Feeling the pressure? Best ways to beat stress fast

Life can be difficult. Isn’t it great? Sometimes, it might be tempting to throw that rock at the window or scream into the pillow as it feels like the entire world is against us. Perhaps you’re feeling the pressure? Don’t worry; we have some of the best ways to beat stress fast.

Feeling the pressure? Best ways to beat stress fast

Grab some food

Maybe the pressure from work means you want to get home and engulf that entire carton of ice cream that’s been waiting in the freezer? We don’t blame you. But this isn’t the kind of eating we’re talking about. Sometimes, a low blood sugar level can leave us feeling pretty stressed out, so by chowing down on a few bites of food you could soon turn that frown upside down. So it’s not just us that feels hangry after all? Just be sure not to overdo it.

Laugh it up

How can you feel stressed if you’re busy laughing? The two just don’t go hand in hand. Laughing out loud means we need to take in more air. More air means more oxygen to go to all the muscles and organs in our body which helps release endorphins in our brain. These feel-good hormones then zoom through our blood to help combat all the stress hormones whizzing around our body. The best bit? It only takes a few seconds to feel all the benefits. It’s no joke.

Get moving

Exercise is said to be the cure for many things in life. Could it really be the answer to beat stress fast? Just like laughing, exercise gets endorphins flying around your body that will fight off any signs of stress. But that’s not all. Exercise will also give you a chance to get away from whatever it is that’s causing you stress. Sometimes, a 20-minute run or yoga session is all it takes to clear our minds and get back to reality.

Think about meditation

Not all of us meditate, but there are so many benefits to the practice it can leave you wondering why you’ve never given it a go. Meditation provides us with a chance to breathe in the positivity around us as well as exhale all the negative emotions that have built up in our body. As if that wasn’t enough, these deep breaths help to lower our heart rate and combat the symptoms of stress. To top it all off, meditation can clear your mind of what was causing you the stress in the first place.

Feeling the pressure? Best ways to beat stress fast

Disconnect from the world

Occasionally, we might be getting stressed out without even realizing it. Perhaps your a text message chiming through on your phone gets you worried it’s your boss? Maybe there is an email you’ve been dreading to receive, and you just heard the notification? Turning off our cell phones and enjoying the world around us can be a fast way to beat stress as we no longer feel tied to our device. Go ahead; it’s not as scary as it seems.

Catch those z’s

Getting enough sleep doesn’t just make sure you have enough energy for the day, but can also be an answer to help combat the stress from daily life. A power nap could be all it takes to reset your stress levels before heading to bed for an early night. During the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, our body shuts down everything to do with stress. So it looks as though heading to bed could be a fast way to hit the reset button on our stress levels after all.

Stress is our bodies natural way of surviving, but that doesn’t mean it has to control our lives. If you’re feeling the pressure and want a way to step back from it all, be sure to try these best ways to beat stress for a more relaxed and calmer life.