Facts you never knew about Suzanne Somers

Over the years, Suzanne Somers has made it her mission to use her fame to spread her opinions far and wide. Has she gone too far, or is this Three’s Company star about to change the world? Although the actress has always been open about her thoughts, could there be facts about Suzanne Somers lying beneath the surface that we never knew?

She nearly lost her husband

Although things from the outside looked as though they were going great for the actress, it seems as though it was a different story behind closed doors.

In fact, Suzanne has admitted that during the first ten years of their relationship, her and Andy’s families struggled to live together. This is because both parents had children from previous relationships, and everyone found it tough adapting to life under one roof. Suzanne confesses she feels as though her job was harder than everyone else’s as she had to learn how to become a mom to Andy’s children. Apparently, it took long stints in therapy to help the couple come to terms with their new family.

Her first date was in case they never got another chance

Sometimes in life, someone offers us a chance that we just can’t refuse. Whether it’s the opportunity to try something entirely out of this world or getting to see something like never before – there can be many times where our choices could change our lives.

For Suzanne Somers, she was left with quite the decision to make back in the 1960s. She was working for the game show, the Anniversary Show, when she bumped into the host, Andy Hamel. Andy couldn’t wait to ask Suzanne on a date, but she had no idea how to respond. Thankfully, she said “yes” in case she was never given a chance again, and it looks as though the rest is history!

She’s hasn’t been away from Andy Hamel in 37 years

Suzanne and Andy have been married for over forty years, but what is the secret to their success? The actress admits that one of the biggest aspects of their relationship is the amount of time they spend together.

In fact, Suzanne admits they haven’t been away from each other for a night in 37 years. Although that might seem a lot of time together for some, Suzanne thinks this is the key to her happiness with her husband.

She’s determined to be a parent

Suzanne Somers often comes across as a strong woman that can handle anything that is thrown her way. However, the actress was in for a curveball back in 1965 when she welcomed her son, Bruce Jr., at just 18 years old.

It wasn’t his birth that was the turning point for Suzanne, but her need to be a better parent than her father. According to the actress, her dad had always battled with drinking dependency and made life in the family home difficult for everyone. Suzanne wanted to be the complete opposite.

Her son was hit by a car

Bruce Jr. was just five years old when he was in a near-fatal car accident. As if that wasn’t enough for single mother Suzanne to deal with, she was told that Bruce Jr. had a 50% chance of surviving.

All of a sudden, Suzanne was forced to do anything to make enough money to cover her son’s medical bills. If not, she could be about to say “goodbye” to her son for the final time. Little did she know how far she would have to go.

She woke up to a photographer in her room

While on a Mexican photo shoot in the 1970s, Suzanne was in for a surprise. The actress and model had already had a scary encounter with an intoxicated man by the pool the day before when he refused to leave her alone.

However, she thought it was all behind her. Little did Suzanne know, but the next morning she woke up to a photographer snapping her picture while she was asleep. Although she was worried about how he had gotten into her room, he told Suzanne that she could earn $15,000 if he let her continue.

Playboy wasn’t her first choice

Apparently, the photographer worked for Playboy. Now, he wanted to use Suzanne as his latest model. The actress never wanted to pose for the magazine, but it looked as though she was left with little choice.

Bruce Jr.’s medical bills were racking up, and the hospital was beginning to chase the actress for payments. Although it went against what she believed in, apparently Suzanne agreed to the contract to cover the costs. The photos from her hotel room eventually got published, too, and landed Suzanne a huge settlement as they were released without her consent.

Three’s Company saved the best ‘til last

Suzanne wasn’t just the last to audition for her part on the sitcom Three’s Company, but she was the hired just one day before the shooting of the pilot.

Apparently, the producer of the show was fast-forwarding through audition tapes when one caught his eye. Suzanne Somers. Fred Silverman couldn’t understand how she had been missed in the screening process and demanded that she come in for an audition. The following day, she was on the set of the show ready for the pilot.

She was the woman in the credits

Jack Tripper might have been the leading man of Three’s Company, but he would have been nothing without the women of the show: Chrissy Snow and Janet Wood.

However, it looks as though there weren’t enough women to go around for the shoot. In fact, during the opening credits when Jack falls off his bike after getting distracted by a woman walking by, it turns out it was none other than Suzanne Somers wearing a dark wig. We would have never known!

She beat stars for her role

Although Suzanne is now most known for her role in the show, she had plenty of competition to get there.

The actress had to beat the likes of Loni Anderson, who went on to play Jennifer Marlowe in the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, and Heather Locklear, who is now known for her roles in the soap operas Melrose Place and Dynasty. However, it seems as though Heather’s audition didn’t go to plan. Apparently, the actress was so sweaty the tissues she used to hide her sweat patches fell out during the audition. Ouch.

Money debates caused a rift on the show

For many years, people have been fighting for equal pay between men and women. This was no different back in 1980 when Suzanne demanded that she should earn as much as her co-star, John Ritter.

At the time, the actress was receiving $30,000 per episode. However, she wanted to be taking home $150,000. The steep demand is said to have stemmed from her husband, Andy Hemel, who was also acting as Suzanne’s manager. Sadly, it only created tensions on the set.

She was fired from her own show

It wasn’t just the pay rise this actress was after. No, she also wanted to land herself 10% of the show’s profits. When three’s Company refused to abide by her demands, it’s said Suzanne injuries and illness, such as a broken rib, to avoid filming.

Instead, her lines were handed out to other members of the cast, or Suzanne would shoot her parts separately from the other actors. Eventually, ABC opted to give the actress the ax and replace her with Jenilee Harrison instead.

She worked in Las Vegas

Suzanne admits she has always had a love for entertaining and performing so perhaps it’s no surprise that throughout the 1980s the actress worked as an entertainer in Las Vegas?

That’s not all. Suzanne made a return to the city back in 2016 after 25 years away from the business. Although the cabaret venue has undergone a name change, Suzanne was back in the original building for her 28-week Suzanne Sizzles show. Apparently, the actress was so dedicated to her passion she wrote the entire show herself.

She has an intense vitamin diet

One of the ways Suzanne Somers claims to still look so youthful at 71 years old is down to her vitamin diet. Only, this isn’t any multivitamin.

No, according to the actress, she takes 60 different tablets a day to keep on top of her looks. This includes 40 tablets in the morning, all downed with a smoothie, and a further 20 in the evening before she heads off to bed. Although Suzanne knows her routine seems crazy to many, she says she will never give up her cocktail of vitamins.

She advocates the Wiley protocol

Over the years, Suzanne has taken a keen interest in writing. One of the many topics the actress loves to cover is anti-aging treatments, including the Wiley protocol.

The treatment is a type of hormone replacement therapy using hormones that have been synthesized from yams. Now, Suzanne wants women everywhere to hear about the wonder therapy that could help turn back the clock. However, many have criticized the actress for promoting treatments that could be potentially dangerous.

She believes in alternative cancer treatments

Back in 2001, Suzanne learned the news she had breast cancer. However, the actress had another trick to help her through her treatment: mistletoe extract.

It’s reported Suzanne was taking the supplement to boost her immune system while she battled the illness, and thankfully has been cancer-free ever since. Over the years, Suzanne has continued to advocate alternative cancer treatments, such as taking supplements, using your natural diet to control the illness, and detoxifying your entire body.

She doesn’t believe in water fluoridation

They say we shouldn’t believe everything we read, but what about when it’s a health warning that could save our lives? This is the logic Suzanne

Somers uses when fighting her case on water fluoridation. Fluoride is added to the water to help prevent tooth decay, but the actress argues on toothpaste bottles it states this chemical can be harmful if swallowed. Fighting against this involuntary addition to our water is just another thing that keeps Suzanne busy.

She had a one-woman show on Broadway

This actress hasn’t only appeared on our screens. We might be used to seeing Suzanne in commercials and our favorite TV shows, but it looks as though there is more to this actress than first meets the eye.

Or is there? Suzanne wrote and starred in a one-woman Broadway show named Blonde in the Thunderbird. The show first premiered in 2005 and was set to last months. Unfortunately, just one week into its run, Suzanne was forced to cancel due to lack of ticket sales and mediocre reviews.

There are plastic surgery rumors

Many celebrities have headed under the knife over the years. Could Suzanne Somers be another name to add to the list?

Many have rumored the actress has turned to cosmetic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance, rather than relying solely on her alternative treatments as she claims. One of the procedures people believe Suzanne may have opted for is known as a stem cell facelift. This involves fat being liposuctioned out before the stem cells are separated from the mixture and injected back into our faces.

A new adventure

It seems as though Suzanne isn’t just content with her many books and the long line of work behind her. This star has also created her own range of beauty products in the last few years.

The products all claim to be entirely organic but come with a hefty price tag. Although you can pick up a lipstick for $25, the all-in-one kits available on the site could cost you up to $150. Could they really be worth the money?