Dr. Phil surprises his wife on his show after 40 years of marriage

Dr. Phil has been winning viewers’ hearts ever since he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey’s show, so it was no wonder that he received his own show in 2002. With over 2,000 episodes during its 16 seasons, most people have either watched the popular daytime show, or at least heard of it. The show featured a lot of wacky guests over the years (remember Danielle Bregoli, the “cash me outside” girl?), but also covered many relevant and important topics. And with a beautiful relationship like the one he has with his wife, Robin, it’s no wonder Dr. Phil is an expert.

Apparently, Robin likes to keep her husband on his toes, by constantly playing pranks and surprising him. This time, however, it was he who got to surprise his devoted and playful wife. Robin often sits in the audience on her husband’s shows, but this time she was called to the stage, and she had no idea what surprise was waiting for her there.

Noticing something strange

Dr. Phil has years of experience of how to act in front of the camera, and always has something to say. One episode he was filming though, saw the host at a loss for words.


Feeling something was a little off, the studio audience (including his wife Robin) was beginning to get confused. Finally, the host announced that after being the one that is usually on the receiving end of the surprise, he had a shock in store for Robin! What had the Dr. cooked up?

In the audience

Dr. Phil Mcgraw’s famous daytime show brings us some of the best (and most memorable) guests on television. The show was handed to the Dr. by Oprah and has had a “recurring guest” ever since.


His wife, Robin, has been in the audience of every show he’s filmed and plans to be there at every future one too. But this time, she was suddenly called to the stage by her husband, catching her by surprise.

Surprise surprise!

Pulling pranks and surprising her husband keeps Robin busy between watching the shows and supporting her husband. Even though the couple are now Hollywood celebrities, they still know what it takes to have a good time and keep their marriage entertaining!


Keeping the jokes tasteful, Robin enjoys pulling off her shenanigans, but Dr. Phil appeared to have enough of always being the recipient. Deciding enough was enough, Dr. Phil plotted up a revenge plan of his own, and it was all going to happen when Robin walked up to the stage, unaware what was waiting for her there.

Getting a taste of her own medicine

Robin isn’t only seen in the audience of every one of her husband’s shows, but she also plays another role from time to time. Showing her support for her celebrity husband, Robin is sometimes asked to be brought on to offer her own opinions and commentary on what is happening.


Usually found in the background cooking up surprise ideas for her husband, Dr. Phil decided it was time for his wife to play the starring role in the show.

A very welcomed surprise gift

One of Robin’s previous surprises for her celebrity husband was a very sweet gift for their 39th wedding anniversary. The host’s long-term wife noticed that the clock had gone past midnight and into the day of their special celebration, meaning it was time for a surprise gift.


Robin whipped open Phil’s Facebook page where she began to play him a video. His wife had been creating and filming the video for ages, and caught him completely unaware. But what was the gift?

Painting the perfect picture

Over the course of nine days, Robin had been frantically planning and filming her surprise video gift. The clip showed her painting love hearts and caring words about her husband onto a canvas that she had made and shot all by herself.


Having been titled a queen of creativity, Dr. Phil went on to say how Robin has created their home and family, doing it all with her love. We may need a tissue over here!

Wearing her veil

As if the video itself wasn’t enough to bring the hardest of us to tears, Robin wasn’t set on leaving it there. In the film, she is painting with a wedding veil hanging down from her hair.


This wasn’t just any veil, it was the one she was wearing as she walked down the aisle 39 years ago that day! The whole thing was set to music that held meaning for the couple, causing even Dr. Phil to almost (almost) tear up. Pass the tissues, please, because we definitely need one!

Bringing him to tears

So what was the selection of music that could nearly bring the Dr. to tears? One of many people’s favorites, Robin had chosen Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.


The song included Sheeran singing about still falling in love now as hard as when you are 23. As she was just 23-years old when the couple wed, the song choice fit perfectly for the video. It’s no wonder that this surprised husband wanted to pay something back to his devoted wife.

Finally getting her back

Over the years of surprising her husband, Dr. Phil finally got his chance at revenge when he could surprise his wife on his very own show.


He decided Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to unleash his plan, announcing to the studio audience that he would finally be getting her back. Fans began to cheer on Robin to get to her husband’s side to find out what her husband had planned, but she definitely wouldn’t be prepared for the shock!

The perfect idea

After his wife joined him at his side, Dr. Phil went on to explain just what it was he had been hatching up for so long. The show’s host went on to talk about how he had spoken to her absolute favorite band ever.


The surprise clicked with Robin, and now she knew what was happening her excitement was overwhelming! Hanging from her husband, she needed his support to stand as the shock took over, what could it be?

Jumping for joy

Robin found herself nearly falling over the overwhelming happiness she was experiencing! What could Dr. Phil have thought up as a gift to make his wife this happy?


While Robin had guessed what the surprise would be, her husband kept a tight grip on her to help hold her up as the surprise was still being held from the audience. The producers eventually gave the go-ahead to the host to reveal what the grand surprise was – and there wasn’t a dry eye left in the room when he did.

The grand unveiling

Dr. Phil really knows how to draw out an kind of suspense, keeping the audience guessing with who the guest could be.


After revealing he had been asking the band to make an appearance for ten years, it was time for the host to make the big reveal on who exactly would be playing. The band had been everywhere from L.A. over to Sydney, Australia, and after a long pause, it would be revealed it was none other than…

Their very own son!

Not just their son, but Jordan was introduced with his band Hundred Handed! Robin could no longer hold it together and ended up greeting her son with a teary welcome from the overwhelming joy she felt.


Robin had been trying to get the band a chance to appear on the show for years, but producers of Dr. Phil’s show had always said they weren’t allowed. Phil finally talked them around and gave his wife her perfect present. But that wasn’t it…

The surprise didn’t end there

As if finally getting their son a chance to perform with his band on the show wasn’t enough, Dr. Phil was not content on finishing the surprise there.


In a bid to give his wife the best surprise ever, even maybe outdoing her and her gifts from the past, he had another special guest join the band on stage. The special guest had the media questioning them, but would Robin be able to contain herself with the already overflowing joy she had over the gift?

Their son’s girlfriend

Alongside the band on stage, Jordan’s girlfriend, Marissa Jack, was also singing. Marissa, who is a gifted performer, had originally grown up in Phoenix, Arizona, where she had written songs and music. After she turned 18, Marissa made a move to L.A. to pursue her music career.


Since moving, she had been signed in 2010 to a record company, but after recording her first album, she decided she wanted to change her style. This would lead her to meet Jordan, just like in a modern day fairytale.

The perfect of all presents

Robin could look on with joy as Marissa and Jordan were given a chance to duet together. Robin had her proudest mother moment for her son. The performance finished with the studio light dimming and creating a romantic atmosphere.


After the band had wrapped up, Dr. Phil asked the audience if he had finally got his wife back – and they agreed. It was the perfect surprise for a picture-perfect family, but what about their other son?

A close-knit family unit

Having an incredibly close relationship, the two sons and their father have an unbreakable bond. When it was Jay’s turn to marry Erica Dahn, a former Playmate, and identical triplet, Jay didn’t want anyone else to be his best man.


His father gratefully accepted the role, and the wedding took place at their California home. Watching their kids happy with their mutual partners must be great for the couple, but how did they start off themselves? And what problems have they faced? Apparently, there were a lot of those.

Along came a Robin

Following the brief marriage, Phil and Robin Jameson began dating. Just three years later the couple was wed, and by 1979 Robin had fallen pregnant with their first son, Jay. Together the couple would go on to give Jay his younger brother Jordan in 1986.


While the audience of the show know how passionate Robin is about her family and grandchildren, often commenting on how important family is, many people thought Dr. Phil doesn’t share the same feelings…

A healthy attitude towards marriage

Making a conscious choice never to feel bad about herself or her difficult childhood, Robin made the decision to take control of her life and actions she made.


Stating that the issues she experienced growing up helped her, she has explained how it all lead to the compassionate woman with a loving and accepting spirit we all now know and love. Robin says it’s her attitude that helps the couple keep a healthy relationship during their marriage.

The rules for success

To keep their marriage as healthy as it is, Robin has set herself and her husband rules that they must abide to.


While from the outside they may seem to be pretty out there, it’s undeniable that they must have worked seeing as the couple has been together for over 40 years now! So what are the two rules to live by according to the Mcgraw’s for a healthy and long-lasting relationship? We are determined to find out!

An argument-free zone

Most people involved in a long-term relationship will have to admit that their partner and they have the occasional fight. But for this celebrity power couple, this just isn’t the case!


It may seem crazy to a lot of people, but Robin has confirmed that although a lot of people don’t believe them, they just never do. She is said to have laid out at the beginning of the relationship that she didn’t think it would ever be necessary for them to fight and they’ve stuck to it.

Never raising their voices

Robin explained that during the conversation between her and her now-husband at the beginning of their relationship, she made it as clear as she could that she would never be getting into an argument with him.


She explained how she had never been around parents fighting when she was growing up, and that it wasn’t natural. Because of this, she didn’t want to be living in a home like that. Dr. Phil has obliged over the years, and has apparently never raised his voice to his wife – Although some rumors suggested otherwise.

Keeping the fire lit

So, no arguing – rule number one to maintaining a successful marriage. A lot of people will say that fighting is natural and healthy for the relationship, but Robin disagrees. She maintains that anyone can have a thriving relationship without the need to raise your voices at each other.


So what could the second rule for the couple possibly be? Robin claims that it will make sure that the relationship between any pair will be a loving one, where both sides can be supportive of the other.

A flirt a day keeps the problems away

The second rule may seem like an obvious one, but when you think about it, how many times do you do this? Robin says the second rule to a healthy relationship is to continue to flirt with each other.


After an extended period together, it can be easy to forget to do this, she says, but in finding out what makes your partner happy, and what it is that they consider flirting, you can keep them smiling for years. And the two have more advice to come.

Phil comes first

Perhaps controversially, what Robin said to Phil after the birth of their first son, Jay, was intended to ensure that he always felt important.


The host’s wife told him that regardless of the fact they were now parents, and no matter how many more children they had, he would always come first in her mind. Robin explains that it was said to ensure Phil didn’t think of himself as second in the family, but we’re not sure we’ll take that advice on board.

Having it all

As well as being the perfect wife and mother, Robin also finds time to be a successful businesswoman. But as she doesn’t want to overwhelm herself, she makes sure that she balances her life and priorities carefully.


What she values the most in her life is what Robin has chosen as her top priorities, and there is one question she always asks. She has admitted to asking what it is she can do for her husband, and give him whatever he needed. But was there trouble in paradise?

Fighting off the lies

Not neglecting her husband is one of Robin’s main tasks for her days. While publicly speaking about the subject over the years, Robin has spoken of how she thinks it’s essential for her husband to know what is happening in her life.


As well as this, she thinks it’s important that Phil knows how much she loves him and how much Robin appreciates his hard work. So it came as a shock to hear the rumors in the media about the couple’s marriage.

Living with a secret past

Celebrities often seem like they are the perfect versions of what all us humans must be, but it’s no secret that they equally have their own issues and problems to deal with in their lives. Before Robin, Dr. Phil had been married before.


Back in 1970, Debbie Higgins was married to the host, but they ended up filing for divorce in 1973. Dishing out advice on-screen may come easily if he has experiences to help, but what was it that caused their marriage to end?


The 20-year old charming and handsome Phil met his future wife in 1970. Debbie had been a cheerleader and the homecoming queen by the time the pair met and was wooed over by the future host. The marriage would be anything but a smooth ride though as they married young and fell into issues quickly.


After rising to fame, his ex-wife stated the Dr. wanted her to lose weight to help keep her figure, as well as having unrealistic expectations of a wife. But that’s not where the rumors ended.

Under the microscope

Being a huge part of daytime television, it’s no wonder that Dr. Phil is often being judged. Not exactly shown to be the most caring and sensitive man when dishing out his sometimes blunt advice to his guests, Phil often attracts the wrong kind of attention.


Making enemies, and people wanting to get into fights with the host is a regular occurrence, but one magazine got a shock when it was them in the firing line with Robin and Phil filing a lawsuit for $250 million!

Putting an end to the rumors

In 2016, the magazine The National Enquirer got a wake-up call to the tune of being sued for $250 million by the couple! Even though the pair are known to have a healthy marriage, the magazine was seen to be repeatedly publishing stories to the contrary.


After wanting to try and send the message that the media wasn’t allowed to print lies about their relationship, we think the couple managed to get their point across successfully.

Waving the white flag

Telling the world that enough is enough, Dr. Phil and Robin made sure the National Enquirer got the hint and were made to put their hands up to the mistakes they had made!


The magazine quickly settled the dispute outside of the courtroom, with it being said that there was equal satisfaction for every party involved. Both the couple and the magazine have agreed not to comment on what happened or how much money exchanged hands.

Defending his loved one

While many people may not see this side of him, Phil does make an effort to show how deeply he cares for his wife. Throughout everything that was happening with the magazine, the host made sure that he was consistently defending his wife.


Making it clear that lies were not to be spread about his wife in the press, Phil went on to add how people that were knowingly making money off of lies shouldn’t be defended. But rumors weren’t the only thing this family had to face.

A tragedy that shocked the family

Cindi Broaddus, Robin’s sister, made an appearance on Dr. Phil’s show during 2005 with a heartbreaking and life-altering tragedy. While Robin had a difficult time growing up, it would be in adulthood that her sister would incur the horrific incident.


Cindi and a friend were driving along underneath an overpass, when someone deliberately dropped sulfuric acid onto the cars driving below, landing on Cindi’s face. This, unfortunately, resulted in Cindi being left with severe burns.

Touch and go

Cindi was, of course, left very severely injured, and was given only a 30% chance of surviving by the doctors that were treating her. Even with it not looking good, amazingly Cindi defeated the odds and pulled through.


Dr. Phil was interviewed by Larry King in 2005, where he said he thought of his sister in law as a real hero. This incredible woman hasn’t allowed her burns to stop her at all, what an amazing lady! But more trouble soon followed for Robin herself…

Wrong advertisement

Even after the case was settled over the spreading of rumors, Robin struggled to get her name out of the headlines, and not for any good reasons either. The criticisms came over a skincare company, but Robin didn’t even own one – apparently this company had used her name without her permission!


Robin said she was unaware the company even existed, but it was brought to light after she started to receive harsh letters about their products.

Sending the message loud and clear

Taking things into a more public light, Dr. Phil stood in front of the audience of his show and told the nation through the camera to put an end to it all. The host stated how the pair were continuing to chase the people involved, and how it wouldn’t stop until they were found.


Phil added how he couldn’t believe people were actively using their names and relationship to sell their products. Robin did have her own lifestyle brand, but we think she might remember if it was hers!

Past demons

Aside from overcoming these difficulties, the always smiling Robin also has some demons to battle from her past. Unfortunately, Robin experienced life growing up with an alcohol-dependent father and spent most of her childhood unhappy.


Rather than letting her battles take over, Robin vowed to ensure she was always in control of her life and not to see her life go down the same pathway. And her marriage to Dr. Phil seems to be the answer, as the two try to maintain a healthy and loving relationship.

Looking like a million dollars

Proving just how head over heels in love Dr. Phil was when he first met his wife, he can even remember what she was wearing when they first met. Sporting a baggy top and shorts, Phil said that Robin’s hair was all over the place – not exactly the look you’d want to be caught in.


Phil said that she always looks like a million dollars to him, though, no matter what. He also realized he wanted to marry Robin when he realized he respected her.

A softie at heart

The often brash and straight-talking host does seem to have a softer side to him. When it comes to his wife, Phil appears to be nothing but devoted. For their 40th wedding anniversary, the host wrote on twitter that 40 years were just the beginning, and he was looking forward to the next 40.


Along with the tweet, Phil attached a video and photo montage of the couple, the perfect 21st-century declaration of love. We wish this couple to keep on surprising each other for the rest of their lives.