These monkeys gathered around a well, what rangers found inside was staggering

Life is an amazing thing, and that doesn’t only go for human life. Nature is filled with all kinds of animals and species, who inhabit the wild parts of the earth. Each and every one of us, humans as well as animals, have our own set of behaviors and instincts that help us survive through life. It’s easier for us, since we don’t live out in the wild anymore. We’ve built ourselves homes and facilities, we have air-conditioning to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and we have industries manufacturing food. But animals are forced to survive out in the wild.

Whether you’re a small and meek animal, or a large, strong, and menacing animal – surviving isn’t easy. Sometimes you can come across things that aren’t expected. This is precisely what happened one day, in a Rajasthan forest in western India. A troop of monkeys came across something unusual when they noticed a well with something strange inside. They immediately called out for help, and the people who were passing by took notice and came to help. This story could have ended much differently if those monkeys weren’t around, so no doubt they were at the right place at the right time. Continue reading to see what they found down the well, and how it all ended.

A strange happening

Many things can happen in the woods, with wild animals running around and inhabiting the environment. But this truly incredible story takes place in a Rajasthan forest in western India. When a troop of monkeys spotted something strange in the middle of the woods, they knew it was an unusual thing. And it’s lucky that these monkeys happened to be there when they were, or this story could have taken a turn for the worse. And when people noticed the monkeys acting strange around a well, they soon realized there was something inside that well that had no business being there. But they never expected to find what they did.

Monkey’s intuition

Sometimes animals can have really good intuition about things happening around them. A dog can sometimes sense when something is wrong with their owner, when they’re sad or not feeling well. Monkeys usually love playing jumping around, and it’s pretty incredible that these monkeys were able to notice the situation they just happened upon. When they looked inside the well, they noticed something in there. And sure enough, they knew something had to be wrong. These animals were intelligent enough to realize that what they saw down there wasn’t something you’d usually see at the bottom of a well, and they were clever enough to know that it meant trouble.

Sitting on the well

These monkeys, knowing something isn’t right, decided to take action and alert this bad situation to whoever could help. They gathered around the well, with some of them sitting on top of it and chattering. They were making a lot of noise, so that someone walking by would take notice and perhaps take a look inside the well to see what was in there. And sure enough, the action they took managed to catch someone’s attention.

People nearby

Some people walking nearby heard the monkeys chattering around the well. While it’s not uncommon for monkeys to chatter, make noise, and jump around, it was odd that they all seemed to be gathered around this well. Some of them were even looking inside, hinting the people that they should take a look as well. The people, who immediately noticed the monkeys’ very strange behavior, looked inside the well. And that’s when they saw it.

Inside the well

They could hardly see in the darkness of the well, but they finally spotted something – they saw a pair of eyes. Inside the well was a leopard, who seemed to be stuck at the bottom of the well and crying for help. The monkeys, who saw the leopard at the bottom of the well realized it was stuck, and immediately called for help. It was a lucky chance that these people were passing by just when they did.

Treading water

But that wasn’t the only problem. This poor leopard was not only stuck at the bottom of the well. The well wasn’t dry, but it was filled with water. Which means the leopard was sunk into the water. If it had been any deeper, it could have drowned. If no one noticed it was there, and there had been rain, it could’ve drowned. It was struggling to stay afloat and needed these people’s help getting out.

How it ended up there

It was a strange thing to see, no doubt. Imagine walking through a forest and spotting an animal stuck inside a well. It’s not only sad, but it makes you wonder how this animal got stuck there in the first place. Well, there’s a simple answer to that. This leopard was probably trying to catch its next meal. One of the forest rangers said it’s possible that this leopard fell inside at night, while trying to follow its prey.

Calling on the experts

The people who arrived at the scene knew they needed to do something, and fast. They wanted to get this leopard out of the well safely, but they weren’t really equipped to do something like that. Luckily, there are forest rangers who know how to handle these kinds of complicated predicaments. The people hurried to call upon these rangers, asking them to come and help them bring the leopard out of that water filled well.

Talking like humans

Monkeys actually have a very complex way of communicating to each other vocally. When they chatter, they are actually having conversations with each other, much like us humans do. While they don’t seem to have an actual language, the timing is very similar to the conversations people have. And luckily, it’s a way of communicating that can also be picked up by humans, otherwise the people arriving at the scene may not have realized what’s happening.

Forest officials

Soon enough, the forest officials got to the scene as well. While everyone else was shocked to see the leopard stuck inside the well, these guys were used to seeing such sights out in the woods. It wasn’t the first time that a leopard, or some other kind of animal, had made its way into the bottom of a well. But they still needed to figure out what was the best way to help this leopard out.

Protecting leopards

Like any animal in the wild safaris, it’s important to protect leopards and ensure their survival as a species. These animals may be dangerous to humans and other animals alike, but every being has a purpose in nature. For example, leopards in India have shown to mostly hunt wild dogs. But as unfortunate as it is, it also saves human lives in India. Since a lot of these stray dogs (and India has many of them) are infected with rabies, this actually caused fewer people to catch the desease.

Using a ladder

The forest officials decided to use a ladder. They brought it down to the bottom of the well, and tried to get the frightened leopard to come up. However, as it was scared of all the commotion, it didn’t want to come up. It might be hard to believe, since it’s one of the most fearsome animals in the world, but leopards can sometimes be as scared of humans as we are scared of them.

Everyone was watching

In the meantime, a crowd was forming around the well. In these kinds of situations, it’s very common for people to get curious about what’s happening and gather around to see what happens next. They were all holding their breaths in anticipation of the poor animal to be released. We’re pretty sure if we happened upon a similar situation, we’d be curious too. But the crowd was part of the reason it was too scared to come up.

Not the first time

This wasn’t the first case where a leopard was rescued from the bottom of a well. Not long ago, another leopard was find inside a well in Madhya Prades, India, in the Satpura Tiger Reserve. It was overheard by a villager, who heard it grunting and splashing around and called for help. This leopard was rescued using a ladder, as the people around watched in amazement. Other cases have also been documented, and thankfully most of them ended happily.

Finally out

The locals then cleared the area around the well, in order the allow the leopard to feel comfortable enough to leave the well. They stood on a high ground nearby and waited. And that’s when the leopard, who saw his way was clear, finally climbed up and came out of the well. Everyone cheered as the beautiful animal was finally released and our of harm’s way. But they were also holding their breaths to see what happened next.

Out of harm’s way

Everyone watched as the leopard came out of the well, after about an hour of trying to get it out. And while people were happy and cheering, they also hoped no one would get hurt. But when the scared leopard came out of the well, it simply ran off into the jungle, without harming anyone. “As soon as it came out of the well it ran towards the jungle. It didn’t attack any villager or domestic animal in the village,” a forest ranger said.

Running away

Despite the animal darting into the forest and not intending to do harm to anyone, the locals spotted something amidst all what was happening. A dog was spotted running away in panic just as the leopard was released, trying to avoid meeting with this menacing wild animal. However, the leopard didn’t even take notice of the scared dog. It simply ran free and was probably just as frightened as everyone else, and the dog, had been.


Taking videos

These days, it’s so easy to document things that happen around us. While we once had to carry around large cameras just to take a simple picture, these days we can simply take out our phones. We’re ready to snap a picture or video anything we think is worth it – and the crowd around the well definitely thought this was a moment worth capturing. Dozens of people were holding up their phones, hoping to get a video of the leopard coming out.


Going viral

And indeed, the whole situation was caught on video by everyone who was lucky enough to witness the amazing event. It was actually lucky that this story was captured by cameras. Some stories are far too good to just tell other people. What happened here was far too tremendous to be put to words. You’d have to see it in your own eyes to understand how truly remarkable it was. And soon enough, the video spread all around the internet, getting comments and shares from amazed people.

An act of kindness

This story is a perfect example of how sometimes incredible things can happen in nature. Monkeys should be very afraid of leopards, as leopards are much stronger and might harm them if they spotted them in the woods. But when these monkeys saw a leopard that needed help, they made sure people would take notice of the situation and rescue the poor animal. It was a small act of kindness happening in nature, and it was truly touching.

Monkeys and leopards

It’s thankful that the monkeys who saw the leopard made a fuss, to let everyone know it was inside the well. They could’ve just as easily run away from the scene, as they know a leopard could be extremely dangerous to them. Leopards hunt monkeys all the time, and the little furry creatures are certainly no match for the menacing big cats. But these monkeys didn’t run away. They alerted the people nearby of the situation they had witnessed, and thanks to that – the leopard was saved.

Living with animals

People in India are probably no strangers to these kinds of situations. They’re used to living with different animals around them, like monkeys, elephants, and even cows and bulls. They are accustomed to being around all kinds of living creatures, walking around on their streets and inside shops. But what happened here was unique and heartwarming to the people who witnessed it – these monkeys helped save the leopard’s life. And that’s something people always love to see.



Once in a lifetime moment

The people around weren’t just excited, they were exhilarated to watch the moment when the leopard finally climbed out of the well and ran into the wild. And it’s no wonder they were all taking pictures and videos of the moment. It is truly a once in a lifetime happening. If we came across such a case, of a leopard being rescued by a bunch of monkeys – we would definitely capture the unbelievable moment with our phones.

A happy ending

The story of what happened to this leopard is genuinely a feel-good story. It has a happy ending for all sides, as the leopard was safely removed from the well. It wasn’t harmed, nor did it harm anyone else. But things could have turned out much differently for this poor animal. The monkeys that were around acted on instinct and saved the leopard. If they hadn’t been around, its fate might have turned out quite differently, so it’s lucky they were there. Thankfully, things turned out for the best.