Why we love The Lord of the Rings so much

If you’re a millennial, you obviously grew up watching The Lord of the Rings. Of course, this isn’t to say that LOTR is anything new. The original novel was authored by the great J.R.R. Tolkien in the 1930s and there were radio/movie adaptations of the novels in the 50s and the 70s.

However, it was Peter Jackson’s rendering of the whole saga that really put the entire franchise on the movie map. The trilogy consists of three long films, with an incredible cast and the best special effects that were available at the time. Everyone wanted to be a part of the Fellowship of the Ring, joining the main characters on their journey to save Middle Earth from the evil Sauron. The films truly had a positive impact on nearly every single person who watched it. There’s a reason why it went on to win several awards and create a cult following.

In fact, that’s what we are here for – to take a look at why LOTR is so special to us.

Why we love The Lord of the Rings so much

Good triumphs over evil

We all love movies where good triumphs over evil. It just makes us feel warm and hopeful inside. Now, you could argue that there are several movies out there that depict this, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, LOTR is one of the few movies where we see the struggles and the sacrifices that good people have to make in order to root out evil and bring peace to the world.

It also shows us how people aren’t born heroes and they have to work through their fears to do what’s right. Remember Frodo Baggins? Well, he wasn’t exactly the bravest hobbit in Middle Earth. It took him a lot to overcome his fears and he eventually did!

LOTR also teaches us the value of teamwork and the importance of setting differences aside towards a common goal. We have a mish-mash of unique characters and races that come together to save the world; hobbits, elves, wizards, dwarves and even mankind!

Strong female characters

No many works of fiction, especially from the 1930s, highlight women in strong roles. This is another brilliant reason why LOTR stands out. We have characters like Galadriel and Arwen – powerful Elvish woman ready to take on evil. Then, there’s also Eowyn of Rohan, who is just as bold and beautiful.

But what makes these female characters even more admirable is that they boast positive feminine qualities, which makes them stand out from their male counterparts. Arwen is a compassionate woman while Galadriel is depicted as a calm and composed character who only speaks when it is necessary. Eowyn is the radical, ready to break the silly rules of men.

Why we love The Lord of the Rings so much


Who can forget the friendship between Frodo and Sam? It’s probably one of the most beautiful relationships to be depicted on the big screen. Sam is there with Frodo every step of the way, literally through thick and thin.

Samwise Gamgee is the friend we all wish we had, and the friend we all should aim to be.