Why do we like nostalgic movies

Hollywood is a weird and wonderful world, and we are graced with countless new movies every single year. Yet, no matter how far technology pushes itself, we can’t seem to take ourselves away from old movies that we grew up watching. We scroll through Netflix every single night, but in the end we choose something that we’ve already watched. There’s something about this nostalgia that outweighs special effects and 3D scenes, but what is it about nostalgic movies that make us love them so much? Why do they have such a big effect on our lives? Well, this is why.

Why do we like nostalgic movies

They make decisions easier to make

Because there are so many new movies coming out every year, we have no idea whether we’re going to enjoy them, or whether we’re going to turn them off after ten minutes. You take a risk when you put on a new movie, which is something you don’t have to do when you choose a nostalgic movie you’ve already seen. You know what you’re in for, and you know what’s going to happen. This takes the pressure off your decision-making skills.

We feel like we belong

The world has been graced with some awesome movies in the past, and some of these have come in the form of series’. We’ve had numerous movies to watch, and the whole sequence has kept us entertained for years. By associating with this nostalgic movies – say, in the form of a Potterhead or a Trekkie – you feel as though you belong to something. These nostalgic movies, coupled up with modern technology and social media, means that you can join groups and fan clubs of those who share your love.

They can help when you feel not so good

For many years, those who experience nostalgia were deemed as being depressed – but it seems as though it may be the other way around. Focusing on the past and watching movies that have made us happy in the past have been shown to counteract loneliness. As if that wasn’t enough, nostalgia and nostalgic movies also help you to improve your personal relationships and help you stay positive for the future. Who would have thought it?!

Why do we like nostalgic movies

They help us to de-stress

Let’s be honest; adult life sucks. We have bills to pay, we have work to be completed, and we have responsibilities to uphold. It’s pretty darn stressful. Because we didn’t have all of this stress when we were younger, we associate our favorite childhood movies with happiness and prosperity. This is why nostalgic movies can help us de-stress, because they take us back to those days. What could be better than that?

Now we are able to watch nostalgic movies at the push of a button. This is great for those who love these old films, because they get the chance to take themselves back in time and focus on time’s that may have been better. If they were better before, why can’t they be better again? It’s all about staying positive.