Harry reacts playfully when a little boy pulls Meghan’s hair on their Ireland trip

The Royal Family may not be the most public group of people in the world, but they are often seen out and about, and they are pretty much treated as celebrities. This private family does interact with the public quite frequently as they perform their Royal duties. For instance, Prince Harry and his new wife, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, did a tour through Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji recently – right after announcing the news that Meghan had fallen pregnant. They were met with great excitement, lots of gifts, and crowds of local people in each place they went while on this trip.

Before this, however, in the summer of 2018, the two lovebirds were merely newlyweds and they traveled a little bit closer to home than their later overseas trip. Meghan and Harry went to Dublin and while on their visit, they went to Croke Park and, you guessed it, were met with crowds of excited people. One little boy seemed to be much more excited than the others, though. In fact, he could not stop touching Meghan’s hair and it was cute, until it wasn’t anymore. Thankfully, Harry was there to step in and deal with the situation.

Whirlwind romance

It doesn’t seem real that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married all the way back in May 2018. It seems like just yesterday, he was announcing that the two were together. But since that wonderful announcement, the two have gone through a whirlwind romance where they’ve gotten engaged, married, and are now expecting their first child together in Spring 2019.

It sure has been a magical year for this Royal couple. Everyone is waiting to see what happens next. We do all love to stop and cherish the adorable moments, too – like when a little boy could just not stop touching Meghan’s hair in Ireland.

First international trip

It seemed like immediately after getting married, Meghan began her Royal and family duties as if she were a natural. About two months after the two tied the knot, the newly weds were already preparing for Meghan’s first international trip as a member of the Royal Family. This visit was to be in Ireland, Dublin to be exact, in July 2018.

Obviously, as she has been since everyone found out the couple was dating, Meghan was the subject of everyone’s attention. They couldn’t wait to see how this trip to Dublin would go for the new Duchess. They waited patiently as she and her prince got ready to head over to Ireland.

Ireland visit

While in Ireland for their trip, the couple went to Croke Park, a giant soccer field which is home to the Gaelic Athletic Association. They also got a tour of the arena and field while they were there. Obviously, people knew of their visit before hand, so upon their arrival there were crowds of cheering men and women, but mostly children, greeting them.

This is where our story begins, with one little boy who seemed to be a bit more excited than all of the other people around him. He proved to be a true Royal fan and practically demanded the Duchess’ attention. He just did not want her to look away from him

The boy in question

The little boy we are talking about is the adorable Walter, a local three-year-old who appeared to be in awe of Meghan Markle. She had been wearing her hair sleeked back in a bun before, but decided to let her royal locks down upon arriving to the sporting arena.

Little Walter was not only fascinated by Meghan, but he appeared to love her hair. He would show this multiple times, but Harry saw it as a bit of an invasion of privacy, so he knew he needed to step in and save his new wife. But anyone who knows anything about Harry will know that he is not a harsh man, so he made a joke of the situation.

What happened

So what actually happened between Meghan and her miniature admirer? Well, it seems that perhaps the Duchess should have kept her hair up in that bun after all. It really could have prevented this, but then we wouldn’t have been able to tell this cute little tale.

Basically, it seems like Walter wanted all of Markle’s attention to himself, so whenever she turned around to walk away, or talk to someone else, he pulled her hair. He tugged on her locks so that she would only focus on him, the cheeky little boy! It got to the point where he was even touching her face. Of course, Meghan, being the sweet and patient woman that she is, allowed it.

Harry’s reaction

While Meghan comes from a Hollywood background, she probably had no idea what to do when a three year old child pulled her hair. She kind of awkwardly smiled and played along with the little boy, so as not to be stern with him.

Of course, however, her doting husband was there to jump to her defense. Harry quickly leapt to the scene and pretended to scold the child. He even put out a finger in a joking manner to tell him that what he did wasn’t okay.

Walter’s response

To make the situation even more adorable – as if that were even possible – the child went along with the act, and covered his mouth in shock to the Prince’s mock-scolding. Harry and Meghan giggled along as the child reacted to Harry’s disapproval of the hair pulling incident.

Thank goodness for photographers because the whole situation was caught on camera so now we can all laugh along with the Duchess and Prince as they interacted with Walter while on their visit.

The photographer

Chris Jackson is a Royal photographer who works for Getty Images and he had been assigned to cover Meghan and Harry’s visit to Croke Park that day.

He saw Meghan approach Walter and he had a feeling there would be some good photo moments within their interaction, but he never could have guessed what would happen. What he was most impressed by, however, was how well Meghan handled the situation when the touchy-feely munchkin grabbed hold of her hair.

A natural Royal

One specific thing that Jackson noticed was how well Meghan had been taking to her new duties as a Royal. She seemed like a natural, almost as if she was born to be a princess.

Harry and Meghan took the time to talk with and visit as many locals as possible during their Ireland visit. Jackson thinks that their gentle and friendly approach is why people get so excited when they visit, and why such a buzz is generated by the locals.

Love of children

Now what we couldn’t help but notice from this playful incident was how it clearly showed Meghan and Harry’s love of children. After all, a different child ended up pulling Harry’s beard that day, and he reacted just as preciously.

The way they cooly, calmly, and patiently reacted to what could have otherwise been an uncomfortable situation shows that they are definitely ready to become parents. This is great, considering in just a few short months, they will welcome a Royal baby into the world.

Crowds of admirers

While obviously not everyone in Ireland was as memorable as young Walter, he certainly wasn’t the only one to show his love for the Royals. There were crowds of admirers waiting to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

People went out of their way to meet Meghan and Harry – they were handing them flowers, waving excitedly, trying to squeeze in a hug, and there were lots of smiles. It really is no wonder people have been comparing Markle to Princess Diana by calling her the People’s Princess.

Meeting the President

Meghan and Harry’s Ireland trip sure did not end with their eventful visit to Croke Park, no, they had a few more stops along the way. After all, they couldn’t take a trip to the Emerald Island without visiting the country’s President.

Later that same day, the two found themselves at Michael Higgins private home to meet him and his wife, Sabina. While the couple got along fine with the President and First Lady, their two giant dogs couldn’t get enough of Meghan – just like the Queen’s corgis.

Peace Bell

While with the President and his wife, the Duke and Duchess were given the opportunity of ringing the Peace Bell to commemorate 20 years since the Belfast Agreement came into place – a very important development for Northern Ireland’s peace process.

This is considered a huge honor and the two were surely humbled by the offer. The iconic Peace Bell is located at the President’s official home, so this was a stop on their tour of the vast grounds.

Trinity College

Another stop on Meghan and Harry’s Dublin visit was Trinity College where they were met – as usual – by about 700 adoring fans extending their hands to shake with the Royals.

At the College, they were brought into the Long Room of the Old Library – in fact, it’s the oldest in Ireland – to view the historic Book of Kells, which contains gospels from the New Testament. They were given a tour of the campus where Meghan even allegedly mentioned that Dublin may be her favorite city.

Adjusting well

One thing is certain after Meghan and Harry’s Ireland trip: they are definitely adjusting well to married life. They seem to love their Royal duties, which obviously includes traveling all over the world and definitely includes meeting local people on the way.

The Duke and Duchess even seem to go out of their way to introduce themselves to the crowds of fans shouting their names. They especially love the kids, as seen with the infamous Walter incident. The adorable couple will continue walking hand in hand on their future international trips.