Female soldiers from around the world you should get to know

Serving your country in the armed forces isn’t something that many people take lightly. And they shouldn’t take it lightly, when you consider everything that it entails. To sign up for the army is to make a long term commitment that may shape the rest of your life. You never know what kind of things may happen to you while you’re out there in the trenches – there is a huge element of the unknown. On the flip side, there is also a lot of predictability involved in army service as well, such as the type of exercises you must go through while your there.

It’s an interesting balance: On the one hand, you need to be prepared for anything. On the other hand, these preparations involve a rigid, regimented structure that being part of the army is all about. The young ladies on this list aren’t pushovers. They served in the army like champions, and embraced the experience with joy and passion. We’ve gathered for you a select group of stunning soldiers from all corners of the world, and we think that your eyes will pop out of your head when you see their pictures – who ever said female soldiers can’t have fun?

Ahoy matey

There’s nothing like a clear day out on the sea, and by the looks of it, this young lady is about to hop on a ship with her crew. Ready to navigate herself on an expedition, she smiles at the camera, clearly a girl who likes a good adventure. In many ways, life itself is a ship that we embark on every day, ready to take on our next big adventure. She seems to know this fact, and she prepares herself for the mysteries that await her at sea.

High in the sky

There is something about being in the air force that sets you above the rest – we mean that in the literal sense, because they are always flying high in the sky. It would just be wrong to say that the air force is “better” than another. That said, you can’t deny that to be a part of the air force is pretty darn cool – just look at the swagger that this young woman holds on her shoulder, as she poses with her green and yellow helmet.

High resolution selfie

Wow… Just… Wow. This young South Korean soldier may hail from the far east, but she apparently is no stranger to the high resolution quality selfie. Does she have an Instagram account? We wouldn’t be surprised if she had an exorbitant amount of followers. No, but in all seriousness, she is not only stunningly pretty, but she looks very respectable, and with a vigor for life and exciting air about her. It will be one lucky guy who ends up with her!

Candid from Romania

It wouldn’t be enough to say that this young Romanian soldier looks like she takes her job very seriously. Everyone has a well of depth inside of them, whether or not they are aware of it. That said, this young blonde looks as if she has certainly experienced the rougher edges of life, and yet we can sense a glimmer of a smile in her face. It’s the fact that she seems caught off guard that reels us in – it’s just too real for words.

Fun in the field

Here we have a picture of a Ukrainian female soldier who took a selfie while she was doing some shooting practice. Or at least, we hope it was during shooting practice… imagine how crazy it would be if she was taking that picture during an actual battle. All jokes aside, we appreciate the way that she is smiling like this in the middle of a deserted field. It reminds us that even though the army is a serious place, even there can she smell the roses.

Girl power

There are many things about being in the army that are worthwhile for an individual, and one of those things is the incredible you build when you’re there. Just ask the girls in this picture – upon looking at their smiling faces, it’s clear that they know they’ve built bonds with each other that will last them forever. Being is the army is certainly hard work, but when you’re in the trenches with your best friends, it can make things not only easier, but enjoyable.

Shining out

Staring you in the face right now is one happy girl. Can you deny it? There are some people out there who simply have the most wonderful smiles, and no matter what trials in life they go through, they always find ways to make the best of it. The young woman in this picture is one of those people. She is clearly overjoyed to be doing what she’s doing, and proud to serve her country. And another thing about these types of people is that their overwhelming joy is contagious.

Flaunting the jewelry

There is something about being in the army that suggests that perhaps someone is going to be settling for less beauty products, but this young blondie decided to sneak her eyeliner onto the bus. In addition, she also didn’t forget to bring her prized piece of jewelry, a silver necklace that she appears to be attempting to show off for the crowd. Hopefully it wasn’t given to her by a boyfriend – because that would mean she isn’t single…

You don’t know me

This is the type of young woman that can knock out a crowd with one glance, and save them before they hit the floor. She simply exudes a sense of powerful confidence, and perhaps this is why she joined the army. She probably never had any trouble getting asked out to the prom, if she had prom wherever she comes from. That said, her look seems to be saying, “As much as you think you know me… you don’t.”

Crystal ball

Okay, well this picture clearly speaks for itself. This is a young Israeli female soldier who has taken a selfie in an enclosed room, perhaps during some down time while she is hanging out on base. But she may not have realized when taking it what she was doing to the rest of us. Her eyes are little crystal balls, shining so bright that we can’t even see the pupils inside – and it’s actually kind of scary when you look at it that way.

Helmet and pigtails

Well isn’t this just a sweet picture. With eyes that pop majestically out at the screen, a subtle smile that lets us know she’s happy where she’s standing, and blonde pigtails that may have been done by her, or perhaps by a close friend, this girl is embracing every minute of her army experience. She seems to be wearing a heavy backpack, although only the straps are showing. But check out that helmet of hers – that should give you an indication about where she is.

Norwegian wood

Our title is both a reference to the classic Beatles song, but also relevant to this girl right here. The Norway flag stitched onto the right sleeve of her army uniform is a pretty strong indicator that she is from the Norwegian army – and now we are happy to inform you all that Norway is the place we’d like to be. It is just us, or does this girl look like she could be an amazing wife?

Pulling it off

We know what you’re thinking – “Hey look, those girls are wearing blue camo army uniforms! Now that right there is cool.” We may or may not have missed the mark there, but either way, it’s exactly what we’ve been thinking this whole time. We’re so used to seeing green army uniforms all the time that it’s nice to see an army change up the color scheme every now and then. And we may say so ourselves, these lovely ladies pull it off without a hitch.

Baby blues

After analyzing the various selfies that were taken by so many of these female soldiers, we’ve noticed that the biggest common denominator that they all seem to have is incredible eyes. And each of them are truly unique in their own way! Take this young girl for example, whose flag on her uniform tells us that she’s from the Russian army. Her baby blues are calling out to us like there’s no tomorrow – is there a filter on that phone of hers?

1,000 words

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, and such is the case here. This young Israeli soldier is standing in solidarity with her fellow troops during an exercise. But what really speaks to us in this picture is the expression on her face. There is a visceral intensity that can be gathered from it, but if you dig even deeper, perhaps there is a certain tenderness there as well – and a love for her country that can never be tarnished.

Back in the line

There is a reason that people consider the army to be an experience unlike any other. It helps shape the very makeup of your personality, and how you look at things. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps one of the main ones is that the army teaches you how to follow orders. It teaches you how to stand in line, and how to put your ego aside and be a part of something greater than yourself – this curly haired brunette understands that.

Radiant stance

This is a picture of what it looks like when a young woman is not only proud of what she does, but truly feels at home while she’s doing it. This ponytail wearing brunette soldier is a member of the air force, as you can see by the helmet she’s holding, and by the gigantic jet plane behind her. Her happiness is radiating out of her, and you really have to appreciate the realness that is displayed here. This girl ain’t a faker – she’s the real deal.

Candid photoshoot

By the looks of it, we may have another happy member of the air force on our hands. She seems to have been caught on candid camera, with someone snapping a picture of her during the removal of her helmet. The crazy thing is that even though it’s a candid shot, it looks like she’s in the middle of a photoshoot. This blonde looks like she could be an actual model, and yet here she is in the army. Is it too late to sign up?

Miss Maria

This is Maria Domark, a former Israeli soldier who is currently a supermodel. In fact, there were so many good pictures of her that we had trouble deciding which one to show you, and settled for showing you two instead of one – and there are even more where those came from. Over time, her pictures from her time in the army have roamed the web, and people can’t get enough of her! And after seeing the way this girl looks in a uniform, can you blame them?