Escape room employees explain the worst things they have ever seen

Do you ever find yourself craving something new and exciting? Perhaps you’re bored of sitting on the couch and watching television in your spare time, perhaps you’ve had enough of baking 15 cakes to pass the evening, and perhaps you just can’t be bothered to play your video games anymore.

If you’re the kind of person that is always searching for more, we think we may have the perfect antidote to your boredom. You know what you need to do? You need to get locked in a room with no way out! Okay, that sounds pretty weird – but escape rooms have become an international phenomenon, and millions of people are paying to be become prisoners. However, getting out of an escape room isn’t as simple as finding keys and unlocking a few doors.

To get out of these themed rooms you need to put your thinking caps on, start looking at things more logically, and decipher clues to escape before the time runs out. Most of the time, these escape rooms are themed to perfection. You might have to escape from Arthur’s roundtable, a dark cell in the middle of a dungeon, or a space shuttle in the middle of the abyss.

While this experience can be a little scary, it’s also incredibly exciting – and it’s often difficult to know how you’re going to react. Thankfully, escape room employees are on hand to watch your every move, which means they’ve even seen escapees at their worst…

Getting a little thirsty

If you’ve ever taken part in an escape room, you’ll know that your mind goes into overdrive. Suddenly everything in the room becomes a potential clue or way out – and it seems as though this has often caused a few problems. During one particular escape room, a group of prisoners somehow decided that they had to drink jars of water and fake limbs in order to unlock the door in front of them. Of course, this wasn’t the case, and the prisoners were simply drinking stagnant pond water from a murky colored lake down the road.

Hint: Don’t destroy the room

When you take part in an escape room, your concept of tidiness, grace, and decorum go out of the window. You turn everything upside down in search of clues, and you try to find anything that will help unlock the dreaded door to freedom. Yet, it seems as though many escape room employees are getting a little fed up with how far people will go to escape. One employee took his eyes off the screens for two minutes and came back to find that the whole room had been destroyed. The door had even been taken off the hinges.

There are almost always night-vision cameras

Escape rooms are all about the prisoners, but the employees always have to keep an eye on the prisoners to ensure that things are going to plan. If the escape room is encased in darkness, they will almost always have night-vision cameras – and it’s a good thing you remember that. One couple forgot this fact when they were in their escape room and were separated by a wall with just a small hole in it. Unfortunately, they had to be told to behave as the employees were watching!

People will do anything

If you’re the kind of person that loves to win at everything you do, escape rooms can be pretty irritating. They will test every fiber of your being, and will often push you to your limits. Because of this, people will do anything to crack the code and come out the other side. On one occasion, an escape room employee looked at the screen to see that a group of men had all taken off their clothes and were drastically trying to find more clues. Well, whatever works for you.

Just having a lie-down

Escape rooms are perfect for parties and group events, which means that they often get a little merry beforehand. When one woman went to an escape room to celebrate her 21st birthday with those closest to her, she celebrated being a legal adult by drinking a little too much. While a little drink here and there isn’t a bad thing, it’s important that you comprehend what’s going on in front of you. For this birthday girl, she couldn’t comprehend anything other than having a little lie down in the locked room…

It’s not actually real

The aim of any escape room is to make it as real as possible. You need to believe that you’ve been taken back in time or transported to this new location to make the experience as authentic as it can possibly be – but this can often get into people’s heads. While one employee was working on a police-themed escape room, an actor pulled a fake weapon out on the prisoners. What they didn’t anticipate was that one of the prisoners would tackle the actor to the ground to keep the others safe!

Failure is not an option

Many escape room employees have noticed that people who deem themselves as more intelligent do not take failure lightly. In fact, failure is not an option. During one particular escape room experience, a group of doctors with PhDs tried their hand at the escape room – but after a little while, they weren’t getting anywhere. As per the escape room rules, the employee asked them if they wanted a little hint to get them started. In all seriousness, one doctor turned around and told them to go away. However, he didn’t say it quite as nicely.

It can be scary

If you’re claustrophobic and hate small, enclosed spaces or locked doors, then an escape room probably shouldn’t be your activity of choice. These escape rooms can often be scary and frightening for those who aren’t used to these kinds of experiences, and some workers have witnessed this first hand. In fact, one particular employee had to handle three separate panic attacks within one group. While they helped calm down the first two, the third one decided to thank the employee by bringing up their lunch right by the door. It didn’t set a good impression for the next group.

Lighters aren’t a good option

It’s best to go into an escape room with absolutely on your person. You don’t need any tools, you don’t need any internet, and you definitely don’t need any props of your own. Because of this, one worker was a little taken aback when one of their prisoners whipped a lighter out of their pocket. When she asked them what they needed a lighter for, they remarked that they were lighting their ‘booty coughs’ on fire. While she couldn’t deny that this wasn’t funny, it definitely wasn’t the safest thing in the world.

Sometimes you just need a hug

Every escape room is set up differently, and they all have different props. In one particular escape room, there was a giant blow-up banana in the corner – just for fun! When one prisoner made his way into the room slightly intoxicated, he found the whole thing slightly overwhelming. The bubbles had gotten to him, and he just started crying in the corner. The only way the workers could calm him down was to give him the giant banana to cuddle. It worked a treat, and he stopped crying immediately.

We hope she said yes

The day that someone asks you to marry them is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. Although every proposal is different, it’s normally full of love and romance, and reflective of your relationship together. However, there are some people who decide to bypass tradition and propose to their significant other in escape rooms – and escape room workers have seen a few in their time! The weirdest one so far? When a man decided to propose to his girlfriend while she was blindfolded and tied up in a dark room…

Come prepared, but not too prepared

To get out of an escape room you need intelligence, common sense, and a little bit of practicality about you. While you need to come prepared to deal with all of this, it’s best to not come too prepared. One worker remarked on a day when a group made their way into the room with a toolkit on their possession. They turned the room upside down and unscrewed everything from the walls. The manager was not best pleased, and they had to stay behind to put everything back together.

Things aren’t as they seem

Every escape room is different, and every employee has new and improved tricks up their sleeve to confuse and question their prisoners. In one escape room, there is a false door that opens up onto a wall to trick the prisoners who were blindfolded and led into the room through another door. When one man found a key and opened the fake door, he was so excited that he had cracked the code he didn’t quite look where he was going. Instead of floating through to freedom, he left with a rather large bump on his head.

You can be hardcore, too

The world is full of experts. People are experts in singing, in dancing, in baking cakes, and even at sewing. Yes, these people are hardcore fans and spend their lives surrounded by the hobby they love. But did you know that the world is also full of hardcore escape room artists? One employee remembers the day that a group of hardcore fans turned up to their escape room in a limo with matching t-shirts, ready to cross another escape room off their list. We can only hope to reach that level of awesomeness.

It’s not so easy for kids

Escape rooms really are a test of your intelligence and your common sense, which means they are normally undertaken by adults who have more worldly experience. Despite this, some parents do take their kids along to get them involved and test their knowledge. Sadly, one employee realized that one couple had made a mistake when they brought their kids along because it didn’t end well. Instead of supporting them throughout the experience and helping them escape, the parents simply yelled at their kids for the whole hour. They didn’t escape in time.

Don’t try to beat the game

Although you need to try and escape the escape room, it’s best that you don’t try and beat the game itself. After all, it’s just a bit of fun on a Sunday afternoon. Yet, there have been people in the past who have tried to get ahead of the game and trick the trick masters. Instead of simply opening a cryptex and using the clue to help him escape, one man decided to hack the cryptex and reset the mechanism so that it opened to a naughty word. Luckily, the worker in charge that day had an equally naughty mind.

It’s a team game

The best thing about escape rooms is that you work together as a team to escape from the clutches of the room – but there are some people in this world who just aren’t team players. On one such occasion, an employee watched as a group of people made their way into the room and started scouring for clues. What they didn’t realize was that one of their team members had taken themselves off into the corner and was having a nap while they waited to be let out.

An awkward proposal

As we’ve already seen, escape rooms are no stranger to proposals. Yet, if you are planning on proposing to your significant other while locked in a room for an hour, it’s a good idea to be sure about your relationship. After all, you don’t want to be rejected. That’s exactly what happened when one man proposed to his girlfriend in an escape room. After the employees worked tirelessly to pull off the proposal, they had no idea that she would say no just a few minutes into their experience. They had no way out for another 50 minutes. Awkward.

The people aren’t always real

Although some escape rooms feature actors and real people within their storylines, most escape rooms simply use mannequins and props to make their experience seem even more real. However, when you’re caught up in the moment, even a plastic mannequin can give you the heebie-jeebies. One escape room employee remembers a time when a woman was so frightened by the mannequin in front of her that she had to go to the bathroom there and then.

If in doubt, don’t smash it

When you’re in full escape room mode, it can often be difficult to separate clues from props that help set the scene. Because of this, many prisoners have got a little too wrapped up in the experience and become a little too suspicious about everyday objects. On one particular occasion, a group of prisoners decided to throw a computer on the floor to see if there was a clue inside of it. Of course, there was definitely not a clue inside of it, but they had broken an expensive computer in the process anyway.