Inside The Most Amazing Airliners In The World

Sure, luxury is in the eye of the beholder especially when traveling, however, these airlines don’t leave any doubt that they have the whole concept of flying in style figured out. While airports can a lot of times provide some of the worst experiences for many passengers with luggage getting lost and flights being delayed, we can assure you that the upper class passengers who are lucky enough to fly these airlines get an entirely different picture. From state of the art amenities and lavish accessories to a five star service at 30,000 feet high, check in to see the world’s most luxurious airlines.

Cathay Pacific Airways

When you think of luxury in the air, Cathay Pacific definitely deliver that image in the most prestigious way. It’s First Class service is considered one of the best on the world, if not the best and combine it with the top notch amenities on board, you get a true five star experience. Your own private cabin will be accessorized with state of the art features including a pair of your very own PJ’s! Your seat turns full bed where you can watch movies and relax in front of your personal TV while you take a bite of a gourmet dish. Sounds like a dream!


Emirates Airlines

If you’re a big Sex and the City fan then you must remember that scene where the girls flew to Abu Dhabi (First Class of course) each in her own private and super luxurious cabin. Well the scene was shot on an Emirates Airline plane and it sure lives up to reality. You’ll enjoy all the privacy that you need in your own private suite with enough space to sleep tight, a personal television, a personal bar and more. If you feel like you need some extra pampering you can relax at their on board spa.


British Airways

Flying with British Airways will make you feel like the Queen (or a king) not only with their afternoon tea that will be offered 30,000 feet off the ground, but also with their other First Class services such as their spa treatments and the comfortable workspaces. British Airways definitely understand the need for traveling in style and in the most comfortable way when traveling on a business trip. It’s very noticeable how they put thought into every single thing to make it more and more elegant.


Korean Air

Korean Air are redefining comfort with their top notch spacey First Class pods. The plane’s Kosmo Suites have a sliding door to secure privacy. Each pod includes an HD monitor, incredible space for those travelers on a business trip, and all of that without feeling like you’re cramped when your neighbor is almost 7 feet away from you. In terms of the food that is offered, it’s a fusion of Japanese, Chinese, Western and traditional Korean cuisine so anyone could enjoy something that suits their taste buds.


Qatar Airways

The fine experience of flying with Qatar Airways starts when you visit their enormous business lounge that will provide you with amenities from the Armani house. Its actually one of six airlines that has ever received the ‘5 Star Airline’ in Asia. Each private and large seat comes with an LCD screen and offers all the entertainment in the world. While the toilets are not of the largest size, they are still equipped perfectly.


Virgin Atlantic

With their on board bars, massages and in flight spa, the upper passengers of Virgin Atlantic can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. Its also their special lighting and artistic touches that make the flying experience a more unique one. Spacey beds that are converted from leather seats, dimmed lights, in flight internet, excellent crew that offers a top notch service and fairly attractive fares, and special ambiance are only some of the reasons why Virgin Atlantic is on the list.


Garuda Indonesia

The luxury experience with Grauda Indonesia Airlines begins even before you hop on your flight. They offer a true 5-star service from the ground to the sky with a First Class limousine service on the day of the flight that will pick you up from your doorstep. Then you can relax and refresh yourself at the prestigious lounge where you will later be escorted by a personal butler to the aircraft! As soon as you get on the plane and take a sit at your first class cabin, you can truly forget about the world outside with their elegant ergonomic seats, personal touch screens, luxurious amenity kits and fine dining. On top of that, Garuda won Skytrax’ ‘The World’s Best Cabin Crew’ in 2015.


Swiss International Airlines

The Swiss are known for their impeccable and uncompromising service and it’s definitely a whole lot more that and anding out great chocolate. If one chooses to fly with Swiss International Airlines on their next trip, they could actually pre order dessert, champagne or wine that will await them as soon as they get on the flight. Their reputation of being courteous and efficient is present on board and it gets even better when it’s combined with top notch features.



The flag carrier of Australia, is first and foremost unique for it being the biggest airline that runs the longest distance flights. It’s not only recognized internationally, but domestically alone it operates flight to over 54 destinations. If you’re already traveling so far, you might as well do it in style, and with Qantas you can definitely do that. Each pod accommodates a sheepskin mattress, state of the art headphones, a huge entertainment system and a delightful gastronomic menu. You can even enjoy a private two person dinner with a Sommeliers in the Sky.


Air China

It might not have the luxurious sense that you feel when you step in as other airlines do, but it does put a lot of emphasis on comfort. The business class cabins are huge and as opposed to others in other airlines, they consist of one private cabin passengers will receive cozy pajamas and exclusive amenity kits. The adventure for the upper class passengers starts when they can actually have a limousine that will transport them around the airport. Nice.


American Airlines

You can hardly go wrong with American Airlines, so flying their First Class definitely means you’ll get the best pampering you can ask for. If you’re traveling for business purposes, you can enjoy the perfect spaces to hold meetings and when it’s time to go to sleep and relax, your seat will fold down and become a bed. Some of the features that are found are individual laptop spots, extra legroom, six-way adjustable leather headrest and ergonomic seat controls.


Thai Airways

They sure know what it means to have good service in Thailand, and that’s why their sky service is no different. If you choose to travel their First Class section, you will be treated with champagne and caviar in your own private cabin. There’s no wonder that Thai Airways has been on the top of the list for most luxurious airlines in the world for years now. Their kind crew will make you feel the most relaxed and comfortable, without having the need to be too flashy.


Air Canada

The Canadian airline has really stepped it up when it comes to their First Class amenities. Their private pods will offer the travelers the perfect comfort. On top of that, passengers can enjoy an on board neck and back massages, for a more relaxing flight. Each pod, or cabin comes with a private touch screen TV, noise-cancelling headphones (which can be crucial during flights), personal power supply for the electronic devices and more. You will basically land when you’re feeling rejuvenated and happier than ever.


Asiana Airlines

32 inch televisions for every passenger?! Yes, that’s what you’ll get if you’ll fly First Class with Asiana Airlines. The South Korean airline really took the meaning of luxury meets entertainment to a whole new level. In addition, the airline chefs have joined forces with some of the top restaurants in South Korea and they combined an amazing culinary experience that includes local delicacies, traditional courses, top quality wines that were personally selected and even an environment friendly coffee.


Air France

Known for their fine cuisine and flawless fashion, the French airline definitely incorporated everything they know about the high life on their plane. A private recliner with a personal TV and numerous entertainment options to choose from (over 1,000 hours of shows and movies in 12 languages), a sleep over kit and slippers are some of the luxurious amenities you could find on board. If Sir France was a restaurant, they would hands down receive 4 Michelin stars.


Air New Zealand

If their airline is even half as pretty as the Island itself than it’s already worth the flight. New Zealand might be one of the furthest destinations to decided to embark on a journey to, but it’s without a doubt worth the trip. Air New Zealand boasts a business class that has everything upper class travelers will appreciate but with a twist. If you feel like cuddling with your travel partner, you could do that with their revolutionary foldable seats. An ottoman footrest is also available as well as 22 inch leather armchairs for maximum comfort.


Air Seychelles

The archipelago of islands already has the reputation of being associated with the high life and the rich and famous. Seychelles pretty much screams ‘luxury’ with its top notch hotels and resorts and gorgeous white sand beaches. If you’re already spending so much money on your stay, you might as well travel in the most luxurious way with flat reclining seats, built in massage functions, personal TV that offers on – demand entertainment and amazing amenity kits for those traveling overnight.


Jet Blue Mint Class

Jet Blue Mint Class has really redefined what it means to be a premium traveler. Although it’s only available for a limited number of flights and destinations, the airline did not compromise on comfort and taste. The food is in fact one of the best that are served in the sky. Everything is freshly prepared and they even partnered with some of the most renowned restaurateur to compile a delicious menu. You will have your food served while you enjoy some of the most comfortable seats that an airline has to offer with personal massage features.



Lufthansa, the biggest airline in Europe is all about the small details and making its customers feel VIP and as comfortable as possible with paying attention to all the smallest of details. Their First Classers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment options, gourmet cuisine, elegant but cozy beds and that’s just in the sky. Their ground services will make you feel like a king before takeoff with their top notch first class lounges, first class limousine service and your own private first class terminal!


Singapore Airlines

If you ever visited Singapore you know that the Island itself is pretty much synonymous with prestigiousness, therefore it’s no surprise that Singapore’s flagship airline is nothing short of incredible.Their private suites are decked in wood and leather finishes, an all-inclusive entertainment system with a 23 Inch LCD TV, noise canceling headsets, oversized leather chairs, and a customized gourmet menu paired with the finest alcohol that you can pre book before the flight. It’s a personalized pampering experience in the skies.


Etihad Airways

Ethiad Airways are probably the one airline that really pushes the limits when it comes to luxury flying, in the most positive way. Their ‘Residence’ cabin is everything you can dream of as it’s like your home in the sky, your very upscale home. It has a double bed with fine Egyptian – cotton sheets, a living room, an en suite bathroom, your own private butler and chef. Ethiad Airways took the concept of fancy hospitality to a whole new level. Sure, it’s not really affordable, but if you’ll ever have an extra $30,000, then you should definitely pay a visit to the finest commercial aircraft in the world.