. Ingeborg said of Jordan, “I can’t ask for a better son.”

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A selfless act

Both Jordan and his mother were nervous before the surgery but Ingeborg was calmed by knowing how special her son was and what a selfless thing he was doing for her. The McIntosh family was very happy to find out that the surgery was a complete success and that there were no complications. Jordan had saved his mother’s life and she was very grateful to him. Ingeborg’s health improved greatly thanks the the kindness of her son.


He wanted to give back

Jordan said that after his mother fought for four years to keep him as her child he felt like it was his turn to return the favor. It is clear that Jordan loves his mother very much and he became emotional when his was interviewed about the story. He could not hold back the tears when he said, “Everything she’s done for me since I was a kid, I just wanted to give it back to her.”

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Saving his mother’s life

Jordan and Ingeborg’s story of just how far a family member will go to save the life of another family member. Their heartwarming story has impacted people across the country as they recognize the sacrifice that Jordan made for his mother. Jordan said of donating his kidney that he wanted to show his mother, “How much I appreciate her.” We think that Jordan accomplished his wish by going through with this very noble act.

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Pay it forward

Jordan and Ingeborg are now coming forward with their story because they think that the public can gain a lesson from what they went through. Jordan wants people to know that it is never too late for a person to ‘pay it forward’ and do a kind act for someone who did something kind for them. Jordan’s act of kindness ended up saving his mother’s life.

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Good deeds pay off

Jordan wants people to know that if you do a good deed, it will come back to help you in the future. He said, “It might not be immediately, or 27 years down the line but you know, something is going to come your way.” A powerful message to remind all of us what a difference kindness can make in the lives of the people around us.

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An unbreakable bond

Ingeborg clearly did an incredible job of raising her adopted son and is proof that you do not need to be the biological parent of a child to love them as much as you would love your own children. Despite all of the ups and downs, this story has a happy ending due to the strong connection between a loving mother and her son.