Man receives a huge surprise when he gets woken up at 3am

Life for Kevin D’Agostino has never been easy. He’s had cystic fibrosis since birth, and the complications it’s caused have seen him return to the hospital time and time again. The struggles he’s faced with his lungs have been particularly horrendous, to the point that he was in dire need of a transplant. However, Kevin forgot all about his years of suffering when he was awoken early one morning with the surprise of his life.

Wake up call

At first, D’Agostino had absolutely no idea what his parents were doing when they woke him up that morning. It was the early hours, and by all accounts everyone should have been asleep. However, his whole family was standing around his bed with beaming smiles and an unshakeable sense of anticipation. Whatever they wanted to tell him, it had to be exciting, although Kevin had no idea just how much. He soon would, though.

In for a surprise

When his parents told him the big news, they didn’t get a response. Not at first, anyway. It took Kevin a few seconds to register what they were saying before it hit him hard – he was getting a new set of lungs. The doctors had been in touch to let D’Agostino’s family know their son was next on the list, and they were ready to do a transplant. Understandably, the family couldn’t wait to let Kevin know, and his reaction was priceless.

Best news ever

It was clear the man couldn’t believe his luck as the news finally sunk in. He was expecting someone to take it back and reveal they were joking, but no-one did. His parents just stood there and assured him that the operation was happening while he watched them wide-eyed and amazed. The pain he experienced on a regular basis was about to get a little easier to deal with. The transplant wouldn’t cure his cystic fibrosis, but it would improve his quality of life immensely.

Sooner rather than later

Even after his parents had hugged him and assured Kevin they were telling the truth, the man was still in disbelief. He’d thought he was low down on the waiting list for a transplant, but apparently not. In fact, he was so high up that his surgery was mere hours away. The operation was scheduled for that morning; news that once again blew D’Agonstino’s mind. He had no idea what was going on, but he was over the moon.

A complete success

As planned, Kevin went under the knife later that day for his much-awaited transplant. After spending eight hours on the table, D’Agostino was finally wheeled out to the news that the procedure had been a success. It would take some time to recover and adjust to the new lungs, but at least everything had gone to plan. Kevin couldn’t have asked for more.

Kevin’s life has gotten so much better since the operation. He never realized how good it feels to breathe before, and he’s insanely grateful to the donor who’s lungs he received. Sadly, they’ll never know just how much their posthumous gift changed one person’s life.