The real story behind the fabulous life of the Beckhams

David and Victoria Beckham will soon celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary, and after four children, two extremely successful careers and many fashionable moments, the former Spice Girl and the famed footballer are still considered one of Hollywood’s strongest couples. However, have their lives really been so fabulous under the spotlight?

How it all began

It was love at first sight, it might sounds cheesy and too good to be true, we mean, how is it possible that even the start of this perfect couple’s relationship started off so wonderfully? Posh and Becks, that’s how they were referred to by the media in the late 90’s when they first got together, had one of the most down-to-earth first encounter. Victoria recalls meeting David for the first time: ‘What I really liked about David right from the start is that when all the other players were in the lounge afterward having a drink with their friends, David was sitting with his mom and dad and his younger sister. I really liked that. I’m really close to my family, he’s very close to his and I just thought that was really nice.’ He smiled, she was a bit tipsy, and the rest is history.


The rise to fame

When Victoria and David first met, he was a rising soccer player who was playing for Manchester United and she was one fifth of the British female musical group, The Spice Girls. Before the Wannabe sensation started, Victoria’s decision to pursue a musical career started way before she joined the group. It was in the 80’s that Victoria watched the film, Fame, which mesmerized. It was then she knew she had to be part of the music world. It was in 1994 that Becks joined Geri, Emma, Melanie B. and Melanie C. to form the biggest all-female group in history.


Spiced up their lives

Both Victoria and David were very family-oriented growing up, which is also a huge part of what drew them so close to one another. These two love birds were so smitten with each other in the beginning that it’s hard to tell who was more in love with whom. David recalls saying to his former teammate, Gary Neville while watching the music video of ‘Say You’ll Be There’ before he met Victoria in person, that ‘that’s the girl I’m going to marry.’ When the two finally got together in 1997, it was very evident that it was more than just fame that they had in common. It was deeper than that.


Wedding bells and a bump

Two years after that had that defining first date, David asked Victoria to be his forever. The couple got married in one of the most expensive, extravagant and high-profile celebrity weddings that took place in the last two decades. They wore designer outfits, sat on golden thrones and it was posh all around. The wedding has reportedly cost them around $800,000. These two embarking on their fairy tale journey for the first time as husband and wife on July 4th, 1999. At the time of their wedding, the couple had already welcomed their eldest son, Brooklyn, who was four moths old when his parents tied the knot.


Out of tune

The new ‘royal’ power couple has everything going for them, a new born baby, successful careers and their love for each other. However, it wasn’t always going so smoothly, especially not for Victoria. The former Spice Girl recalls being nicknamed ‘fat puppy’ by her own mother, which led her to become very self-conscious and insecure about her looks and weight. Posh also had to deal with much criticism for her vocal abilities as many people claimed she wasn’t the greatest singer in the group. This did not stop her, though, from later pursuing a solo career as well as career in high fashion.


Calling fashion police

There’s no better word to describe Victoria’s fashion before she learned a few things about the industry and it’s ‘disastrous’. Posh remembers a couple of fashion flops she probably wishes she could erase from her memory forever. It’s hard to imagine how someone so talented can go from dressing so horribly to being one of the most successful designers these days. From tiny handkerchief tops to tight corseted pink PVC jumpsuit, Victoria sure did have her awkward fashion faux pas.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.02.49 PM

A passion for fashion

Beckham has definitely come a long way since her questionable fashion days. In fact, she has always been drawn to fashion and recalls customizing her school uniform during lunchtime at school. When she was finally able to afford it, her first purchase were Patrick Cox shoes after she got her first salary from The Spice Girls. Today, Victoria is the owner of a multi-million dollar fashion brand and designing clothes has always been her real passion. Victoria worked hard to get to where she is today and always stayed focused. Her brand was launched in 2008 and she now has worldwide recognition and her designs are seen constantly on the red carpets.


Body image

It’s impossible to talk about the fashion industry without talking about body image, especially when it comes to Victoria who has been accused of starving herself to look as skinny as she does. The fashion designer has admitted in her autobiography that she has struggled with weight and skin issue growing up. In regards to her eating habits she said: ‘I’m a very, very healthy eater. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit. I don’t eat junk food. I work out.’ Victoria has learned to embrace her imperfections and celebrate her assets. We love it.


Making friends

It’s no secret that many A-listers have wanted to be as close as they could to the Beckham brand. There is just something so enchanting about these, whether they are together or alone, that attracts people to them. Some of the people who were on their ‘friends list’ throughout the years are Eva Langoria, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Hurley and of course Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who have been seen with the Beckhams pretty much everywhere when they were still married.



As part of his successful career, Beckham had the opportunity to move to Spain when he played for Real Madrid back in 2003. Before they knew it, the whole Beckham gang moved to Madrid. In the famous note Victoria wrote to her young-self, she recalls her time in the European country as being amazing and hard at the same time: ”m not afraid to say now what a horribly difficult time it was. People will say awful things. You will be a laughing stock. Every time you turn on the television, or look at a newspaper, it will seem as though someone is having a go at you and your family. You will learn how mean other women can be. Others would crack under the pressure, but you won’t. Use that time to close off, to focus, work hard and protect the children.’


Coming to America

Doors just kept on opening for the young Beckham family, international doors mostly. They both attained worldwide recognition, each in their own field of business, but it was definitely their move to L.A. that made the biggest splash in their careers. David joined LA Galaxy and he soon became the captain of the American Football team. Part of his plan was to change the way Americans perceive soccer: ‘I’m not saying me coming over to the States is going to make soccer the biggest sport in America. That would be difficult to achieve. Baseball, basketball, American football, they’ve been around. But I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think I could make a difference.’ His deal with the Galaxy was worth around $32 million for five years.


Soccer mom

Victoria soon took over the role of the unofficial head of the WAG’s (Wives And Girlfriends) as well as being a soccer mom. While her husband was trying to change public opinion in the land of endless opportunities, she too wanted the Americans to see her in a different light. People had a somewhat negative opinion on David’s famous wife, and Victoria was determined to change that. The 19 Entertainment documentary which followed the lives of the Beckhams in America had a one-hour special with the fashion designer and one of her most memorable quotes was when she said: ‘I think people are really going to see me for the first time…I think they have this impression that I’m this miserable cow who doesn’t smile. But I’m actually quite the opposite.’


Her acting gig

Needless to say that the Beckhams did very very well in America. Everything this powerhouse couple touched turned into gold. Well, maybe except for one thing. Victoria, who was embracing the LA lifestyle pretty quickly, thought it would be a good idea to get her foot in the door to acting. She even went in to audition for the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, that came out in 2001. She lost it to Angelina Jolie eventually, but she did have one more acting stint when she starred as herself on an episode if Ugly Betty in 2007. The episode was called ‘A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding’.



Brooklyn is the 18-year-old son of David and Victoria, and he is also the eldest of four children. He was practically born to a privileged life, but despite his rich upbringing has always remained very down to earth. With over 10 million followers on Instagram, you could say that Brooklyn is a star of his own with his successful modeling career. He even famously dated a real movie star, 20-year-old Chloë Grace-Moretz, but the couple split a few months ago. Brooklyn is set to release his first book which will include photos that he has taken his entire life.


David’s funny side

As part of his many talents, it turns out that the fames soccer player is also a very funny man. He was featured in several ads and endorsed many brands, but David has certainly shown his hilarious side when he was part of H&M’s campaign where he starred alongside Kevin Hart. David was quoted saying how much he loved shooting the video with the funny comedian and their chemistry on set is seriously great.


$1 billion brand

It’s safe to say that the Beckhams are pretty much a brand by now. In fact, if you combine their net worths, they are worth nearly one billion dollars! This incredible net worth is due to their hard work throughout the years and everything they have accomplished both professionally and personally. David with his successful Football career and Victoria with her singing and fashion boutiques. Together they are a strong powerhouse, and the beauty of it all is that they have always supported each other.


The royal connection

When Kate and William were set to tie the knot in a lavish royal wedding back in 2011, besides the obvious hype around the most-talked-about wedding of the century, there was one more thing the British people were concerned about. What would the fashionable designer wear to the royal wedding? Well, Posh nailed it again and didn’t disappoint. When guests began to arrive, David and Victoria surely stood out in the crowd and Victoria looked radiant in one of her designs, of course.


Dame Posh

Speaking of royalty, Victoria has achieved many things in her life and has always been very controlling of her feelings, at least to the world outside. But we’re pretty sure even she couldn’t contain herself when she was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire earlier this year for her contribution to the fashion industry. It was certainly a Posh day at the palace and Beckham said she felt she was proud to be British.


Father’s Day every day

There’s no doubt that the biggest achievement in David Beckham’s life is being a proud father to his children and a great husband to his wife. It seems like the star is taking his job as as a dad very seriously, but he mostly knows how to have pure fun with his four children, fun that he likes to document and share on social media. He has gushed about his kids and about fatherhood many times: ‘My children mean the world to me. Being a parent is always the best thing, but it can also be challenging as well because you want to set the right example.’ Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper must be very proud to call him dad.


Daddy’s girl

Speaking of the kids, there’s no doubt that after having three boys at home, when Harper Seven Beckham was born in 2011, she became an instant princess. She is the definition of a ‘daddy’s girl’. She might be only six years old, but she already has her father wrapped around her finger. It’s like she took the best of both of her parents’ worlds. In regards to her middle name, Seven, she was named that after her dad’s former Football shirt number when he played for Manchester United.


Learning to Fly

In 2001 Victoria released her first autobiography called Learning to Fly. The title, by the way, was taken from a song from her favorite musical film, Fame. In her book she talks about her childhood, her struggles, her time with The Spice Girls, fame, marriage, children, career and basically life. The book was a huge success and its total sales in the UK stood at over 500,000 copies. Just like the book, it seems like Victoria knows how to grab life with both hands.


Moving to the countryside

When you have so much money, it’s really not an issue for you to decide where you want you and your family to live. The Beckhams have owned many houses, but they have reportedly decided to change their lifestyle recently and move to the countryside. They have purchased a five million pound country barn in the hip town of Chipping Norton, where many A listers like Prince Harry and Kate Moss own an estate. The mansion has nine bedrooms, just enough for their big family.


Things are cooking

One of the things Victoria loves most about her hubby is the fact that he’s a hands-on-dad. He’s very involved in the kids’ lives and he also does all the cooking. The designer even admitted that he went to culinary school when he was in Italy playing soccer. The couple tries to keep their children as grounded as possible and they are always there in their kids’ lives. When one travels for work, the other is always at home.


The Beckingham Palace

Upon decided to move to the country, the couple was the owner of the Rowneybury House, which was also nicknamed The Beckingham Palace. Their three sons all grew up in this 12-acre estate, which the couple purchased just a few months after they said their I Do’s. This impressive mansion was reportedly sold for 12 million pound, but it took the couple a few good years to sell their beloved home. Just look at this piece of property!


Setting a good example

Victoria also knows how to take the time and use her name to give back to the community. In 2014, the designer was named UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador. She has been advocating for women and children who were unfortunately born or are living with HIV in order. ‘As a woman, and a mother, I have a responsibility to support other women. I am proud and honored to be working with UNAIDS in this new role to help to raise resources and awareness, to support and empower women and children affected by HIV.’


Party like it’s 1999

David has proven over and over that he is not just the perfect dad he is also the perfect husband, and he doesn’t mind sharing his love on social media. For his wife’s 42nd birthday, for instance, he shared a very sweet photo on his Instagram where he captioned a very romantic birthday wish: ‘Happy birthday to this beautiful passionate woman….. Have the most amazing day and let us spoil you because you deserve to be spoilt by your husband and our gorgeous children.. In 42 years you have been able to achieve so much and it feels you are only just starting …. Happy birthday we love you.’ These two sure do know how to party in their forties.

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Renewing their vows

When David and Victoria tied the knot in 1999 after the y have been dating for two years, they soon became the new British royal couple. They have known many ups and downs throughout their marriage, but they managed to survive it all and tackle everything coming their way. 18 years and four kids later, the power-couple, decided to renew their vows, although this time they did in a very intimate ceremony unlike their first wedding. Posh and Becks have proven to be one of the strongest couples in Hollywood and they are cuter than ever.


Victoria’s secret

But what is the secret to their happy marriage? How did these two survive in the almost impossible celebrity life that they have been part of for two decades? Victoria’s secret is to just have fun. For an interview for Elle magazine, Victoria was quoted saying: ‘I can’t wait till i’m off and we can all just have a drink, throw our heads back, and who cares if your lip gloss has worn off? You can relax.’ She added ‘If I really was as miserable as I look in some of those paparazzi pictures, my children wouldn’t be as happy as they are. And I certainly wouldn’t be married anymore.’


Off-side love, threats and gossip

David and Victoria became so famous and popular as a couple especially, that they literally couldn’t leave the house without being targeted by the paparazzi. This must have put a lot of pressure on their relationship as they constantly had to fight back the tabloids and sneak up to meet in all kinds of secret locations. The picture-perfect couple had to also face scandalous cheating rumors, kidnap threats and even death threats.


Why she never smiles

The fact that Victoria barely smiles has been a topic for discussion almost everywhere. People often mistake her for being snobbish and for really owning up to her Spice Girl’s nickname, Posh. People have wondered many times why she barely smiles if her life is so fabulous. Well, Victoria has been avoiding this issue for years, but in one of her interviews she said: ‘When you’re in a position to be paparazzi-ed just walking down the street, you’d look a little daft if you were smiling all the time.’ She does smile in family photos though.