You have to look twice at these photos, before you get what’s going on

Look carefully at these photos, you’ll be so confused and satisfied when you see it.

The human race has been documenting his life, ever since he first wrote on caves as a neandertal in the dawn of history. Since the invention of photography by the french inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in the middle of the nineteenth century, it quickly became one of the useful tools for mankind while also having a massive impact on modern society. As technology evolved, photography has been serving as a time capsule for many of our moments in life, cherishable memories, Journalism or even just art.

Today, many consider it to be a bridge between the ‘soft’ science of humanities and exact science such as Biology, physics and medicine. Photographs are able to grasp many aspects of the real world, while many others claim they can also capture many things that are beyond time and reality. Even though our world had progressed into the age of science, there are still many things today that we still cannot fully understand. In time, many communities online all around the world began discussing the real nature of those pictures, and they often link them as a proof of an afterlife, government conspiracy, unresolved mystery or uncharted territories of nature yet to be revealed. At first glance, these pictures may look like many other regular photos that were gathered from the internet. However, do not be mistaken!

All of these photos hold an unexpected secret, hidden within them. Here are some strange photos that will make you look twice (and sometimes even more) before you could really understand what is happening in them. Many of us always wondered what is the real story behind them. Are these some kinds of optical illusions? Ghosts visiting from the past? Or it just men of flesh and blood? Look at these photos and see if you can unravel their mystery.

A group photo

This photo, which shows a group of Irish girls was taken in Belfast in 1900. While they are sitting in front of the camera, someone else has joined them for the picture. Could not find him? Try looking at the girl who’s sitting on the far right. It seems that there’s a disembodied hand touching on her right shoulder. The picture was first published in a newspaper in Belfast as part of an article until one of the readers wrote them about the mysterious hand.


A secret passenger

Upon looking at this strange photo, it will take you a few minutes to realize what is wrong with it. While many viewers will immediately check the vehicle’s doors, lights or its sides, only those with a keen eye for details and sharp perception will manage to find it. Did you manage to see the little boy on the top of the vehicle? How did he get there? It took us a while to see it.


A rescue mission

Although the photo is pretty blurry, you cannot miss what is going on in there. While the bride considered her wedding to be the best day of her life, her soon-to-be husband has been having a second thought about the subject. It is not sure if he was joking, or if he actually tried to send an S.O.S to his friends while kneeling before the priest in this critical moment. Someone should get him out.


Optical illusion

The father who took this photo of his wife and child on the beach was shocked to see an un proportional man in the back of the picture. While everyone was surprised from the photo in the first few seconds, you’ll then realize that he had caught this optical illusion just in time. The woman stretched her hands up to her feet, causing the torso of a man in front of her to seem like her own.


The movement

There isn’t anything more annoying than a deliberate sabotage of a personal photo. This group of beautiful girls enjoyed together at the beach and decided to pose together spontaneous in their bathing suits. They raised their hands, while unknowingly to them, an unidentified swimmer in the background photobombed their picture by performing the exact same hand gesture. Luckily for him, the cameraman did not notice him and he managed to miraculously fit in the picture.


The grimm

We do not know if the person who photographed these college students during class noticed it or not, as we also found this thing by mistake. If you haven’t figured it out yet, try to look above the student with the laptop and you’ll see it. A black dog is sitting next among the students, possibly on his own chair. We hope that it is not the Grim from Harry Potter, looking for his next victim.


Above my head

When this girl took her selfie after swimming at the beach, she didn’t imagine that it would get viral for the wrong reasons. In a surprising turn of events, her ponytail was pointed down, being almost invisible, while suddenly a passenger was walking nearby. She then took the photo, not noticing that he passed near her in perfect timing, causing his head to appear like her ponytail. She now has a bun from a man bun.


Dancing on my own

We all know that in many cases, school dances could be a terrible experience. Sometimes the girl you wanted to go with was already asked out, while in other cases she is just not interested in you. Maybe you are just too shy to ask or don’t want to go with anyone. You should love yourself, and there are some people who are brave enough to go by themselves and show their love to the world.


The hidden truth

This guy took a picture of himself in the mirror, wearing a nice, fancy jacket. He looked straight at the camera, looking confident and professional. While many of us look at pictures every single day, it is rare to find the real truth behind them. In that case, he felt more comfortable of posing without his pants but forgot to consider his environment. If you missed it, you can see his full behind visible from the mirror in the closet.


An uninvited guest

While this nice, quiet family sat down for dinner together, they left an empty seat at the table. Unbeknownst to them, someone else decided to join the party. Not sure who are we talking about? Try looking at the reflection behind the young boy. It’s Seems like they have an uninvited guest at the dining table. Could this some kind of a friendly family ghost that was sent to watch over them? We will probably never know.


Sick of pictures

This children’s’ hockey team decided to gather around for a team photo with their coach and managers. While everyone seems happy and cheerful, one of the young players probably didn’t feel so good. Whereas everyone was saying “cheese” to the camera, this young kid on the North-West corner was throwing up his cheese all over his clothes. We wonder what happened a few seconds after the picture was taken.



The lovely young girl decided to pose for the camera and to show her tattoos to her boyfriend. When she took her selfie, she accidentally caught an interesting revelation on her bathroom mirror. As it turns out, her cute little dog was thirsty and figured out that the toilet will be a good place to drink from. While the dog thought he managed to catch her off guard, she surprised him right in the act. Busted!


Hold your hand

But the look of it, It is freezing cold when this picture was taken. This his cute little girl is trying to make herself warm near the clothing stand, while her mother his seating beside her. Both of them did not notice that there’s someone else hiding behind the girl, holding her. It seems that the photo was taken a few seconds before she found out about the entity behind her, and we hope that she is fine.



The saying “your home is your castle” is not always true. Sometimes, it could be invaded by Bathrooms could be very scary sometimes. In this case, it is true. This beautiful redhead took a selfie of herself in front of the camera. As she was busy with herself, it turned out that she wasn’t alone. Someone was waiting for her in the bathtub, looking from behind the curtain. You can see his creepy eye looking from within.


Afternoon delight

The cameraman decided to take a spontaneous picture of these young women during a yearly harvest festival. While he managed to catch them smiling on the camera, he didn’t notice the funny scene that took place in the corner. Only later, he realized that he was photobombed by the young girl in the picture. She didn’t even notice the girls posing for the picture, as she was just enjoying on her own with the corn alone.


Scary movie

This woman decided to perform an experiment in photography and took a cool photo of her reflection through her boyfriend’s riding glasses. What started as an innocent picture became a creepy incident as unfortunately the girl also caught a disturbing figure on camera, standing next to them. The figure is a ghost called ‘Slender Man’, which is known to haunt many people around the world. Do you think that they were able to get away from him?


Where’s Waldo?

Everything seems to be perfect in that picture – The bride, the groom, his handsome best men and the beautiful scenery outside. It was only revealed later to them that there was another person in the photo, stalking them behind a tree in the background. You’ll find him in the right corner of the picture, dressed in a sweater and a hat. At first, they joked about but later began frightened by this modern Waldo’s haunting. Who is this guy?


On a break

This gorgeous couple decided to have their photo taken at a break during a tennis match. While they surely documented their happy moment, there is something more in the picture. Did you manage to find the twist? Take a few seconds and try to spot it in the photo. If you cannot find it on their left or on the right, try looking between the two of them. You’ll find a small peek-a-boo which is actually their son, who is terribly shy and refrains from appearing on any kind of photos.


Owl nation

Finding this eerie bird gazing at you in the middle of a forest could be very frightening to a traveler. Whoever took this photograph had an amazing sense courage to face the owl without any fear of being attacked. In addition to that, he managed to catch a one-time moment as you’ll see that there’s another bird, lurking in the woods. It is unknown if he was there by chance, or if he planned to attack.


Hand in hand

Many people could have look at this family commercial for a winter sale in the newspaper, and would not find the glitch in a million years. However, some of us could spot them more easily than others. If you’ll examine the fleece-clothed perfect family, you’ll find that the father has too many hands going around. While he has one hand hugging his daughter and the other one besides his body, he also has another hand that hugs his wife.


Someone at the door

This photo was originally taken in order to preserve a beautiful moment in time. The picture shows a stunningly handmade festival wreath, that was hung on one of the doors in the neighborhood during one of the holidays. The photographer didn’t saw the real surprise in the photo, as there’s a man from inside the house, looking at the camera from the glass in the door. We are still unsure if he came to the door by mistake or deliberately forced himself into the picture.



These adorable teenagers gathered around for a joint photograph, after one of them won a gold medal at a competition. As it turned out, another good friend of them who were not invited decided to attend the event anyway. As they got their mutual picture taken, their friends decided to suddenly show uninvited. If you’ll observe carefully, you’ll find her between her two friends, peeking creepingly to the camera. Her look can give you the chills!


She floats

This family snapshot shows a woman in her house, after coming back from a visit to the store. At a first sight, everything seems ordinary in that picture. However, after a second look, things become a little creepier. It seems that the woman in the photograph is floating in the air, and has no legs at all. There were many debates regarding this picture if she is a ghost or not, but unfortunately, we don’t have any more information about her.


The last seconds

Although she looks extremely calm and happy in the picture, this young lady and the crowd behind her has no knowledge of what she is about to experience. Although it is hard to notice at first glance, you’ll find it disguised quite perfectly in her hair. Only the photographer managed to catch the terrifying moment before she will find out that a poisonous spider wandered on her head, waiting to attack her in any given moment.


Devil in disguise

A lobster, a mad hatter and a guy who was dressed as a lion, were photographed together during a costume party. While these three friends posed to the camera and showed off their costumes, they had no idea that someone was watching them the entire time. It is hard to find him at first, but once you spot the person dressed a plant to their right, lurking in the shadows, you cannot ignore him.


Hansel and Gretel

Here is a regular picture of an all-American family. Everyone is smiling and all is peaceful and quiet in their home. Are you sure? look again. This photo is very disturbing upon realizing the truth. Have you noticed the two children that are locked in the cage, back in the left corner of the living room? Things for this family should be very quiet now. Someone could easily portray them as a modern Hansel and Gretel.


House of horrors

When this girl took the photo, you can see that she looked seriously troubled, as there is something going on. Upon first glance, many will think it is due to the strange person that is standing in front of the wall. However, the true reason is even more disturbing. Try looking on the floor next to the girl. There is a young boy, lying on the floor. We don’t know what happened to him, but something is definitely not right in that house.


Ghost from the past

A longtime member of the Reddit site had found this old picture of his grandparents in his mother’s basement. While it portrays them as a young couple with swimsuits lying on the grass, he soon found out that there is an extra hand in the picture, holding his grandfather’s arm. This scary photo frightened the grandson, who claims that there was someone else, hiding behind his grandfather on that moment. You could not but wonder – who is it?


All-seeing eye

This black-and-white photo seems innocent at first sight. However, after a few seconds, it becomes a little disturbing. This young girl is in her room, posing with a peace sign for the camera. Like every good horror movie, she unfortunately forgot to check under the blanket. While she took the pictures, someone was already hiding in her room, waiting for her. The stalker looked at the camera, who caught him from under the blanket. Who is he?



Welcome home

After being away from home for 3 weeks, this husband decided to take a photo of his loving wife in their bed. This picture changed his life forever while making headlines all over the internet. Can you see what’s wrong here? If not, try looking in the corner of the bed; There is a man hiding under there. According to various sources, the husband surprised his wife while her lover visited her. Who thought he could hide from him. After seeing this picture, he filed for divorce.