Eco-friendly alternatives for an air conditioner

Many of us are now looking for more ways to look after our planet. However, the rising temperatures can see many of us head for the AC. Thankfully, there are many eco-friendly alternatives for an air conditioner that can keep you cool and protect the planet at the same time. Perfect.

Natural breeze

Of course, Mother Nature can be a wonderful mistress, and her natural breeze can keep us cool without the need for any air conditioning at all. However, we might need to be smart when it comes to getting the most out of the cooler weather from outdoors. Many of us know that heat rises, so surely it makes sense to keep the top windows as far open as possible? No. this has the opposite effect as it lets in the warmth from outdoors. Instead, it’s best to keep the bottom windows open as wide as possible and keep the top ones open just a little.

Eco-friendly alternatives for an air conditioner

Keep hydrated

If you want to keep cool in the summer, then it could be time to start cooling your body from the inside. One of the best ways to do that is making sure that you drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day. You might find that your body soon adjusts to maintaining its own temperature a little better and doesn’t even need the AC. The best bit? This can also be the perfect excuse to enjoy an ice cream or two as you try to keep cooler.

Hydronic cooling

This is a brand new form of air conditioning that could soon be taking off across the world. Hydronic cooling works by cooling parts of our homes, such as the walls and the floors. It does this by pumping cold water through special pipes in the world. Of course, this does still take a little energy to work. However, it uses a lot less than traditional air conditioners, making it a more eco-friendly version while also saving most people a little money in the long run.

Use cool appliances

This might sound strange, but using warm appliances in your home can add to the extra heat trapped within the walls. Why spend the day watching TV when you could head outside instead? That’s not all. Using the oven or gas cookers can also see the temperature rise before we know it. It could be time to opt for grilling or heading outside for a backyard barbecue instead. Why not invite your friends around and make it a party? That’s certainly one way to enjoy the summer.

Change your roof

Changing our roof is more of a long-term investment for anyone wanting to try and keep their houses cool for many years to come. Many homes are fitted with dark tiles that attract the sunlight in the summer and heat up the rooms below. Opting for light tiles or even using a light paint can help to reflect the sun instead. Less sun means less heat and, hopefully, a cooler home overall.

Eco-friendly alternatives for an air conditioner

Summer can be a wonderful time as the days are longer and the sun is shining. Sadly, the rising temperatures often interrupt the fun. If you want to keep cool but don’t want to harm the planet, then these eco-friendly alternatives for an air conditioner could be all you need to stay comfortable.