How to decide between owning a dog or a cat

Two of the most beloved pets are dogs and cats. 36.5% of American households have a dog, while 30.4% have a cat. These close statistics have produced the question “are you a dog or a cat person?” and that might get you wondering which you fall under. Some people might be neither, while some love both. So, if you like both and can’t choose which to get, then we’ve got some handy tips.

Do you value independence?

It’s no secret that dogs are pretty high-maintenance, while cats are much more independent. Cats are usually more content wandering the streets rather than being sat on the couch with you, whereas dogs often find themselves sat right next to you – or on you. If you don’t want a pet which heavily relies on your company, then we’d suggest a cat is your ideal companion.

How to decide between owning a dog or a cat

Do you want cuddles?

Some cats can be affectionate with their humans, others most definitely are not, and a huge number sit slap bang in the middle, where they’ll be cuddled on their terms, or else you’re in for an injury. If you want a pet to snuggle up with in bed when you’re watching a movie, then a dog is for you. They’ll never say no to a bedtime – or anytime – cuddle.

Who do you want to be in charge?

While a dog owner will say “no,” “come here,” or “fetch that,” you might find your cat trying to tell you the same. Dogs will often obey our every command, in an attempt to please us, while cats will look straight into your soul, telling you to do it yourself, just with their eyes. So, if you don’t want your pet to be the boss of you, please get yourself a dog.

Do you want a loyal friend?

We all know the saying that dogs are man’s best friend, but that really does ring true for the most part. Dogs are loyal and honest. They want to make us happy, and they love unconditionally. While cats are like this too sometimes, there’s every chance your cat is going to wander out one day, and find themselves a new family, just because they gave them a treat once. If you don’t mind your pet coming and going when they please, then a cat could be perfect for you.

How to decide between owning a dog or a cat

Do you want to train your pet?

Cats need toilet training and that’s about as far as their essential training goes. Dogs, on the other hand, need a lot of work put into them, especially if you want a well-behaved, loving, and quiet companion. If training isn’t your thing, then perhaps go for a low-maintenance cat, who’s more likely to train you, than you are to train it.

Both dogs and cats can make wonderful pets, but usually, for very different types of people. If you still can’t decide, nothing is stopping you from getting both. Just remember to choose wisely, because you don’t want a dog that’s going to be perpetually chasing the cat or a cat who wants to attack the dog at every opportunity.