Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party was filled with her exes

Jennifer Aniston has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars of the past 20 years. Thanks to her breakout role as Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends she was one of the most popular actresses during the ‘90s. It’s hard to talk about Aniston and ignore her beauty, and the A-list partners she’s attracted over the years. Earlier this year she turned 50, and while that can be a scary milestone for many, she chose to have a lot of fun.

Aniston threw a giant bash filled with her celebrity friends and a sprinkling of former lovers. The party was one to avoid for people who struggle to see their exes as there were plenty of them around. It wasn’t only Aniston, however, as her guests were also bumping into their past partners left, right, and center. Here’s what went down and Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday bash.

Age is just a number

Just by looking at Jennifer Aniston it might amaze you to learn she is now in her 50s. To celebrate reaching the milestone she brought together a bunch of her closest Hollywood friends. The timeless superstar has recently been seen on our screen in the Netflix comedy film Dumplin’ portraying a former beauty queen.

She is still best-known for playing Rachel in Friends, who wasn’t always that lucky in love. Like her fictional counterpart, Aniston hasn’t had the smoothest ride in her love life which means there are plenty of exes in her past. Instead of making enemies, however, Aniston invited most of them to celebrate her birthday!

Hollywood’s power couple

Aniston’s first big Hollywood love was with the heartthrob Brad Pitt. They both rose to the top of the A-list, helped by their marriage to each other in 2000. It seemed as though they had the perfect relationship and nobody could see how this could possibly ever come to an end. They were both charming and beautiful.

Hollywood was preparing itself for two of it’s biggest stars to start a golden-haired family together and make perfect humans. Unfortunately, the relationship wasn’t meant to last forever, and the couple separated in 2005. It seemed as though one half of this duo hadn’t been entirely faithful and a divide in Hollywood was created following their break up.

Team Jennifer or Angelina

If Brad Pitt was going to cheat on Jennifer Aniston, he was going to have to look high and low to find someone as desirable. Luckily for him, he was cast to star in a movie against another Hollywood icon, Angelina Jolie. The pair starred against each other in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and the chemistry was too hot to ignore between the two.

That movie set was where Angelina and Brad found love for each other, forcing Jennifer to be left behind. The press was obsessed with generating heat between the two actresses but neither publicly said much about the other. Despite the evident heartbreak from the affair, Aniston welcomed Pitt with open arms to her 50th birthday.

Rekindling the romance?

Pitt and Jolie were not meant to last either, and despite getting married in 2014, they separated in 2016. This led to rumors of Aniston and Pitt getting back together after the former lovers were spotted together shortly after Brad’s separation from Jolie. Both denied the rumors, and after some time passed, it seemed clear they were not together once again.

Still, after being extended an invite to her A-list bash, Pitt found his way to the party to wish his good friend a happy birthday. It looks as though the pair will always have a soft spot in their hearts for each other and are likely to be friends for life.

John Mayer swings by

Another of Jen’s exes to pass by during her 50th birthday party is musician John Mayer. The pair were dating during the ‘00s but have been separated for many years.

There is clearly no feelings of animosity between them any longer as Mayer was welcomed to the party with open arms. Mayer put the break up down to different chemistry between himself and Aniston, but it all belongs in the past as he helped his former lover celebrate.

Not all exes came by

Aniston’s most recent ex chose to stay away from the party. Instead, Justin Theroux decided to wish his former partner a happy birthday through social media. He wished the “fiercely funny” actress all the best and signed off his post with a “love you.”

While there are no signs the pair are set to get back together, they must have felt as though the wounds were too raw to reunite at the party. Instead, Theroux was spotted on a guys’ night in New York with Liev Schreiber and Oscar Isaac.

Party rules

It was clear that there was just one rule at Aniston’s 50th birthday, no social media. This rule was followed by all the guest except two, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Hudson posted a picture of the three on social media, but Katy Perry called them out, reminding them there was meant to be no social media.

Luckily, Kate Hudson had got special permission from Aniston herself to allow the photos to appear online, otherwise, she might not have made it to the next bash.

Where it all went wrong

Jennifer Aniston looked to have put her relationship troubles in the past when she tied the knot with Justin Theroux in 2015. The couple had been dating for a while and felt as though they were going to spend their lives together.

Unfortunately, after just two years, they split. They made a joint announcement on their social media accounts, wishing for their privacy but added their decision was made lovingly. The couple were looking to maintain their cherished friendship and felt that was more important than a romantic relationship.

Pregnancy pressure

The actress has often had speculation surrounding her pregnancy status. For years the media have been speculating if she was ever with child during her relationships, but Aniston has her own view on pregnancy.

Any time she spends single, she is thought of as lonely and childless, but the truth is Aniston has never been sold on the idea of having kids. She told Elle that the idea of having children is “kind of frightening” so that maybe explains why she hasn’t had any.

Failed marriages

When asked about her two failed marriages, Aniston has her view. Instead of feeling empty inside, like many suggested she did, the Friends actress had another thought. She said she felt no void and believes both of her marriages were successes.

Aniston believes her marriages came to an end as both parties made a choice to be happy and that meant no longer staying married to her former partners. She doesn’t believe in staying with someone for the sake of it, and if it doesn’t make them both happy, then they should separate.

Pressure on women

Aniston said there is a lot of pressure on women to become mothers. She believes that maybe she wasn’t put on this earth to have children, but maybe her purpose is something different.

Aniston said that being a mother and a wife comes naturally to some women, but she doubted how naturally they came to her. She told InStyle that this outlook on life has led to some unfair criticism of her and her choices.

Refusing to have a baby

Her choice not to have a baby has led to some claiming she is the reason why her relationships break up so often. “Jen can’t keep a man” is something that struck a chord with her. She later released a statement on Huffington Post addressing the world and media for their persistent obsession with her lack of children.

Aniston said she was not pregnant, but fed up of constant media pressure. Her media treatment was a reflection of how women were viewed in general by measuring them against a “warped” sense of beauty.

Media obsession with her partners

Jennifer Aniston is one of the biggest stars in the world. Despite the fact she might not enjoy the attention she gets, that’s unfortunately what comes with the level of fame she has.

She believes that tabloid newspapers are like comics, they are stories that are not to be taken seriously but more like a soap opera. That soap opera provides a distraction for people from their own lives by following the fortunes of the rich and famous celebrity love lives.

Party of exes for the guests

Perhaps Brad Pitt could have been forgiven for being a little apprehensive about heading to Aniston’s party. Not only was he meeting with his ex-wife from years back, but another former partner of his was having a blast at the party too.

Gwyneth Paltrow was engaged to Pitt during the ‘90s but the two never tied the knot. Orlando Bloom was also having to face an ex, as Katy Perry was invited to the party as well as the British actor.

How does she stay so young?

Regardless of how she feels about the media focus on her looks, she cannot deny she looks incredible for someone her age. Aniston confesses there is no real secret behind how youthful she stays other than eating right and getting some exercise.

She said she began to focus on what she was putting into her body at a young age. Aniston was told by an agent she wouldn’t get roles because she was “too chubby.” That forced her to stop eating fries with gravy and washing them down with a delicious milkshake.

The roles keep coming

Although her biggest role was as Rachel in Friends, thanks to her superstardom there have been plenty of acting roles for Aniston over the years. She is such a draw that she has been the lead actress in several comedy movies during her career including We Are the Millers, The Bounty Hunter, and Picture Perfect.

Aniston showed she’s not always the nice girl when she made cameo appearances in Horrible Bosses and its sequels in the past few years.

A lover not a fighter

Aniston claims that both of her marriages ended because she and her partners chose happiness over anything else. It seems that she is able to bury the hatchet with former lovers and maybe that’s something we could all learn for our own relationships.

When rumors of Aniston and Pitt getting back together surfaced a close source admitted that was unlikely. The former couple loves and respects each other but are totally aware of the fact their marriage broke down in a serious way.

The DJ

Another person in attendance at Jennifer Aniston’s birthday party that had people talking was the DJ. Ryan Anthony Robinson, also known as DJ Prince, is just 17 years old, but was asked to DJ the biggest birthday party of the year.

Someone from Jen’s team contacted him and flew him to LA, but DJ Prince didn’t even know who the party was for until just two days before the event. He kept everyone dancing all night, and even got to dance with Jen herself!


In addition to ex-husbands, Jennifer Aniston’s ex-costars from Friends came to show her some love. Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, who are also close friends of Jen’s, were at the party, but the male Friends stars were nowhere to be seen.

This isn’t the first time that the boys were left out – they weren’t invited to Jen’s wedding to Justin Theroux back in 2015 either. It doesn’t seem like there’s any bad blood though. It seems Jen is just closer with the ladies.

And their exes

While Jennifer Aniston was reuniting with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, Courtney Cox also came face to face with her ex-husband at the party. David Arquette came to celebrate Jen’s birthday, giving us yet another pair of exes who celebrated together.

Cox and Arquette split in 2010, and have both moved on since the relationship. They also have a teenage daughter together named Coco, and have been supportive co-parents despite their divorce. So they probably weren’t too thrown off when they both showed up at the party.

The gifts

Of course, when anyone has a birthday party, it’s traditional to bring a gift. When the guests are the richest and most famous stars in Hollywood, we can only guess that the gifts must have been pretty fantastic.

An inside source said that most of the guests had presents delivered to Jennifer Aniston’s home before the big birthday bash. Apparently, even Brad Pitt sent his ex-wife a secret birthday present before he attended her party. We wonder what it could be!

Brad’s other famous ex

There were so many exes in attendance that it’s hard to keep track of them all. In fact, Brad Pitt had to face three of his exes!

In addition to Gwyneth Paltrow and of course Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore was at the party. According to rumors, Brad and Demi dated briefly back in 1998. It can’t have been easy for him to walk into a party full of so many women he had relationships with. That kind of thing takes a lot of guts.

Brad’s regrets

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split after five years of marriage, Brad got a lot of heat for the way that he handled the break-up of the “it couple.”

Now, however, he is reportedly expressing regret about the way that he dealt with the situation. He even was said to have asked Jen for forgiveness a while back, and she gave it to him. Perhaps that’s why things are looking so civil between the two exes.

No special attention

Even though Jennifer Aniston was reportedly very happy that Brad Pitt showed up at her birthday extravaganza, guests said that she didn’t give her ex-husband any special attention.

Apparently she debated inviting him before she sent him his invitation, but she was ultimately happy that he showed up. She greeted Brad with a hug, and they chatted a bit, but then she went off to spend time with the many other guests. It makes sense, since there were so many people that she loves at the party.

Not in touch

Everyone is making a pretty big deal about the fact that Brad Pitt showed up at Jennifer Aniston’s birthday party, but it doesn’t seem to mean that they are growing closer.

According to a source, the pair send each other the occasional text message but that’s about it. They don’t talk or meet up very often, but they still wish each other well when they have something big going on in their lives. It sounds like a pretty healthy way to behave with your ex.