Meet Hygge: the Danish art of getting cozy

Living in the 21st century is not always an easy task. The world is moving and changing in the speed of light, and many people are having a hard time to adjust to the hectic lifestyle of our modern age. Seeking different approaches to life, more and more of us around the world are pursuing happiness in different ways and forms.
Through the constant exploring of different cultures for answers, many of them are getting acquainted with the Danish term “Hygge” as suitable option for an alternative lifestyle.

Meet Hygge: the Danish art of getting cozy

Coziness is bliss

“Hygge” (pronounced Hoo-Ga) means “Wellbeing” in Danish and Norwegian and could be translated also as “cozy” of “Comfort” (Some even say that it is related to the English word “hug”). Although it’s hard to define this culture by a single world, Hygge basically means creating your own warm, relaxing atmosphere and enjoying the good and simple things in life with good

Meet Hygge: the Danish art of getting cozy

Then and now

Hygge was Originated in Denmark in the 19th century (although originally coined around the 16th century), and has been a part of their unique way of life for hundreds of years.

Originally, many of the key elements are related to nordic culture and climate. As a result of the long and dark winters, Danes would relax in their comfortable home, wearing warm clothes, socks and blankets. In many cases, They will be sitting around with a group of friends, eating pastries and chocolate and drinking together in front of the fireplace. Others will be reading, or just singing together songs from their folk repertoire.

Today however, Hygge could be also interpreted to modern times and to be applied to different countries. You can just sit at home in your pajamas, drink hot coco under the blanket and watch your favorite show with your best friends.

In the last year and a half, Hygge has became a growing trend all around the globe, prompting several best-seller books and high profile articles on famous magazines and newspapers. It was even shortlisted to be the word of the year in 2016, following the term “Brexit”.

Deeper philosophy

While breaking it down even further, Hygge is all about finding meaning and joy in our lives, even in the small and mundane things. Furthermore, it is built around a sense of belonging to a community, and is aiming to achieve strong relationships with your family and friends.

Denmark is often ranked as the #1 happiest country in the world among her fellow nordic states, despite their cold and harsh winters. Now, the rest of world is ready to embrace the secrets of Scandinavia regarding a happy and fulfilling life.

Meet Hygge: the Danish art of getting cozy