What employers are looking for in an employee

If you want to turn your internship into a job offer, you must know what exactly employers look for in employees for hiring. Apart from technical skills, employers seek employees who have personal values, personality traits, and characteristics that spell success. You can inculcate those skills and work values during your internship in order to be successful in your workplace. Here are a few traits that employers expect from employees.

Effective communication skills

In order to be truly desirable to prospective employers, you must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in a wide variety of mediums. These include verbal communication, sharing information with lists and phone messages, by email, on the phone, and with body language. Communication skills also include listening skills, and your ability to follow directions and provide feedback accordingly.

Technical competency

Many positions require certain technical skills that are mentioned in the job description. If you are hired to perform such technical tasks, it is a must that you should have those skills and be prepared to improve those skills along the way. Lying about technical skills won’t help you here because your employer will soon learn what you can do effectively and what you can’t. Make sure you present yourself and your skills thoroughly and truthfully.

What employers are looking for in an employee

Work ethic

Employers expect you to be there on time, complete your assignments on time, meet targets and deadlines, and work to the best of your ability. They value employees who understand and possess a willingness to work hard. They also expect you to work smart and not waste time. They judge your ability to complete tasks efficiently and save time while completing daily assignments. You should possess excellent time management skills.


Employers expect you to be very honest. They require accurate and timely information regarding their business and employees. Be honest even if you make a mistake – don’t cover it up or try to hide it. Admit it and make sure that you don’t repeat it again, and chances are your employer will appreciate you even more.


Both employers and employees need to quickly react to the changing business conditions. Employers look for employees who can quickly adapt themselves to those changes when required, and who don’t let it upset their work or attitude.

Problem-solving skills

Employers look for self-motivated people who can take up challenges and solve the important problems with minimal direction. In a supportive work environment, employees should take the initiative to be self-directive. It provides them with a sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem, and it shows your employer that you are a valuable asset to the company.

What employers are looking for in an employee


Employers hire employees who are trustworthy. They should be able to trust their employees to work professionally and meet their best interests. Employers don’t hire people who require close scrutiny or those who cannot be trusted in public to represent the company. They also expect professionalism, strong self-confidence and positive attitude, and motivation to learn new skills and grow with the company. If you can prove to your employers that you possess these traits, you are well on your way to becoming an important and valuable employee at any company.