Five basic principles to “attract” what you want

So you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut, huh? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. So how do you get back on top of your game? Author, Rhonda Byrne, uncovered a secret. A secret that changed the world. After months of research, Rhonda has now released a series of books and even a film that explain how we can harness the secret to anything from health to riches. Now, it’s time to look at the five basic principles to attract what you want.

Five basic principles to “attract” what you want

Good vibes attract good things

There are many times in nature that something will attract something else on the same level. Just take tuning forks. When you hit the middle C, the other will also start to vibrate. Why? Because they are on the same wavelength. This is the same for our emotions. If you think positive thoughts and give off positive energy, then chances are you will attract good things to you. If you are negative, then don’t be surprised if life takes a turn. Vibrating off uplifting emotions is sure to attract anything you want in this world.

Ask yourself questions

What are your dreams? What do you want to be doing in ten years? What do you love? These are all questions and more that you need to be asking yourself. To start, write down all your questions. Then go through them one by one and write down the first answer that comes to your mind. This is a chance for your self-conscious to shine through and answer for you. You might be surprised to read some of the responses! The more you can narrow down what it is you want to achieve in this world, the better your chances of attracting them into your life.

Change your mood

Sure, that sounds simple enough, right? You find yourself in a funk, just snap out of it. Have no fear; it really can be that easy. We are in complete control of our minds and have the power to feel whatever we like. To do this, all you need to do is think about anything that makes you happy, such as your family, friends, or even chocolate. All you need to do is keep this emotion for 16 seconds before your thoughts change. Now you are in a positive frame of mind, you are more likely to continue attracting whatever it is you are looking for.

Five basic principles to “attract” what you want

Believe in yourself

How will the universe know you are ready for whatever is set to come your way if you don’t believe in yourself? Precisely. You need to focus on your dreams and visualize them every day. Not everything happens overnight, and sometimes we need to keep our minds focused if we stand a chance of reaching our goals. This also helps to keep your goals in check. Knowing what you want from the world will help you believe that one day you will attract all those positivities. Perhaps that check could be in the post, or that health test will finally come back clear after all?

Open your mind

If you want the law of attraction to help bring you everything you desire in the world, then you need to ensure your mind is open and ready to receive all the positivity. Sometimes, all it takes are some breathing exercises to make sure our mind is kept clear and prepared. Other times, it might be a trip to our favorite place or remembering our dreams to keep our goals in sight. By making sure we are ready for whatever comes, as well as feeling all the positive energy flowing through our bodies, our goals could be attracted sooner than we think.

Attracting our goals doesn’t have to be as hard as we once thought. In fact, with these basic principles to attract what you want, you could soon be living the life you have always dreamed of.