Everyone is talking about Kitty Spencer

What were you doing on May 19, 2018? Well, we have a feeling you may have heard of a little wedding that went down in the United Kingdom. You know, the one between some people called Harry and Meghan? Of course, the Royal Wedding between the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex was the talk of the town that weekend and was covered by news stations across the globe – as well as social media users who just had to have their say on the matter. As one of the most eagerly-anticipated events of the years, it is estimated that 2 billion people tuned in across the world to watch Harry and Meghan tie the knot, and we just couldn’t wait to see them start their new lives together. However, that wasn’t all that caught our attention. Across the weekend, we dissected every single part of their big day and fell even more in love with each detail. We stared open-mouthed at David Beckham who proved that he just cannot age. We couldn’t help but chuckle to ourselves when Pippa Middleton turned up in a dress that looked exactly like a can of iced tea.

We had a little tear in our eye when Prince Charles walked Meghan down the aisle. We watched in wonder as Meghan rocked her Givenchy dress, and we couldn’t help but “Aww” when Princess Charlotte and Prince George and the rest of the bridal party walked through the chapel. Yet, more than anything, we were astounded by the guest list. Although Harry and Meghan only invited 600 people to their wedding – which is a tiny wedding party compared to other Royal Weddings – they managed to squeeze in some of the biggest names in the world. In fact, there was one guest who everyone was talking about. This is everything you need to know about Kitty Spencer…

A royal spectacle

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, the world watched in envy as Meghan Markle became a real-life Disney princess and married the British heartthrob, Prince Harry. Their incredible wedding ceremony was watched by millions across the globe and became the talk of the town – and although all eyes were on the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, fans across the world also kept their eyes peeled for the best-dressed wedding guests. One guest that turned heads wherever she went was Lady Kitty Spencer, who rocked the Royal Wedding in a forest green dress with a matching fascinator. Although you may have marveled at this royal spectacle, we bet you’re also wondering who Lady Spencer is…

Family ties

On the big day, Lady Kitty Spencer walked into St. George’s Castle in Windsor with her famous family – but who are the Spencer’s? Well, as the eldest daughter of Earl Charles Spencer, the 27-year-old blonde bombshell is more commonly known as the niece of the late Princess Diana. Kitty attended the Royal Wedding with her brother, Louis, her sister, Lady Eliza, and her mother, Victoria. Of course, the esteemed family looked absolutely incredible as they donned their designer outfits for the royal nuptials, but there was something about Kitty that caught us all off guard. Something extremely familiar about her appearance.

Looking familiar

More than anything, fans and royalists across the world were overwhelmed by the fact that Lady Kitty Spencer looks incredibly similar to the People’s Princess, Lady Diana. After her aunt passed away in a tragic car accident in 1997, the world mourned the death of an icon – but it seems as though the family traits have not fallen too far from the tree. Over the years, Lady Kitty Spencer has been likened to her aunt and has been known to have the same effortless style, and beautiful facial features. It’s uncanny!

A childhood abroad

Although she has often been compared to her iconic aunt, Lady Kitty Spencer’s life was flipped upside down after her sudden passing. After spending her early years in England and living under the knowledge that her aunt was a real-life Princess, Kitty’s family were lucky enough to have wealth and fame. Yet, after the tragic car accident, Kitty’s father took them all to South Africa. It was his aim to keep his family out of the spotlight and away from the media attention that made Diana’s life so difficult.

A top-class education

With a £100 million (around $134 million) fortune behind her, Lady Kitty Spencer was allowed a top-class education throughout her whole life. After completing her general education in South Africa, Kitty later went on to study both English Literature and Psychology at the University of Cape Town. However, she wasn’t over just yet. Next, she went to Italy to study Art History – before returning to the United Kingdom to complete a Masters in Luxury Brand Management! With all that talent behind her, it seems there is nothing she can’t do.

She’s made her modeling debut

Lady Kitty Spencer’s mother, Victoria Aitken, spent most of her career in the limelight as a popular fashion model. It seems as though this talent has since been passed onto her daughter, as Kitty has recently made her fashion debut. As a model within the popular Storm Models brand, Kitty has been able to work with some of the biggest designers and companies since entering the modeling world in 2017. Most recently, she has been the star of the 2018 Spring/Summer campaign for Dolce and Gabbana.

She’s a style icon

Although she may have a career within the world of fashion, Lady Kitty Spencer has also created a name for herself as a style icon in the real world. When she’s not walking the runway, Kitty is sitting on the FROW and rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in fashion. Her opinion and presence at some of the greatest fashion shows in the world has since become a hugely important factor for designer brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Schiaparelli and Dior. It’s all about keeping up with appearances.

She’s got a huge family

Many people presume that Kitty Spencer is an only child as she receives the most press attention – but that just isn’t the case! In fact, the Spencer family is extremely large, and Kitty is the eldest of her six siblings. She has twin sisters called Lady Eliza Spencer and Lady Amelia Spencer, she has a younger brother called Louis Spencer, as well as two half-sisters called Lady Lara Spencer and Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer, and a half-brother called Edmund Charles Spencer. Well, we bet their family gatherings are busy!

She gives back

Growing up with fame and fortune has allowed Kitty Spencer to enjoy the finer things in life, but it’s also allowed her to realize how lucky she is to live her life. Like many of the other members of the royal family, Kitty uses this knowledge to give back to the community and the country she loves so much. Most notably, she is a prominent ambassador for the homeless charity, Centrepoint. In the past, many of the royals – including Prince Harry, Prince William and Princess Diana – have also worked within this charity.

Sleeping rough

To raise money for the Centrepoint charity, and to make the homeless crisis known to the rest of the world, Lady Kitty Spencer decided to follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry and William in 2016, after she decided to sleep rough for the night. In aid of her annual fundraiser for the charity, Kitty organized the Sleep Out initiative, which asked people around the country to sleep out for the night to experience what life is like for homeless people. With no bed or comforter to hand, Kitty still looked stylish in her bobble hat and winter jacket.

Finding a focus

Despite the fact that she has grown up with money and opportunities galore, Kitty Spencer has struggled to find true meaning in her life. After making her presence known within the humanitarian world, Kitty confessed that she envies those who are homeless. Within her work with Centrepoint, she has realized that those who have little in their lives have a purpose and a need to go somewhere in life. They know what they want to do and what they want – which is something she has always struggled with. She has noted that she struggles with focus.

There for the military

Although she spends a lot of her time walking the catwalk and raising money for the homeless, Lady Kitty Spencer also ensures that she has time to help another charity close to her heart. Like many esteemed families in the United Kingdom, the Spencer family is largely associated with the military charity, Give Us Time. According to reports, Kitty has been made a trustee of this organization and does everything she can to ensure that the lives of the family members who serve in the military are looked after.

She has an art appreciation

Considering she spent much of her higher education learning about Art History and luxury fashion, it should come as no surprise to learn that Kitty Spencer loves to surround herself with beautiful things. Of course, she could just look in the mirror to do this, but Kitty likes to look beyond herself and immerse herself in the culture around the world. When she has the time, Kitty will take herself to some of the most famous galleries and museums across the globe, including the Met – where she took in the Water Lilies of Monet.

Famous friends

As a relative newcomer to the world of fashion, Kitty Spencer seems to have slotted into the life of the rich and famous with ease. Because of this, she is always seen with her famous friends around her. Through her social media pages, she shows off pictures with her BFF, Pixie Lott, as well as her other acquaintances. She is close to famous models such as Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid, as well as English socialites such as the extravagant reality star, Mark Francis Vandelli.

An animal lover

Growing up in South Africa meant that Lady Kitty Spencer was surrounded by animals and wildlife. It seems as though this love of nature has stayed with her since her move back to the United Kingdom, and Kitty is now the proud owner of her very own kitty. This pampurred cat seems to live a life of luxury – and has already achieved more than many of us will in our lifetimes! That’s because Baby D has made its way into the pages of the esteemed magazine, Tatler, with its own piece. That’s just not fair.

Facing heartbreak

As one of the most beautiful women within the high society of British culture, it’s fair to say that Kitty Spencer has had her fair share of love interests. However, her heart was broken in June 2017 after her four-year relationship with Nicolò Barattieri di San Pietro came to an end. Although the property developer was 19 years older than the model, the pair seemed to be completely in love – until Nicolo decided that he didn’t want to get married or have children. He later set his sights on the actress, Elizabeth Hurley…

The travel bug

Although Kitty was devastated to learn that her ex-boyfriend had moved on so quickly after their split, she made sure that she kept as busy as possible during the difficult time. So, Kitty did what she does best – and traveled! As a regular travel enthusiast, Kitty spams her Instagram followers with awesome pictures of herself as she jets across the globe. From trips to remote beaches to bustling European cities, Kitty is certainly living the life of a royal, even though she’s not technically a member of the royal family!

Getting sporty

While there’s no evidence of Kitty Spencer getting down and dirty in the mud as she plays lacrosse or hockey during her free time, Kitty has made her love of watching polo known to her fans and followers. As a sport associated with high society, it should come as no surprise to learn that Kitty loves to get dressed up in her demure hats and designer outfits and watch the men and women of noble background get on their horses and hit a few balls around. She watches polo matches whenever she has the time.

All about the accessories

Since her entrance into the world of celebrity, fans and followers from across the world have been amazed by Kitty Spencer’s incredible fashion sense. Yet, it seems as though her accessories have caught our eyes more than her clothing. Known for her statement jewelry that includes giant pendant necklaces, sparkling bracelets, jeweled earrings and a whole load of gold, companies, and brands from across the world have now started to form a line of those who all want her to wear their jewelry and promote their products. Go, Kitty!

Royal connections

Although her main connection to the royal family sadly is no longer around, it seems as though the Spencer family aren’t ready to leave the limelight just yet. Lady Kitty Spencer and her siblings often find themselves in the same social circles as other royals, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. In fact, these ladies often spend their evenings attending high profile parties for society’s elite. The lives of these ladies are basically the British equivalent of Gossip Girl – and Kitty is just like our favorite Upper East Sider, Serena Van Der Woodsen!