Female stars in their wildest outfits on the country music red carpet

That red carpet life really is something though, isn’t it? The cool thing about it is that it seems to evolve over time, and depending on the specific event. For instance, a red carpet event dedicated to country music may perhaps encourage a different style of clothing than say, the Oscars. Let’s be real… people get way too serious about the Oscars – everyone there is dressed way too formally. Like, it ain’t a wedding, people. On the flip side, with country music award ceremonies such as the CMAs and the ACMs, everyone is a lot more chilled out. And you can bet that there will be some fun and interesting outfits that you’d never see at an event more reserved for the black tuxedo.

We had such an enjoyable time finding some of the craziest and wildest outfits that have ever been worn at these events. We focused on the women, because, well… you get it. Their dresses are daring, their poses are natural, and their spirits on the red carpet reflect their musical personas on stage and in the studio. And lucky for you, we won’t be showing you just the beautiful and wacky dresses of the singers. We’ll also be showing you a small number of other various female celebrities that have shown their vibrant faces at these events too. Enjoy!

Laura Bell Bundy

Laura Bell Bundy is one of those versatile talents, with the ability to both act and sing. In fact, she first became very well known for her various appearance on Broadway, where she performed in a number of different roles, including Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. As you can see here, she’s certainly got the blonde part covered, and we have no problem legalizing it for her if we’re the ones passing the bills – especially if she keeps wearing outfits like these. It’s kind of like two outfits in one – a mix between a deep purple skirt and a silver onesie. Combined, it’s more than enough to catch anyone’s eye.

Miley Cyrus

Well look who is, it’s our favorite American sweetheart – Miley Cyrus. That may have been a teensy but of a stretch, but how could you not love Miley in this outfit? This is a dress she wore on the red carpet of the 40th CMA awards, and as you can see, it took place while she was still relatively younger – and slightly more innocent. But we’re not even thinking about that. We’re focused on the very interesting dress she wrote, the rainbow colored, skin tight, floor length, swan shaped outfit that made her look like she was ready to plunder within the very depths of the magical ocean like the little mermaid herself.

Tiffany Fallon

What we have here is a dress that at first glance may not be so appealing to vegetarians. But we’d like to think that the dress itself is made out of cloth, and that the giraffe design is just for show. As far as the effect, we think the style is pretty wild and jungle-esque, perfectly in the spirit of a country music awards show. For former Playmate of the Year Tiffany Fallon, she’s probably used to hitting it out of the park, but it probably never gets old.

Taylor Swift

We doubt that you needed the heading for this slide to know who this lady is. A young Taylor Swift, the girl who told us all to “Shake It Off,” and told us modernized Shakespearean tales about Romeo and Juliet, appeared on the red carpet in 2006 with an edgy yet elegant floral patterned dress, one that found a way to compliment and clash with her leather black boots simultaneously. Boy, she sure was awesome in her pure country days.

Bebe Rexha

A widely talented singer songwriter who is well known in the country music scene. Also a producer, she is known for her work on hit songs such as “Meant to Be” and “My, Myself and I.” As you can see here, this girl is just as creative in what she wears on the red carpet as she is in the studio. This jet black floor length dress would be conventional, if not for that see through extension at the top, and that viney masterpiece along her wrists.

Leeza Gibbons

In case you thought that we’d be sticking primarily to current stars, or at least current photos… we’re not. Or at least not completely. How could we pass up showing you this totally outlandish outfit that Leeza Gibbons wore at the ACMs in 1992? This Entertainment Tonight talk show host may not be known mainly as a singer, but she showed her love for country music by donning this vibrantly pink, blue and yellow dress, with the top section making her look almost like Wonder Woman.

Katie Armiger

Here’s another outfit that is bound to turn your head, just as it turned many others. In fact, when country singer Katie Armiger wore this outfit at the 44th CMA awards event, a number of people probably needed sunglasses in order to look at her! You see what we’re talking about, right? It seems as if the dress is comprised of a thousand tiny mirrors, all put together to make a skin tight, silver shiny “mini mirror dress.”


It’s fitting that a singer who goes by the name of Jewel wore a dress like this, which looks like it may have been made of jewels. Whether or not she did this knowingful is up for debate, but something tells us this lady knows what she’s doing. She certainly knows what she’s doing when it comes to churning out hit records, so when she appeared at the 49th CMAs in this glittering golden mini dress, she probably knew quite well the effect it would have on people.

Taylor Swift (again)

Miss Taylor Swift is too big of a star to not show you another one of her outstanding looks that she’s put together. Of course, the main reason we did it is because she has so many of them to choose from! While the last picture we showed you was of a younger Taylor during her country focused days, here we have a more mature woman with a different hairstyle, a different expression, and an eclectic red and black dress that looks like it could have been worn by Maleficent.

Kelsea Ballerini

We get the feeling from looking at this dress that people at the event, women especially, said something to the tune of, “Oh no she didn’t.” We feel this way because it resembles that of a wedding dress, and women have this certain infatuation with wedding dresses. Of course, country singer Kelsea Ballerini took her “wedding dress” to a completely other place, revealing a little more than one might expect from a bride on the day she gets hitched.

Reese Witherspoon

Good old Reese Witherspoon. It’s true that she’s not your standard country singer, but she did portray magnificently the role of June Carter in Walk The Line, the Johnny Cash biopic where she sung some classic country tunes, and quite well we might add. At the 50th ACM awards, she decided to celebrate the event’s 50 year anniversary by wearing a silver sequined mini dress with a black outline and wide berth at the bottom, to the delight of her fans.

Nicole Kidman

And now we have yet another celebrity known primarily as an actress, but also for her abilities as a singer. Nicole Kidman is one of the elite actresses of Hollywood, and people were impressed with her singing performance in the film Moulin Rouge. Speaking of being impressed, we have no doubt that Nicole turned heads while wearing this dress, a floor length masterpiece that toggles between colors of black, see through, and floral patterns of red, yellow, blue, and purple.


Eve is a notable of the world of rap, but it is apparent that she also has taken to appearing at high class country music events such as the 53rd ACM awards. When she did, she wore a floor length, slitted pink dress that varied in texture from the frilly vibes up top, to the smoother cloth throughout the rest of the dress. Whether or not you like it, you have to admit that it’s a head turner, and folks who were there can probably attest to that.

Danielle Bradbery

There are many different avenues that one could travel through in order to hopefully one day reach the heights of stardom, and in the music industry, sometimes it’s done with the help of reality shows such as the Voice or American Idol. In Danielle Bradbery’s case, she was the winner of season four of the Voice, and since then she has continued to blossom in the country music scene, making ACM awards appearances wearing “gown style” dresses like the “Voice” princess she is.

LeAnn Rimes

Here’s one lovely lady that’s been a focal point of the country music scene ever since she came out in the 90s with hit songs such as the melancholic “How Do I Live” and the catchy “Blue.” Indeed, she’s been around for a while, on the stage and on the red carpet as well, as you can see here. At one ACM awards event, she appeared in this interestingly designed skin tight asymmetrical maroon mini dress, one that certainly got the attention of her fans and cameras alike.

Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton-John dared to be different at the 50th CMA awards in 2016. She sported a suit with turquoise shoulders and topped the outfit off with leather pants and a bowtie. She tucked in a crisp white button down shirt under the suit and completed her outfit with heeled boots. While it’s not your typical award style appearance, she seems to be loving the way she looked and that really is the most important thing. The Grease star is feeling great after multiple battles with cancer.

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert may resemble a disco ball a bit here, but she still looks fabulous as she struts her stuff at a CMA award ceremony. She shined the night away in this sparkly sequin number paired with rhinestone pumps and a mini black clutch. She went for a more relaxed look with her blonde locks and brushed on a nice smokey eye to contrast her pale, peachy lipstick. The singing star first entered the country music scene back in 2003, and her debut album Kerosene went platinum in 2005.

Carrie Underwood

“The winner of American Idol is… Carrie Underwood!” Boy, it sure does seem like ages ago, and also like yesterday, that Carrie became the winner of American Idol. Perhaps it’s surreal because she’s come so far since then, becoming perhaps the most successful singer to ever grace a reality television show. It all comes back to her confidence, which she displayed at the CMT awards when she wore this swirl designed, floor length dress with a floral pattern and a cool aqua and white coloring.

Dolly Parton

Dolly’s reputation precedes her like every hit she’s every sang, and every giant smile she’s ever graced her audiences with. Even now, she’s still showing up at country music events with some of the most glamorous of outfits, like the multi-colored coat you see here. Interestingly enough, her choice of wearing long sleeves is no accident. People have said that she wears them to cover up her tattoos – tattoos that Dolly has claimed she got in order to cover up physical scars on her arms.

Carly Pearce

It’s always nice to see when a young star breaks out into the scene, and impresses the entire world with a new sound that people resonate with. Such was the case with 28-year-old Carly Pearce, who is only a year away from her hit debut single, “Every Little Thing.” It was obviously good enough to get her an invite to the 51st annual CMA awards, where she wore this interesting ensemble of a dark green flowery top and a slightly see through floor length black bottom section.

Katy Perry

You all know that Katy Perry song, right? It’s called “Hot and Cold,” and it explores the various times in life when we contradict ourselves. The beauty of that song is that it reflects so perfectly puon the outfit Katy’s wearing in this picture. At an ACM awards event, she wore this scintillating mix of ice blue and hot pink, colors that, of course, reference the temperatures of hot and cold. But if you ask us, there is nothing cold about Katy here.

Kelsea Ballerini (again)

Kelsea Ballerini has won the ability to appear twice on this list simply because she has worn a barrage of different quirky outfits that we felt we just needed to share. In this case, she wore a skin tight pink and silver jumpsuit, which sparkled out at the crowd in a piercing manner, just as it is doing so right now. But the outfit continues throughout her legs as well, with a super see through pair of tights that enables her entire aura to shimmer like a shining star.

Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn has had a successful singing career for over 60 years, making her a usual at any type of Hollywood music award ceremony. She proved long ago that she’s “woman enough” to have won over 30 awards for her music, including CMAs and Grammys. She also proved that she can pull off looking like Belle from Beauty and the Beast with this yellow gown that’s very similar to the one worn by the fictional character. Looking like a princess might be Lynn’s second specialty aside from music.

Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan looks like she could be wearing a vintage wedding gown at the 39th annual Country Music Awards. She chose a dress with beautifully designed lace long-sleeves and added a beaded shiny necklace to accessorize. With an off-white embroidered corset that probably not many other people could pull off, she really managed to steal the show. The mermaid styled skirt of the dress really suited her and the slight slit at the bottom allowed her skinny heels to peep through. To complete the look, she held a golden clutch.

Ruby Rose

Be careful – you might be blinded by Ruby Rose’s dress if you look directly at it when the light hits those sequins. While she looks as fierce as always, her gold and silver sparkled dress could really be a safety hazard. The actress is sporting her usual pixie cut and decided on a sleeveless look so the dress really accentuates her tattoo-covered arms. The Orange is the New Black actress may not be necessarily connected to the country music world, but she has released a bit of her own music.

Danni Leigh

Danni Leigh appears to have taken the whole country thing seriously when she showed up in this outfit to the 2000 CMA awards. Leigh is rarely seen without a hat, so it makes sense that she’d be wearing one at this event. The metallic purple of her matching jacket and pants definitely makes her a standout and we are loving her black tasseled crop top. And of course, no true country girl would be complete without her trusty belt and pointed shoes.

Maren Morris

Maren Morris almost looks like a mystical sea creature here, in the best way possible that is. The beads on her stomach are undeniably gorgeous and her shoes are about as glam as it gets. The rest of her dress turns into a sort of fish net material and then fluffs down at her ankles with a few ruffles to match the single one at the top. To add a few accessories, she chose some silver bracelets, earrings, and necklaces and then her final touch was matching nail polish.


Let’s just say that Pink is known for her skills as a talented singer and not necessarily for her fashion sense. While she looks as stunning as ever, her dress can be compared to a feather duster. The ruffles do not exactly flatter her, but she clearly doesn’t look like she cares, because, well she’s Pink and she’s great no matter what. The white fluffy dress is brought together by a single black ribbon around her waist and she flaunts a silvery pouf on the top of her head.

Shania Twain

Did Shania Twain take the leopard print sweater from the set of her 1997 music video for That Don’t Impress Me Much? We can’t help but wonder if she is actually wearing the same one here – if only she had a hood on to confirm the suspicion! It turns out she has carried leopard sweaters around with her multiple times over the years. Here, Twain is wearing a typical ’90s fashion here with her floor length black dress and a choker necklace. When you’re Shania Twain, it’s acceptable.

Danielle Peck

Danielle Peck could have easily chosen any color to wear, any color at all, and she chose mustard yellow. This skintight number breaks out into a swirl of ruffles that hang down to the floor with a slight train at the back. While the dress is wonderful and she looks awesome, we can’t help but wonder who had the final say on the color choice. Peck’s luscious waves hang over her shoulders, but a flashy necklace peeks through to remind us that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Laura Bell Bundy

Laura Bell Bundy actually looks quite adorable here, but her outfit does appear to be more of a Sunday brunch option than proper music award ceremony etiquette. While we’re not judging her based on her apparel, we are left wondering if it was the appropriate choice for the occasion. Regardless of the fact that most people wear gowns and jewels to these events, Bundy kept it more casual in white pants sprinkled with pastel floral designs, dusty pink swede heels, and a strapless almost rose gold top.

Emily West

Perhaps Emily West was spending time with the Royal Family before she attended these CMAs because she topped her dirty blonde curls with a black netted hat that may be princess chic, but it doesn’t really go with the rest of her outfit – the black heeled ankle booties don’t really either. At least she had a black ribbon around her waist to coordinate with the hat and boots. West looks simply lovely otherwise in this cream colored strapless ensemble. We especially love the way her broach matches her earrings.

Tobi Lee

Tobi Lee looks like she picked this dress out at the Homecoming selection in the junior’s section of Macy’s. With the top of the dress covered in leopard print sequins, it continues with a red sash and ends with brown layers of tulle forming a bit of a tutu. While she does appear a bit juvenile, this half woman, half cheetah’s smile makes us forget about her questionable fashion sense and remember her solely for her singing. We do also have to mention the spray tan and five-inch heels, though.

Jennifer Nettles

Perhaps this one wasn’t Jennifer Nettles best look. She looks stylish with her sleek and straight hair, but then when we look at her dress, we see a red leaf more than we see a woman. This long sleeve, floor length turtleneck dress is an interesting choice to say the least, and we can’t help noticing that Nettles looks a bit uncomfortable. At least the ceremony is hosted indoors and in April, so the singer probably wasn’t too hot walking around in that dress.

Marie Osmond

This one is not entirely Marie Osmond’s fault because she can just blame it on the ’80s. We will start with the wispy hairstyle that looks like it took hours of hair spray and careful combing to accomplish. Next, we’ll move on to the clip on earrings that look so heavy they must be painful. Our favorite is the black velvet sweater decorated with designs in the same bubblegum pink color of her puffy knee-length skirt. The grand finale is reserved for those pearl-studded purple pumps everyone rocked the 1980s.