Dark angel: the inspiring story of Farrah Fawcett

We all know that Farrah Fawcett was the feisty blonde in Charlie’s Angels, but did you know that she really became famous due to the pinup of her in her red swimsuit? In fact, that picture – which was the best selling pinup poster ever – helped propel her to international stardom. With her keen acting abilities coupled with a smile which lit up the room, her famous lovers and up and downs that seem to chase her around – Farrah became one of the most famous and memorable women of the 70s. Then her life took an unexpected turn…

Everyone remembers Farrah Fawcett for one reason or another. The actress, artist, and model rose to fame in the 1970s and continued to make the front pages of magazines and newspapers for decades to come. Along with featuring in films, TV-movies, and even on Broadway. Her face seemed to always be on the front page of papers; sometimes out of choice and sometimes simply out of scandal.

Farrah soon dropped this major and opted for art instead, something her sister also did. Even at college, she was recognized for her beauty, again being voted one of the “ten most beautiful coeds on campus” as a freshman; and also the first time a freshman had ever been chosen. In the summer of 1968, and with the permission of her parents, Farrah Fawcett moved to Hollywood to “try her luck.” Her early career began in the late 1960s and spanned nearly four decades. Many will know her from her role in Charlie’s Angels, others will know her for her Playboy cover (or that ridiculously famous poster).

However you know her, you’ve probably heard so much about the flicky-haired beauty. However, what is the true story behind Farrah Fawcett? Beneath all of the stories, the interviews, and the on-off relationships, what was she really like? Here are all of the facts you could possibly need to know about Farrah Fawcett… You might be surprised to learn that things weren’t always peachy for the glamorous Charlie’s Angel. From her breakthrough into fame with THAT poster through to her passing away in 2009, we follow the story from where it all began.

The real name

Fawcett has been quoted as saying that her unique name was created by her mother Pauline Alice Fawcett, apparently because it gave her an easy to say first and last name. However, the name was not made up by Fawcett’s mother, as it has been a popular Arabic and Muslim name for centuries. Perhaps Fawcett’s mom told Farrah, meaning “joy in Arabic,” that story to make her feel special.

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High school’s most beautiful

Farrah Fawcett was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas where she went to W. B. Ray High school. Just like in many other high school yearbooks all over the country, the student body voted on various people to be, amongst other things, the most popular, likely to succeed, and many more categories. Farrah was voted to be the “most beautiful” person in her high school’s graduating class, something which would come to help her later on.


College beauty queen

Farrah Fawcett attended the University of Texas in Austin in 1965 where she began studying for a degree in microbiology. However, she decided to switch over to majoring in art and sculpting. It was not too long after that she was named to be one of the “Ten Most Beautiful Coeds on Campus.” Being put on this list meant that the university would send a headshot to various modeling agents in Hollywood. Farrah was the first ever Freshman to be put on the list.

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Dropping out

Here we see Farrah (far left) in her room at her off-campus housing. Sadly, she didn’t stay there for the duration of her degree. A photo of Farrah reached the desk of David Mirisch, a Hollywood agent, who proceeded to beg Farrah to come out to Los Angeles. Fawcett turned him down time after time but was finally convinced during her junior year at the university. It was during that year in 1968 that Farrah’s parents gave her their blessing and she went off to Hollywood. She never finished her degree.


No mirror for the poster 

You know THAT Farrah Fawcett shoot? The one in the famous red one piece swimsuit? Well, the picture was posed for in 1976 just before she reached the dizzying heights of stardom with Charlie’s Angels. Millions of copies of that specific poster were bought (probably for millions of teenage boys’ walls) and it has since become the best selling poster of all time. We’re pretty sure your dads have at least one copy hiding in the attic if you want to see it in real life. According to sources, Fawcett refused using a mirror for this photoshoot.

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Married to Majors

In the late 1960s, before she reached the dizzying heights of fame (and before THAT photoshoot), Farrah Fawcett started dating Lee Majors. Majors is an actor who was best known for his roles in The Big Valley, The Six Million Dollar Man, and The Fall Guy. The pair married in 1973 and divorced in 1982, but it’s reported the pair had actually separated in 1979. While married, she was credited as Farrah Fawcett-Majors.


Tennis player

One of the ways that Farrah first got noticed to do television after her modelling career was due to her athletics. Fawcett and her husband (and TV star) Lee Majors would frequently play tennis with a man named Aaron Spelling. Spelling happened to be producing a show called Charlie’s Angels and asked Farrah to join the cast as the bombshell blonde Jill Munroe. This would help to propel Fawcett to superstardom.


Apart from her husband

While Farrah Fawcett was filming Charlie’s Angels her husband was in the middle of filming TV’s smash hit Six Million Dollar Man. The two were extremely busy and were unable to see each other very much, thereby putting enormous strain on their marriage. A combination of the inability for the two to see each other coupled with the fact that Farrah had huge ambition to succeed as an actress caused the two to split up.



People were shocked when Farrah Fawcett and Lee Major called it quits. They seemed to have a perfectly normal relationship – dating for several years before getting married in 1973. However, despite nearly making it to a decade of marriage, the couple decided to permanently split up. Years later Major would go on record saying that his split with Fawcett was similar to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s split.


Playboy appearances

While her 1997 Playboy cover may be one of the most talked about (mainly because of the interview that followed), it wasn’t actually her most controversial. In 1995, when Farrah Fawcett was 48-years-old, she posed semi-naked in Playboy which caused a serious stir. Her 1997 shoot, which featured her painting on a canvas with her body (an ambition of Farrah for years). She was 50-years-old when she did this shoot.


Fallout from quitting

After just one year reprising the role of Jill Munroe in Charlie’s Angels, Farrah Fawcett decided to leave the show in order to pursue other career options. However, this was against her contract with the production company, leading to a lawsuit being filed against her by her friend Aaron Spelling over breach of contract. The suit was settled once Fawcett agreed to make a minimum of six appearances on the show over the course of two years.


No work

Co-producer of Charlie’s Angels, Leonard Goldberg, was extremely upset at the fact that Fawcett did not hold up her end of the agreement, especially since him and Aaron Spelling basically made her a star. It then became really hard for Fawcett to find work as most studios refuse to work with an actor or actress who breaks their agreements. In fact, for a long time, no one would hire her.


No cameo

When Charlie’s Angels came to the big screen in back in 2000, Farrah Fawcett was asked to do a cameo in the film alongside Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore. However, Fawcett said that the only way that she would be in the film was if she was able to reprise the voice of Charlie. However, the movie studios refused this request, and Fawcett was not featured in the film at all.


Romantic with Ryan

From 1979 through to 1997, Farrah Fawcett found herself romantically involved with Ryan O’Neal. Again, an actor (known for roles in Love Story, What’s Up, Doc? And Barry Lyndon). Ryan had actually trained as an amateur boxer before making it big in the movie world and meeting Farrah. In 1985 the pair had a son, Redmond James Fawcett O’Neal, but the love was not to last (for now). The pair split up in 1997, but it wasn’t to be the end of their story…


Meeting Ryan

Farrah Fawcett has said in many interviews that she believes in love at first sight, especially when she talks about her longterm boyfriend Ryan O’Neal. According to Farrah, she knew that O’Neal was the one for her the second she locked eyes on him. O’Neal says that he saw her as she walked up the driveway to a friend’s party. She smiled at him, and he knew that she was the one.


Doomed relationship

Ryan was coming off of his second marriage by the time that he met the eponymous Farrah Fawcett. By that time he was already the father of three children, and one of his wives had a severe substance abuse problem. Additionally, O’Neal’s career was not doing that well. With Farrah’s star only rising, he may have felt quite jealous of his new beau, something which seems to have been a strain on their relationship.


The Late Show with David Letterman

Illegal substance accusations started being thrown around about Farrah Fawcett after she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman on June 5, 1997. The entire broadcast with rather uncomfortable, with Farrah even exclaiming “You’re making fun of me,” as Letterman continued to get his digs in. She seemed rather giggly, couldn’t make eye contact and even seemed to think the backdrop was the real New York City at one point. Many people said they thought Farrah had taken something.


Standing up for herself

In 1999, Farrah Fawcett addressed the claims that she had taken something before The Late Show with David Letterman. At the time, she was on the show in order to promote her Playboy cover and a pay-per-view special, but the audience was adamant she was on some kind of illegal substance during the broadcast. Two years after the accusations, Farrah Fawcett went back onto the show, saying that the whole thing was a ‘performance’ but critics are still undecided. It certainly didn’t seem like she was performing.


Calling Ryan

According to Both of Us, a book by Ryan O’Neal, Farrah actually called him up after her David Letterman appearance in tears. She’d overheard some people making fun of her after the show, which led to her calling her soon-to-be ex-lover, crying. She said, “I was just attempting to play the part of the ditsy bunny” referring to her promotion of the Playboy magazine cover. O’Neal consoled her by telling her that she a fox, not a bunny, and to let the photos speak for themselves.


Security Guard

Farrah Fawcett was known for having a full time security guard in her employ. When she met Ryan O’Neal and the two started going out, O’Neal asked the supermodel why she had a security guard with her all the time. She replied coyly “you’ll see” to which O’Neal said “I’ll be your guard.” After being mobbed by fans constantly without a security guard for a week, O’neal asked to get him back.


Best friends

Farrah Fawcett was loyal to her other angels, however, calling them her best friends. In an interview with Howard Stern, he was digging her out, trying to get her to speak badly of her co-stars. However, Farrah Fawcett refused to rise to the bait. She sang the praises of Katie Jackson and Jaclyn Smith who she had filmed the first season of Charlie’s Angels with. Farrah was a real girl’s’ girl and had the backs of her ‘best friends’ as she called them.


Getting the Farrah

Back when Farrah was in Charlie’s Angels, everyone wanted her hair. Forget the Rachel, hairdressers were inundated with requests to copy the famous flicks. However, did you know the hairdo actually had a name? If you went to the hair salon and asked for the “Farrah-Do” or “Farrah-Flip”, then they’d know exactly what you were talking about. We kinda want the Farrah-Flip ourselves now. Turns out, it’s still quite a popular haircut if you’re thinking of getting it done!


A dating game

Before Farrah Fawcett became famous (and met any of her previous partners), she actually appeared on the show The Dating Game! This game show was set up like a blind date, with three eligible bachelors that Farrah could choose from. She got to ask them questions, but she was never allowed to see their face until the very end. Obviously, the relationship didn’t last too long, before she was with Lee Majors from the late 1960s onwards.


Early career

Before she appeared on The Dating Game, Farrah had signed with an agency called Screen Gems who paid her $350 a week. Her earliest career highlights were appearing in commercials for companies such as Max Factor, Noxzema, and Mercury Cougar. She also had a few guest spots on TV shows such as I Dream of Jeannie, The Flying Nun, and The Six Million Dollar Man with her husband Lee Majors. No one knew how famous she would soon become!


Being a Farrah

It wasn’t just Farrah’s hair that everyone wanted; it was her name too! After Charlie’s Angels debuted in 1976, people couldn’t stop naming their babies Farrah. According to the US popular baby names list, Farrah went from 56 babies per million being named Farrah in 1975, up to a whopping 989 babies per million in 1979; making it the 177th most popular girls’ name in America that year. The name Farrah means beautiful. Aww!


Contacting Farrah’s Spirit

Just when we thought that Fawcett was close with her former co-stars, her relationship with Tori Spelling proved to be even closer, but in an interesting way. Farrah used to be neighbors with Tori Spelling, and the two had developed such a connection that Spelling was able to contact her even after she left this world. Spelling said that she visited a psychic who helped her talk to Farrah after she had passed away. We wonder what they chatted about.


The highlight of her life

Farrah Fawcett said that she loved appearing in magazines, which is lucky as she was on a lot of front covers! She once said that being on the cover of Playboy in 1997 was the highlight of her life. Well, it was, until she was torn apart on The Late Show with David Letterman. Farrah appeared on dozens of magazine covers over her life, particularly through the 1970s and 80s, but her fame began to slow down after her 1997 appearance.



Farrah Fawcett will forever live on in our memories as well as in plastic. That’s right, Mattel decided to launch a new line of Barbie dolls in the likeness of Farrah Fawcett. According to pictures, it looks like you could have your own photo shoot with her in her world famous red swimsuit. That is a pretty huge compliment for any model or actress, being immortalized as one of the world’s most popular dolls.


Midnight train to Georgia

It turns out that Farrah Fawcett and her former hubby were the inspiration behind the song Midnight Train to Georgia. As the story goes, Jim Weatherly, who is combination singer and songwriter, was a friend of Lee Majors and called him up one day. When the two got to talking, Fawcett spoke of going to visit her mother on the “midnight plane to Houston,” thus giving Weatherly the inspiration for Midnight Train to Georgia.


A debatable film career

While Farrah may have been the nation’s sweetheart in Charlie’s Angels, her movie career never really took off. She appeared in Somebody Killed Her Husband, Sunburn and Saturn 3, all of which were flops in the cinema. However, she did find her niche in made-for-TV movies with The Burning Bed which landed her an Emmy Award nomination for her role as a battered housewife. The rest of her TV movies earned her another Emmy Award nomination and four Golden Globe nominations.


An even worse Broadway career

While she may have been licking her wounds over her debatable movies, Farrah was probably even more devastated by her short-lived Broadway career. While she may have had a successful run in the play Extremities, winning her critical acclaim, her return was not quite so loved. In fact, her part in Bobbi Boland never really saw the light of day. The 2003 Broadway show closed after just seven preview performances, never making it to a real audience.


Best selling poster

When Farrah Fawcett took a picture of herself in a red bathing suit up against a rug that her parents bought she had no idea how popular her image would be. It turns out that the poster she made would go on to become the best selling poster in all of history. The picture was just kind of slapped together, and the rug was actually the photographer’s from his car. If you want an original copy of the poster, you may need to shell out $400 online for it.


Farrah’s scar

It is incredible that a woman wearing a one piece bathing suit would cause such a stir in the world and go on to become the best selling poster of all time. Yet it turns out that the red one piece was chosen due to the fact that Farrah Fawcett had a giant scar on her midsection. No one is really sure as to what caused the scar, but close family friends say that the scar occurred as a result of a youth bike riding accident.


Meeting James Orr

Not one to wait around for long, Farrah Fawcett met the Canadian filmmaker, James Orr, while filming Man of the House. The pair had a one-year relationship, but things came to an abrupt end when James Orr was arrested for beating Farrah during an argument in 1998. Orr was later convicted of misdemeanor battery, but the judge noted that Farrah had actually started the fight (and the violence) so the filmmaker was given the minimum sentence.


Redmond out of wedlock

Despite having never gotten married, Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neil stayed together for nearly 20 years. In that time the two had a son together whom they named Redmond O’Neal. Despite appearing like the picture perfect family to the American public, it turns out that there was a lot of strife between Ryan and Farrah, something which has caused Redmond to go a little crazy.


Stealing clothes

In a rather bizarre twist of events, Kristen Amber Citron (a fellow actress) actually accused Farrah Fawcett of stealing clothes and nude photos from the home of James Orr, her former boyfriend. According to Kirsten, Farrah had stolen goods worth a total of $72,000, but the claim was never chased up, and nothing more was ever said about the matter. Would Farrah really steal clothes from her ex-boyfriend? Guess we’ll never know!


O’Neil had Leukemia

It turns out that one of the things which helped to bring both Farrah and Ryan closer together was the latter’s diagnosis of Leukemia. After O’Neal got sick and was diagnose, Farrah ran to be by his side and to comfort and take care of him. Despite breaking up in 1997, the couple came back together when they realized that they were about to lose each other. They then got back together, and were inseparable until Fawcett died.



In 2006, Farrah was diagnosed with anal cancer which arises from the distal opening from the intestines. Immediately she started treatment including surgery to remove the tumor and chemotherapy. The world was shocked by the news, and Ryan O’Neal was quick to be by her side. The pair were reported to be talking again after she was diagnosed with cancer, but things weren’t to progress until much later.


Andy Warhol

Ryan O’Neal set up a meeting between Farah and the world famous artist Andy Warhol back in 1980. Warhol decided to do two portraits of Farah, one of which was then given on loan to the Andy Warhol Museum. However, after Fawcett’s death, she willed all of her artwork to University of Texas at Austin. However, O’Neal claimed ownership over the paintings. After a long court case, O’Neal retained one of the paintings, worth an estimated $12 million.


In Michael Jackson’s shadow

When Farrah Fawcett died at the tender age of 62 in 2009, the world was rocked. But it did not last long as only a few hours later the world learned that the King of Pop Michael Jackson had also passed away. With Jackson’s death, most people quickly forgot about Farrah Fawcett. However, she probably did not care, as she was smiling when she left this world.


Redmond’s substance abuse

Ryan O’Neal revealed in a recent interview that he takes part of the blame in causing his child Redmond to develop a substance abuse problem. He said “One of us should have been the grown-up. Instead, we were two single-minded people who gave into our baser impulses…Our moral compass had become submerged in a sea of ego and confusion and our sweet little boy would bear the brunt of the corrosion.”


The scary threat

Also according to the book O’Neal wrote about their relationship, things turned nasty between himself and Farrah. So much so that their child, Redmond, threatened to stab himself if they didn’t stop fighting. He was just six-years-old when he came down in his pajamas, holding a butcher’s knife, and threatening to stab himself in the chest if Ryan and Farrah didn’t stop arguing. According to the book, Farrah and Ryan would often have loud arguments, which obviously impacted their son.


A sad story

Whether Farrah was taking illegal substances or not, whether the allegations against Ryan from Griffin are true, whether Redmond will ever get out of jail (he was recently incarcerated again for violating probation), and whether anyone will ever be happy with Farrah’s will is something many of us will probably never know. What we do know is that the life and death of Farrah Fawcett is something that will break the hearts of many for years to come.


O’Neal cheats

One of the primary reasons that Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal split is because of O’Neal’s infidelity. That’s right, Ryan O’Neal, the man who was dating one of the most beautiful women in the United States (if not the world), decided that he would cheat on his lover of nearly 20 years with a younger actress named Leslie Ann Stefanson. We are sure that he regretted that decision.


Discovered on Valentine’s day

To make matter worse, it turns out that Ryan O’Neal chose to cheat on Farrah Fawcett on Valentine’s Day of all day. As O’Neal describes it, “It was terrible, I didn’t expect to see her down there. I tried to put my pants on, but I put both legs in one hole. Leslie dived under the covers.” O’Neal thought that Farrah hadn’t seen anything, but she did. All Fawcett asked was “what’s your name?” Leslie said “Leslie,” and Farrah left.


College affair

It turns out that it was not only O’Neal who was having an affair with her significant other. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Farrah was cheating with Ryan for a while with an old college flame named Greg Lott. In fact, it seems that Farrah went into Lott’s arms after the cheating scandal in 1998 and were secretly together until Farrah’s death.


Gregg Lott

Gregg Lott is a former University of Texas football player and dated Farrah when they were in school together. Lott now works selling cars down in Texas, and claims that O’Neal would not let him see Farrah as she lay on her deathbed. “He kept me from seeing the love of my life before she died,” Lott said. “Photos don’t make a relationship. I know what I had with her. He didn’t have that. He blew it.”


O’Neill keeps the Warhol

After Farrah Fawcett died she decided to give all of the artwork which she had collected throughout the years to her alma mater the University of Texas at Austin. However, Ryan O’Neal had one of the paintings hanging above his bed in his bedroom and claimed that Farrah had given their son Redmond the painting. Additionally, O’Neal was not in Fawcett’s last will and testament, but Lott was. Lott ended up receiving $80,000 while O’Neal got nothing.


Lots of letters to Lott

Gregg Lott had to prove that he and Farrah were together to get the money Fawcett left him. He did this by providing the judge with years of letters handwritten to him from Fawcett. In one, she wrote “I miss you so much, and sometimes the loneliness makes me cry. But this is a daunting journey one must take oneself, and there is very little anyone else can do to help.”


Losing her family

In 2001, Farrah Fawcett found out that her older sister, Diane Fawcett Walls had lung cancer. On October 16, the same year, Diane passed away – just before her 63rd birthday. During the Chasing Farrah series, in 2005, the star went home to Texas to see her mother, Pauline, and father, James. Soon after, on March 4, 2005, Pauline also passed away aged 91. Farrah Fawcett was no stranger to losing the ones she loved.


Happy Birthday!

On February 2, 2007, her 60th birthday and four months after starting treatment, Farrah received what she must have thought was the best birthday present ever. A clean bill of health! Doctors believed they had managed to clear the tumor through the surgery and chemotherapy, with the Associated Press reporting that she was now cancer-free. Unfortunately, the good news was not to last very long, and things would soon take a sad turn.


Coming back

In May 2007, Farrah Fawcett found out she had a recurrence and that the cancer had progressed to Stage IV. The cancer had made its way into her liver, and a malignant polyp was found in the same place where she’d had her initial treatment. Her diagnosis gave her a less than 20% survival rate of over 5 years. Doctors told Farrah she would have to have a colostomy after implanting a radiation seeder, but Farrah was not keen on the idea.


Treatment in Germany

Instead of going down the conventional route, Farrah made her way to Germany where she went through various treatments which the press often called ‘aggressive’ and ‘holistic.’ Her German doctor said that Farrah would need surgery to remove the anal tumor and several other treatments to reduce the liver tumor that she also had. While it seemed to work at first, the tumors kept coming back and required even further treatments over the years.

Critical condition

In 2009, reports circulated that Farrah Fawcett had been hospitalized and was in critical condition. It was around this time that the press also caught wind of the cancer having spread to her liver, which Farrah herself had known about for 2-years prior. Her spokesperson brushed some reports under the carpet, saying that Farrah wasn’t really at “death’s door” and she was soon released from the hospital. Who should pick her up but Ryan O’Neal…


Back together

It was around this time that Fawcett and O’Neal seemed to get things back on track, with various reports saying that the pair were together again. In fact, Ryan O’Neal has since said that the two were planning on getting married. While the two had spoken about it for years, even before Redmond had been born, they were very dubious about actually tying the knot. According to Ryan’s book, they’d planned on getting married before, but a flat tire had stopped their quickie wedding plans.


The final days

Farrah Fawcett’s condition got progressively worse during 2009, with reports that she was critically ill on May 7. Ryan told the press that she spent most of her days at home, asleep and on an IV drip. It seemed she was in the late stages of cancer, which led to her 91-year-old dad flying out to be by her side. Redmond, her son, also had his last chance to see his mother in April 2009, albeit shackled as he was in prison for illegal substance possession at the time.


Her final day

Farrah Fawcett died on June 25, 2009, just a short month after her father had come to visit her. She passed away at Saint John’s Health Center in California, with O’Neal and good friend Alana Stewart by her side. News of her death was overshadowed by the fact that popstar Michael Jackson also died on the same day in another hospital in Los Angeles. However, there was also some other devastating news for O’Neal on the day that Farrah lost her battle with cancer…


A wedding that never happened

According to Ryan O’Neal’s book, he and Farrah were due to get married on the day that she died. O’Neal had asked her one last time, shortly before she died if she wanted to get married. She accepted, and a priest from the hospital arrived to marry the pair. Instead, the same priest had to administer her last rites as she passed away the very same day. Heartbreaking news for Ryan, who just wanted to marry the love of his life before she slipped away.


The aftermath

Farrah’s funeral was held on June 30, 2009, and reports circulated that things took a rather unfortunate turn there too. While Ryan denies it, it’s thought that he actually hit on his own daughter (Tatum) during the funeral; not recognizing her behind her sunglasses. He called the reports ‘perverse’ and that it was a game that they’d played since she was a kid – pretending they didn’t know each other. Redmond was also given day release in order to attend his mother’s funeral.


Family feud

Since Farrah’s death, there seems to have been some serious family feuding over the fortune she left behind. Ryan’s son, Griffin, made some seriously outrageous claims in an interview with Larry King including that his father had given him illegal substances as a child and that Ryan had been unfaithful to Farrah throughout the years they were together. Not only that, but there have been arguments over the fact that Farrah’s entire $5 million fortune was left solely to Redmond.


Her own stylist

While many of us are attacking our hair with spray and desperately trying to get winged eyeliner right, Farrah Fawcett made it all look easy. Turns out that she was her own stylist on the shoot for this poster, doing her own hair and makeup. The photographer also wanted her to put on a bikini (which she didn’t own), so she went into her closet and pulled out the famous red one piece. The rest, as they say, is history.


The final shot

Bruce McBroom, the photographer, was quite impressed with Farrah’s innovativeness on that shoot. The background is an old Mexican rug that McBroom had the back in his pickup truck, and Farrah herself chose all her own poses. The final shots were then picked by Farrah to send off to the company; her million dollar smile and sultry pose has since gone on to be one of the most famous looks of all time. That’s a story to tell your grandkids!

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 18.57.02

Getting thin

Due to all of the medicines that Farrah Fawcett was on, she was unable to eat and was delirious for a large portion of the time that she was in the hospital. Due to her not eating, Fawcett lost a lot of weight and became extremely thin. In fact, when her friends made her favorite foods, Farrah just looked at it with a smile on her face. Well, you know what they say, live fast, die young, and leave behind a beautiful corpse.


The German treatment

For the last two years of her life Farrah Fawcett was shuttling back and forth between a German experimental clinic and her home in California. The experimental clinic was testing out all manner of cancer treatments which might work on her, many times causing her excruciating pain and agony. However, none of the treatments ended up working, and Farrah Fawcett passed away on June 25, 2009. However, her best friend Stewart recorded everything to be made into a documentary.

hospital (1)

THAT red bathing suit

Farrah’s red bathing suit was the fire under the cannon that was her stardom. The now famous piece of swim attire is sitting in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. The item was donated to the museum in February of 2011 for the public to have a glimpse of. The swim suit was designed by Norma Kamali, an award-winning designer and was donated after Farrah’s passing.


Can’t recognize

Ryan O’Neal who was Fawcett’s longtime lover, admitted in an interview that Farrah was so heavily sedated in the final days of her life that she often called him by the wrong name. She was calling him “Steve” who Ryan says was her illegal substance dealer. Despite years of protesting that she never used it, it turned out that during her final days the only person she could think about was the person that sold her (and reportedly Ryan) these substances.