Couple shares photos of themselves a few years apart and it’s everyone’s ‘couple goals’

In today’s day and age, social media influencers are all the rage. With the likes of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter reigning supreme, inspirational individuals are able to make a heck load of money from their social media posts – and the world is lapping it up. Each day, millions of followers from across the globe like, follow and comment on these influencers’ photographs and blogs, and allow them to earn a decent wage while doing something they love.

Although there are thousands of fitness fanatics and social media influencers out there today, there is one couple who has adorned headlines recently. Wendy and Dan are full-time influencers and fitness coaches who have built their brand through social media. With hundreds of workout videos to their names and thousands of followers on social media, they are insanely popular. After ten years of dating, the couple wanted to update their followers on their fitness progress… but their followers weren’t expecting to see what they did, making the couple go viral.

The before photos

Most of us feel pressure to change and grow as a couple, yet behind all of it lies an undying love for the personality behind it all. Nevertheless, one couple has proven that the love they have for each other is unlike any other in a new Instagram post.

Yet it’s not their love that has got people talking. Instead, it’s the epic physical transformation the couple has gone through, which has left many wondering whether they have a time machine…

Who are they?

So who are the couple in question? Well, say hello to Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey! At 29 and 30 years old, respectively, this couple has been together through thick and thin for a decade.

Wendy’s story started when she was born in Haiti, before moving to New Jersey and entering into a career in public healthcare and earning a Master’s degree in Public Administration. While in New Jersey, Wendy met Dan Hennessey, a former basketball player who studied Exercise Science at college.

Setting the scene for romance

In 2006, Dan Hennessey was studying and partying hard at college, while the rest of the world was taking off around him. During this time, Facebook was a relatively new invention and was at the beginning of its worldwide domination.

Rather than being the social media platform we know it to be today; many early Facebook users used the platform as a dating site. As a college student, Dan was ready to mingle and meet new people – which is exactly he met Wendy.

The beginning

While Dan was living it up in his college dorm, Wendy was just 17 years old, graduating from high school and getting ready to go to college.

In one of their YouTube videos entitled “How We Met,” Wendy tells the story of their first meeting, and what the world was like at the time: Chris Brown was in his heyday, Rihanna had released “Good Girl Gone Bad,” and while she was perusing Facebook, Wendy got a message from Dan – but she wasn’t the first to get one from him…

Wendy’s best friend

While a sophomore at University, Dan spent most of his free time searching people on Facebook and finding women nearby to talk to. Before too long, he had found the profile of a girl called Daphne, who he just happened to share mutual friends with.

As he looked through her profile and pictures, Dan made the executive decision to send Daphne a message. Although Daphne did not respond, Dan continued to look at her friend’s list and found Wendy’s profile. He then took a chance and messaged her.

A little wary

At first, Wendy was incredibly wary of Dan and his message. As a newbie to the internet and social media, Wendy did not want to put her trust in a man she had never met – so she ignored his message.

However, Dan was not going to give up and continued to message her to try and gain her attention. After a while, Wendy decided to talk to Daphne about the man who was messaging her, and discovered he had also messaged her best friend.

Giving in

Although Wendy was a little upset to find out that Dan had messaged Daphne as well, she was happy to discover he was a real person and that Daphne knew a few of his friends.

Feeling a little more confident about him, Wendy decided to reply to his incessant messaging. After a few exchanges back and forth, Dan invited Wendy and her friends to a party at his apartment. Yet what she didn’t know was that there wasn’t actually a party…

Party time

Dan was unsure as to whether Wendy would accept the party invitation, so had not actually planned a party for him and his friends. Amazingly, she accepted his offer – which meant he actually had to plan and put on a party for all of them.

However, he was happy to do so, as he was excited to meet her in the flesh, and see whether they got on in person. As the night drew on, the pair hit it off, and talked, laughed and danced all night.

A friendship

Although there was obviously a connection between the two of them, both Wendy and Dan agreed that it wasn’t their time: Wendy had just come out of a long-term relationship: and despite seeking her out, Dan was loving his college bachelor lifestyle.

So, the pair decided to remain friends and would hang out and text occasionally. After six months of friendship, though, Wendy and Dan met up for dinner, before Dan asked the big question: was she ready to take their friendship to the next level? Wendy said she was.

Falling in love

After they made their relationship official, Wendy and Dan enjoyed numerous years of love and growth together. However, things took a turn when Wendy broke up with Dan, due to their young age.

The pair went their separate ways, but Dan was not ready to give up the love of his life, and continued to keep in contact with her. Before long, though, he realized what he needed to grow as an individual, and so the pair stayed apart for a year and a half as they worked on themselves.

The next step

After a break away from each other, Wendy and Dan happened to stumble upon each other again. They realized each other had grown during their time apart, and decided to get back together, and try and work on things as a couple.

Since then, they have been more in love than ever before, and have learned to love each other for their faults and flaws, as well as their individual personalities. Then, in September 2016, Dan was ready for the next step, and they got engaged beneath the Eiffel Tower.

Social media influencers

Ever since they decided to for it the second time around, Wendy and Dan have been extremely focused on their work. As full-time social media influencers, the pair have had to deal with the pressures of fame and fortune, while learning to love themselves and their relationship.

Rather than working on individual projects, the couple has managed to do what they love as a couple, meaning their relationship is stronger than ever.

A fan following

Thanks to their social media influencer status, Wendy and Dan have managed to gain thousands of followers all across the world. With over 87,000 followers on her Instagram page, Wendy has wowed her fans with her up close and personal snapshots of her life, her beauty regimes, her travel photographs, her fitness journey, as well as her relationship with Dan.

Although Dan has fewer followers, at just 15,500, he is still very popular within the world of social media.

Youtube stars

One of Wendy and Dan’s biggest social media projects is their YouTube channel. The Wendy’s Curls YouTube channel has amassed an incredible 64,000 subscribers, who tune in every week to catch up on their latest videos.

With videos on everything from natural hair tutorials to relationship Q&As and their daily routines, there are hundreds of videos that have racked up thousands of views. Most of the time, the couple film videos together, but Wendy occasionally films beauty tutorials by herself.

An interview

Alongside their social media presence and their YouTube projects, Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessy have made a name for themselves in various other ways.

In 2017, the pair were featured in a Huffington Post interview called”10 Things Interracial Couples Wish You’d Stop Asking Them.” In this interview, Wendy noted that being an interracial couple is often hard on them as they stand out from the crowd, but that they know they are no different to any other couple.

Traveling the world

A major part of their social media content involves travel. As vloggers and social media influencers, Wendy and Dan have been lucky enough to travel around the world, enjoy the finer things in life, and allow their followers to gain insight into their adventures.

In the past few months, the couple has vlogged their time in Costa Rica, Thailand, Paris, and more. They intend to carry on this trend as they build an even bigger fan following.


As if Wendy and Dan weren’t busy enough with their professional projects, they also run their own business. Called True4YouFitness, Wendy and Dan use their personal experience of weight loss and training, as well as their qualifications to help others on their fitness journey.

With a designated YouTube channel for their workouts and testimonies, the pair offer workouts and advice for those wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or tone their body. Their aim is to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone.

The viral photo

The fitness couple is able to give their fans expert advice because they have also had a lifestyle transformation themselves. In January 2018, two photographs from the couples’ Instagram pages went viral.

Wendy and Dan posted the photos to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, and to show how much they have changed in that time. Since then, the photos have amassed nearly 60,000 likes and have been picked up by major newspapers across the world.

A few changes

But why has the photo been so popular? Well, the photo shows a distinct change in the couple’s’ appearance. Most notably, it looks as if they have gotten younger!

Alongside the photograph on her Instagram page, Wendy mentioned that she “used to have a perm and wear my hair stuck to my face” and that her fiancé used to “shave once a week.” In their current, updated photograph, Dan has ripped abs and a beard, and Wendy has a toned body and is rocking a natural style of braided hair.

Their new looks

With many people questioning their change and how they seemed to defy the effects of aging, Wendy has given a little insight into their epic transformation.

According to the Daily Mail, Wendy stopped using chemical hair straighteners on her natural hair in 2012 and embraced her natural curls. Nowadays, her YouTube channel is filled with popular vlogs about natural hairstyles and embracing natural beauty. Alongside this, Dan hopped onto the beard trend bandwagon in 2017.

Not as it seems

Although they seem incredibly confident in their new looks, bodies, photographs, and videos, Wendy has noted that it’s not all as it seems.

From an early age, Wendy has been incredibly insecure about her appearance and her figure and has come a long way to be able to post photographs like those on her social media channels. She has realized that fitness is a long-term lifestyle choice rather than a trend, and knows that she has to be flexible with her mind and body.

They are incredibly supportive

However, Wendy also notes how she wouldn’t feel as confident as she does without Dan’s help. Throughout their whole relationship, Dan has loved her for her personality, her spirit, and however she looks on the outside.

Through weight gain and weight loss, Dan has not loved her any less and supported her throughout the whole process. In her words, Dan has “cherished me through thick and thin,” and will continue to do so during their marriage.

A viral sensation

When Wendy and Dan posted their transformation photograph on their social media pages, they had no idea how it would blow up. Within a week of posting, the photograph has become a viral sensation and reached millions of people across the globe.

With nearly 60,000 likes already, these likes are just the start. Publications such as the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Independent and numerous international newspapers have picked up the story, with thousands of well-wishers commenting their support and surprise.

An onslaught of comments

As more and more people learn of their story and transformation, Wendy and Dan have had new followers pop up on their timeline, and new followers commenting on their photo.

Although most of these people are commenting on their incredible transformation and congratulating them on their efforts, there are others who cannot believe their change – and believe there is some form of time machine involved. With comments quoting the fountain of youth and backward aging, they have sparked a media storm.

A famous couple

Now a week after the transformation photograph was published, Wendy and Dan have recruited even more fans and followers, and have proved to people across the globe that a transformation is possible.

Alongside this, they have also proven that working together as a couple can be your defining moment. As long as you support each other and love each other for who they are as a person, you can truly achieve anything. Wendy and Dan are the perfect example of this.

Not alone

Wendy and Dan are not the only couple who has gone viral for their transformation. In 2016, married couple Lexi and Danny Reed made a New Year’s resolution to get fit.

Lexi documented their journey on her well-followed Instagram page, sharing photos of their healthy meals and challenging workouts. Now two years have passed, and they have lost a total of 394 pounds combined. They shared a recreation photo of Danny’s proposal to Wendy on Instagram, and it immediately went viral.

Mother daughter transformation

Couples aren’t the only ones following the online transformation trend, as a mother and her teenage daughter recently decided to start living a healthier life.

Cheryl Shaw and her 17-year-old daughter Tessa made a decision to go on a fitness journey together, spending 100 days at the gym while eating healthy. they documented their journey on their shared Facebook account, Mother and Daughter duo, and went viral with their incredible results. By the end of the 100 days, Cheryl had lost 42 pounds and Tessa had lost 32.

An inspiration

With all of the recent fitness transformations out there, none have become as famous as Wendy and Dan’s. People just can’t seem to get over their shocking photos.

Some wrote on Instagram, “Did you both age in reverse?? What fountain of youth are you drinking from?” And others envied their youthful look and wanted to know what their secret was. The couple is still getting used to all of the recent attention, but hope their story will inspire other couples to get fit together and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Good advice

Although there is, unfortunately, no fountain of youth, Wendy and Dan do have advice for people wishing to become more fit. The pair of personal trainers claims that in order to receive results, you have to be patient, and be willing to put in the time and effort.

Wendy and Dan encourage others who are looking to transform into a healthy lifestyle to focus more on flexible and long-term goals instead of a short and quick weight loss.

Walking the runway

Besides being a social media queen and fitness guru, Wendy is also an occasional model. She recently looked fierce during New York City Fashion Week’s show, Texture on the Runway, which celebrates naturally big and curly hair.

Wendy was quick to share her stunning runway look with her online fans, and admitted that she felt like a “real-life Barbie.”

Beauty pro

Wendy has certainly taken advantage of her social media success, and is now an online spokesperson for Carol’s Daughter, a line of beauty products specializing in textured hair that includes an array of haircare, skincare and fragrance products.

Wendy often posts tutorials of how she uses the products, specifically the hair products, which she says gives her hair its healthy appearance and helps detangle and prevent frizz. She also offers special discounts for her Instagram followers.

Dan’s Instagram

Dan also has developed a large fan base online, and often goes to his well-followed Instagram account to brag about his beautiful future wife and share adorable photographs of the two working out and at tropical destinations.

He even frequently posts photos showing off his beard, which he claims changed his life for the better. In one post he wrote, “Ever since I started growing my beard at the beginning of this year everything has changed from traveling for months at a time to spending more time with the love of my life.”

No difference

Despite all of the positive attention, Wendy and Dan have been receiving lately, not everyone is as supportive. Wendy recently spoke in an interview for Huffington Post, for an article titled 10 Things Interracial Couples Wish You’d Stop Asking Them.

Wendy admitted that she is sick of people asking her and Dan, “Isn’t it so hard dealing with different backgrounds?” Wendy explained, “At the end of the day, our differences are not a big a deal. We are in a relationship, just like everyone else. It’s really no different.”

Getting stares

Wendy admitted that she and her fiancé do receive occasional stares, and that she wishes people would just see her and her future husband as any normal couple.

“The same way you may not like being stared at and questioned about your lifestyle or personal life, neither do we.” She continued, “We do understand that we stand out visually, but at the same time, realize we are people doing people stuff… just like you.”

A bright future

Wendy and Dan have become a true inspiration to thousands for not only their incredible transformation, but for the love and support that they have for one another.

They are the perfect example that as years go by in a long-lasting relationship, it can still be just as, if not more fun than the very first year together. They promise this is only the beginning of their journey together, and that they are looking forward to many many more happy and healthy years side by side.